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In the past, we still had to wash the laundry by hand. Fortunately, we are spared this time-consuming work nowadays. Almost every household has at least one washing machine. But you should not just buy any washing machine, but find the right one based on important features.

With our big Haier washing machine review 2023 we want to help you find the washing machine that suits your life best. We have tested all popular types of washing machines and listed the most important advantages and disadvantages. Follow our guide and find the machine that will make you happy.


  • You can choose between three different types of washing machines. There are front loaders, top loaders and tumble dryers. All types have their own advantages and disadvantages.
  • You should always adapt your washing machine to the size of your household. If you live alone, a smaller machine will do.
  • Washing machines also need to be washed so that you always get clean and good-smelling laundry.

The best Haier Washing Machine: Our Picks

Buying criteria: You can compare and evaluate Haier washing machines based on these factors

There are hundreds of models to choose from on the washing machine market. To decide which Haier washing machine suits you best, you should consider the following features.

Load capacity

Do you live in a single or family household? Do you have to wash work clothes and sportswear as well as everyday clothes? So before you buy a washing machine, you need to assess its washing capacity.

Capacity Household size
3 kilograms 1 person household
5 kilograms 2 – 3 persons
8 kilograms 4 – 5 persons
more than 8 kilograms more than 6 persons

So a large drum does not always make sense, especially if you want to make use of the many different washing programmes.

The thinner the opening, the higher the suction power.


The higher the speed of your washing machine, the drier your laundry will be in the drum. The revolutions per minute play an even greater role if you don’t have a dryer. For delicate textiles, 800 revolutions per minute is sufficient. For towels, it should be at least 1,200 revolutions per minute.

If you put your laundry in the dryer anyway, you should make sure when buying a washing machine that it has at least 1,400 revolutions per minute. This saves electricity, because less energy is needed for spinning than the dryer needs for heating.


If you live in a house with several tenants, we recommend a particularly quiet washing machine. As a guideline, we recommend about 70 decibels (db). There are also washing machines with a night programme. Here, the machine washes with less noise, but for longer.

Since many people don’t know what to do with the pure dB value, we have prepared a comparison table with common noise levels for you.

Sound level (dB) Sound source Potential danger
0 – 15 dB very quiet talking harmless
15 – 35 dB laptop – fan harmless
35 – 55 dB normal TV watching, not harmful but disturbs concentration
55 – 75 dB vacuum cleaning can cause long-term damage
75 – 95 dB Truck dangerous in the long term
95 – 115 dB Flex very dangerous in the long term
115 – 135 dB Jackhammer dangerous
140 dB Aircraft engine very dangerous

Water consumption

With a drum size of up to five kilograms, the water consumption per normal wash cycle is around 40 litres. If your machine has a capacity of eight kilograms, 60 litres are needed. When making comparisons, you must therefore always convert the water consumption to litres per wash cycle and kilogram.

Most Haier washing machines have an energy-saving mode or an eco-wash programme. This saves water, but increases the washing time.

Additional functions

Your washing machine should have different programmes that are suitable for certain types of clothes (boil, coloured, delicates, wool and easy-care).

Haier Waschmaschine-3

An eco function is a must-have for every new washing machine! It saves you money and energy.
(Image source:

In addition, a water protection system or a water fuse, a short wash programme, a pause button and an eco button should be part of the mandatory equipment of a good washing machine. The latter saves you money, as the washing machine soaks the dirty laundry longer and does not heat up as much, which is the biggest energy cost for washing machines.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Haier washing machine

How does a Haier washing machine work?

Washing machines have been around for over 100 years, but the technical design has only changed slightly since then.

The washing machine has a connection for fresh water and a connection to drain the dirty water. The dirty laundry is put into a drum, powder detergent is usually put into a compartment, liquid detergent is put directly into the laundry.

The washing process can be divided into several phases. The main wash cleans the textiles, the rinse removes foam from the laundry and the spin in the drum dehydrates the clothes.

Haier Waschmaschine-1

Washing machines come with different openings. They are either on the front or on the top of the machine.
(Image source:

What distinguishes Haier from other manufacturers?

Haier Group Corporation is a multinational home appliance and consumer electronics company headquartered in Qingdao, China.

Haier convinces with a first-class price-performance ratio.

The main difference between Haier and other washing machine manufacturers is the price. For such good quality, which Haier has been offering for years, you have to pay considerably more money than the competition.

What does a Haier washing machine cost?

It is impossible to give a general price for a Haier washing machine. Depending on the model and features, however, the price can be roughly divided into three classes.

  • The cheapest class start at 200€. Models in this class are often smaller and are therefore suitable for single households.
  • The middle class includes machines between 200€ and 300€. You can expect more performance and features with these models.
  • The expensive class starts at 300€ and can go up to 700€. These appliances are the best Haier has to offer. So you can be sure that you won’t want for anything with these machines.

What are the alternatives to Haier washing machines?

If you decide against a Haier washing machine, you can also choose from a variety of other manufacturers. Brands like Samsung, Bauknecht, Bosch and Siemens have been active in the field for many years and produce first-class machines.

However, it’s up to you which manufacturer you ultimately choose. Your decision should depend on the following factors:

  • Price-performance ratio,
  • Reputation
  • Place of manufacture

Decision: What types of Haier washing machines are there and which one is right for you?

If you want to buy a washing machine, you first have to decide on one of three different types. There are front loaders, top loaders and tumble dryers.

What are the features of a Haier front-loading washing machine and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Front-loading washing machines are the most common type of washing machine. It has the opening at the front. You load the drum from the front via the usually round door. The detergent chamber is also filled from the front and the buttons and displays are also located on the front of the washing machine. This allows you to stack the machines or integrate them into the kitchen unit as an under- or built-in unit. Among the front-loading machines you will find models with a large capacity of up to 12 kilograms. They are therefore particularly suitable for installation in existing cupboards or kitchen units.

  • Excellent cleanliness of the laundry
  • Large capacity
  • Optimal integration
  • Large selection
  • Heavy weight
  • Needs space to the front
  • Often involves long bending

What are the features of a Haier top-loading washing machine and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Haier top-loading washing machines are compact washing machines that you open and fill from the top. All the controls are also located on the top of the machine. Top-loading washing machines are much narrower than front-loading machines and are particularly recommended if you have little space available. However, the top-loader selection is significantly smaller.

  • Excellent cleanliness of laundry
  • Narrower than front loaders
  • Gentle on knees and back, as less bending
  • Little capacity
  • Less choice
  • Not stackable

What distinguishes a Haier washer-dryer and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The standard equipment of every household includes a washing machine and a tumble dryer. This allows you to wash and dry at the same time, making large piles of laundry quickly ready for the wardrobe.

But often there is not enough space for two appliances. If this is also the case for you, you can use a washer-dryer. This is practical because you only have to press the start button once and end up with clean and dry laundry. The main disadvantage of these machines is that the process takes between five and seven hours. A quick load of laundry is therefore not possible with these models.

  • Excellent cleanliness of the laundry
  • Space-saving, as only one machine is needed
  • Lots of choice
  • Long washing times
  • Low capacity
  • High energy costs

Trivia: Interesting facts about Haier washing machines

At what temperatures are bacteria removed?

To remove bacteria from your laundry, temperatures as low as 30 degrees are sufficient. However, the short programme is not recommended, as the laundry must float in the suds for a longer period of time in order to effectively combat pests.

Higher temperatures are suitable for removing fungal spores, as these are more resistant than bacteria and can cause infections.

What are the best care and cleaning tips?

To keep your washing machine from stinking, you should clean it regularly. We recommend that you clean the following components of your washing machine every month

  • Lint filter
  • Detergent compartment.

Clean the lint filter:

The first step is to remove the lint filter from the washing machine. Be sure to follow the operating instructions for this step so as not to cause any damage. Then remove the coarse dirt and rinse the fluff filter under running water.

Clean the detergent compartment:

Again, the first step is to remove the detergent compartment according to the instruction manual. Then soak the compartment in hot vinegar water for an hour to dissolve limescale and bacteria and remove the smell. The last step is to rinse off the vinegar and put the compartment back into the washing machine.

Are there any spare parts for Haier washing machines?

Unfortunately, washing machines do not work as long and flawlessly as Swiss clockwork. After a few years, the first damage to your washing machine usually occurs.

Damage is no reason to panic.

You can buy a wide range of spare parts for Haier washing machines from the manufacturer and from third-party suppliers. You or the professional of your choice can easily repair your washing machine.

What warranty do you get with a Haier washing machine?

Haier always wants to offer its customers the best possible product quality. To make this possible, large sums of money are invested in research and quality assurance every year.

The result for you as a customer is not only a very good washing machine but also a very good guarantee! The buyer is guaranteed 24 months on the day of purchase.

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