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Today we want to talk to you about an indispensable tool for stylists, the hair cutting scissors. A product that not only allows you to create all kinds of new looks, but also has a huge number of models. We want you to feel confident when making your purchase, so we’ll be sure to provide you with all the information you need so that when you make your purchase you feel completely sure that your choice will suit your needs and your wallet.

In addition, we will talk to you about which are the most popular hair cutting scissors on the market, as this will allow you to have the best points of comparison, so you will not have any doubts about whether your choice was the right one.


  • They are a type of scissors specialised for working with hair. They can be made of different materials, as well as having different shapes to which you can give them different utilities at the moment of making the change of look. We could safely say that they are the stylist’s best friend.
  • There are many models of scissors to cut hair, however, the main comparisons can be found between the tilting scissors, the hollowing scissors or the curved blade scissors, which can be differentiated according to their price, their durability and the versatility that each one presents when making cuts.
  • Before acquiring any type of product, especially when it is a work tool, the best thing to do is to take into account different aspects, such as manufacturing materials, size, among others; knowing them will help you to have better points of comparison when making your choice.

The Best Hair Cutting Scissors: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Buying the best products is your priority and our priority is to provide you with the necessary information so that you can make the choice that best suits you, so today we have prepared a buying guide with all the necessary information about hair cutting scissors.

Hair scissors made of steel are the most popular and sturdiest scissors to buy. (Photo: kzenon/

What are their advantages?

The main advantage that hair scissors give us is quite obvious, because without them the changes of look wouldn’t be the same; that’s why they are considered the best allies of any stylist. Another incredible advantage is that this type of scissors have different shapes and accessories that make cutting hair much faster, more efficient and of course, much more stylish.

  • They create new looks
  • There is variety in shapes
  • There is variety in sizes
  • They can be expensive
  • They must be sharpened periodically
  • They can rust

Tilting, Dumping or Curved Blade Scissors – What should you look out for?

We know that there are quite a large number of hair cutting scissors available, however, the main points of comparison are between these three types, which we would like to talk about today in more detail, so that when you make your purchase you can be completely sure about the product you are buying.

Tilting scissors: The tilting type hair scissors are one of the most popular and requested in the hairdressing world, as they have a type of ergonomics that allows its use to be much easier, so they are perfect for all types of cuts and changes of look.

Thinning scissors: This type of scissors, also known as thinning scissors, is also quite popular due to its fineness and elegance when used. In one of their blades they have about 32 small blades, which allow to cut the volume of the hair without changing the length of the hair.

Curved-blade scissors: Curved-blade scissors are ideal for staggered haircuts; they are quite light and their blade is usually much sharper than other models, so they require a good knowledge of how to handle them in order to avoid accidents during the change of look.

Tilting scissors Dipping scissors Curved blade scissors
Price Medium High High
Durability 3 to 5 years 2 to 3 years 2 to 4 years
Versatility in cutting High Low Low

How much do hair cutting scissors cost?

You can find scissors to cut the hair in different prices, these will depend on the quality and the type of cuts you want to make, so it is really important to be aware of what are the utilities that you will give to this new tool, in order to avoid some kind of complication at the time of your purchase.

Purchasing criteria

Before purchasing a product that will become a tool for you, the best thing you can do is to inform yourself and take into account these aspects, which can make your purchase a total success, avoiding complications when choosing the product that best suits your needs.

  • Material of manufacture
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Tip
  • Handle

Manufacturing materials

Knowing the different materials with which the products we buy are made can be of great importance when choosing the ideal scissors for you, as this way you will know which model is the most suitable for you.

Steel haircutting scissors: This type of scissors are much more resistant and are generally recommended for professionals, since their sharpness is much greater than other types. They are quite durable, so if you buy one made of this material you are guaranteed to have it for a long time.

Aluminium haircutting scissors: Scissors made of aluminium are much denser and their sharpness is much less, and they wear out much faster. This type of scissors are more recommended for apprentice hairdressers.


Among the many models of haircutting scissors, we can find different types of scissor weights. Knowing them can help you to feel more comfortable when using them, of course, this depends on the agility and the experience of use that you have.

Heavy: Heavy hair shears can be much more durable and resistant, however, they are not recommended for constant use, as they can create quite a lot of strain on your hands. They are ideal for a session or two of haircuts.

Lightweight: Lightweight scissors are perfect for those who spend a whole day doing makeovers, as they are much more comfortable to use, and although they are not as strong as the above, they won’t put as much strain on your hands.


There are different sizes of haircutting scissors and we think it’s wise to get to know each of them, so that when you make your purchase you have a better idea of the scissors you want. The standard size of a hair scissors is from 12 cm to 16 cm, however you can find models of other sizes, such as 10 cm or 7 cm, which are mostly intended for dog grooming.

Larger scissors are always much easier to handle when cutting. (Photo: Maria Sbytova/


You can find different types of tips on the blade of your scissors, these, believe it or not, make a big difference when it comes to cutting hair, so assessing which type of blade is best for you can be a big help in making your decision.

Straight tip: Scissors with this type of tip are generally used for touching up hair, not for cutting it completely; they work great for removing volume or removing those little hairpins that can appear to ruin our hair.

Razor tip: These models are the most recommended for haircuts, since the cutting edge is not concentrated only in the centre of the blade, however, this type of tips need to be sharpened with a greater constancy, otherwise it could lose its level of efficiency.

Professional hairdressers always have more than one pair of scissors for haircuts, as this helps them to work much more extensively. (Photo: Dmytro Zinkevych/


Evaluating the handle of your scissors is also of great importance, as you should make sure that the handle is comfortable and ergonomic, because if you are thinking of getting your scissors to cut hair for a whole day, it is best to get one with a more comfortable handle.

Plastic handle: Scissors with this type of handle are much more comfortable and lighter, so if you feel that you will use this tool constantly and you do not have too much agility and experience, it is best to purchase a model with a handle of this type.

Steel handle: Steel scissors usually have a handle made of the same material; these are much heavier and agility is required to use them, taking care at all times not to create any tension in the hand.

Removable handle: Usually this type of handles are dedicated to scissors made of steel, since, maybe you can have great agility when using it, but at some point the tension will appear, so a removable rubber handle will help you feel more comfortable and prolong that tension.

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