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Welcome to our large gun cabinet guide. We are pleased that you are here. Here we show you all the gun safes we have tested and list them clearly. We have defined the decisive purchase and evaluation criteria for gun safes for you, as well as collecting the most important background information.

In addition, we have answered all the most frequently asked questions in detail. This should help you to understand the entire topic of gun safes and to make the right purchase decision among a multitude of offers and designs for your needs.


  • Gun safes offer gun owners the opportunity to store their stockpile of weapons and the associated ammunition safely and in accordance with the law. They also offer protection against unauthorised access by unauthorised persons.
  • As a rule, you can distinguish between gun safes for handguns and gun safes for long guns. However, certain models also offer you a combination for the storage of short and long guns.
  • Weapons cabinets can be purchased in three different resistance classes. This protection class is decisive for the permissible number of weapons to be stored.

The Best Gun Cabinet: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for gun safes

In the following, we have summarised the most important criteria for buying and evaluating gun safes in order to make it easier for you to buy the right gun safe for your individual needs. These criteria offer you the opportunity to objectively compare the advantages of the individual models.

This should support you in your purchase decision. The criteria are as follows:

You can read about the details of the listed purchase and evaluation criteria in the following section.

Intended use

Gun safes are ideal for the safe storage of various firearms. Depending on the intended use, there are models in different designs and sizes. In order to find the right decision for your needs, you should always consider your intended use.

For example, if you want to store small handguns safely and in accordance with the law, then a gun cabinet for handguns is suitable for you. This is usually particularly space-saving and compact. If you would rather store large and heavy weapons, then a gun cabinet for long weapons is suitable for you.

This offers you a lot of storage space. Of course, you can also opt for a gun cabinet in which you can store a combination of short and long guns.

Protection class

Weapons cabinets can be purchased in different protection classes. This protection class defines the exact number of short and long guns that may be stored in the cabinet according to the applicable weapons law. In addition, you can store the corresponding ammunition for the respective weapons.

Weapons cabinets are equipped with an official plaque on the inside, which documents and thus guarantees the certified properties. To ensure that your storage complies with the law, you should always observe the protection class.

Degree of resistance Number of handguns Number of long guns
Class 0 (under 200kg) Up to 5 pieces Unlimited
Class 0 (over 200kg) Up to 10 pieces Unlimited
Class 1 Unlimited Unlimited

Weapons cabinets of the former protection classes A and B may no longer be purchased new. However, these are grandfathered and you can continue to use them for storage if you purchased the gun cabinet before the amendment to the Weapons Act in July 2017.

Storage space

As you have already read, gun safes come in different designs and sizes. The storage space and the storage capacity of a gun cabinet are therefore a decisive purchase criterion that can influence your decision. We recommend that you consider this before making your purchase.

If your storage needs are particularly high, or if your storage needs will increase in the foreseeable future, it is worth investing in a spacious gun cabinet with a lot of storage capacity. This may be particularly recommended for hunters, for example.

Locking device

The locking mechanism of your gun cabinet is another crucial point that can influence your purchase decision. Depending on the model and manufacturer, you can purchase gun safes with different locks. For example, you can choose a lock with a double-bit lock, which can be opened with a double-bit key.

This lock is a type of Chubb lock and is therefore a particularly secure lock. Another option is to choose a combination lock. This can be operated electrically or manually. Some models also have the function of a fingerprint scanner, which is individually adapted to you.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about gun safes answered in detail

Many questions can arise on the subject of gun safes. Therefore, we have collected the most important questions in connection with this topic for you and answered them below. This should give you a better overview and support you in your purchase decision.

What is a gun safe and for whom is it suitable?

Weapons cabinets are safes that are similar in design and construction to a safe. Weapons cabinets enable the storage and safekeeping of firearms and their ammunition in accordance with the law. The number of these firearms depends on the respective dimensions and the official protection class of the gun cabinet.

Gun cabinets can be equipped with different functions depending on the manufacturer. These include, for example, vertical gun holders for long guns, lockable compartments for ammunition storage and holders for handguns.


A gun cabinet can be used to safely store long and short weapons. (Image source: unsplash / Uta Scholl)

Gun cabinets are generally suitable for every gun owner. These highly stable and robust cabinets offer, for example, sports shooters, public authorities, security institutions and hunters an effective way to store their weapons safely and securely.

What types of gun cabinets are there?

As you have already read, gun safes are available in three different types. As a rule, you can distinguish between gun safes for handguns, for long guns and a combination of both. We have listed the advantages and disadvantages of the different models in the following table.
Type Advantages Disadvantages
Weapon cabinet for short weapons Secure storage, Space-saving, Storage space for ammunition Limited storage options
Weapon cabinet for long weapons Secure storage, Storage space for ammunition Takes up more space, Limited storage options
Weapon cabinet for short and long weapons Secure storage, Effective storage of various weapons Takes up more space, Can be expensive

All three options have certain advantages and are suitable for different needs and preferences. Your personal storage needs should therefore have a decisive influence on your purchase decision.

How much does a gun cabinet cost?

The purchase prices of different gun safes can vary depending on the manufacturer, quality features and additional functions. To make your purchase decision easier, we have defined this price range for you and summarised it below.
Type price range
Weapons cabinet for short weapons approx. 299-500€
Weapons cabinet for long weapons approx. 150-630€
Weapons cabinet for short and long weapons approx. 700-2100€

This ranking shows that you can buy a gun cabinet for long guns for a low price. However, if you want to use a combination cabinet, you have to reckon with a high price range.

How do I store the key for my gun safe correctly?

The proper storage of the gun safe key is a controversial topic that has caused disagreement, debate and confusion among many people. For example, it has been claimed that the container for storing this key must have the protection class of the associated gun cabinet. However, this assumption is not correct. A ruling by the Administrative Court in 2019 states that the key of a gun cabinet should be stored in a container that cannot be easily opened. A cash box, for example, is suitable for this purpose. The key point of storing the key is to prevent unauthorised persons from gaining access to the gun cabinet. Unauthorised persons should not be able to access the weapons or ammunition.


Gun safes offer gun owners the possibility to store their weapons and the corresponding ammunition safely and in accordance with the law as well as to protect them from unauthorised persons. Depending on the model and manufacturer, gun safes can be equipped with different locking devices as well as practical additional functions. As a rule, you can distinguish between gun safes for short and long guns and highly functional combination models.

In addition, the resistance level of the cabinet can determine the maximum number of weapons. Depending on the storage requirements, gun safes are suitable for hunters, sport shooters, public authorities and security companies.

Image source: Victor Kuznetsov / 123rf