Last updated: 16/10/2022

Alongside hamsters and rabbits, guinea pigs are among the most popular rodents in Germany. Every pet owner who cares about the well-being of their rodent knows the difficulty of finding the ideal food. It must not only taste good, but also provide your guinea pig with all the nutrients it needs for a long and healthy life.

The Best Guinea Pig Food in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Guinea pig food: buying and rating criteria

The food for guinea pigs is as varied as the animals themselves. There are many different types, ingredients and sizes. To make sure that you do everything right when feeding your little friend, you should therefore pay special attention to a few criteria when buying food.


The most important thing for a happy and healthy guinea pig is of course the supply of vital nutrients.

The food must not only taste good, but also contain the right ingredients. Especially essential are many raw fibre substances for the natural tooth abrasion of the rodent, calcium and vitamin C must not be missing. Added sugar should be avoided completely.

Bag size

The larger the food bag, the lower the price per kilogram. But you should not overdo it and only buy quantities that can be consumed in a maximum of 6 months. This will ensure that the food stays fresh and spore-free.

Grain-free guinea pig food

Whether or not you should choose grain-free guinea pig food depends mainly on whether your pigs have digestive problems with conventional food. If so, you’ll be doing your four-legged friends a big favour if you dig a little deeper into your pockets and treat them to a grain-free option.

Guinea pig food: frequently asked questions and answers

Because nutrition is always a sensitive subject, many questions are asked about guinea pig food. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What ingredients are important in guinea pig food?

You should always pay attention to a high raw fibre content in guinea pig food, and generally only natural and, if possible, unprocessed raw materials should be included. Vitamin C and calcium are also very important for an optimal coverage of the vital nutrients.

Who is guinea pig food suitable for?

Guinea pig food is suitable for any rodent owner who wants to supplement their pet’s diet with high quality dried natural products. The food usually has a long shelf life and provides the ideal complement to fresh vegetables.

What types of guinea pig food are there?

Guinea pig food comes in many different varieties. The main difference is whether it is a feed mix in which the ingredients are loosely mixed, or so-called pellets in which all the ingredients have been pressed together into small pieces.

With the former, your guinea pigs can start to sort out, which can lead to an unbalanced supply of nutrients.

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