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Green coffee is unprocessed coffee, i.e. before it is roasted. The colour of the beans is then green. You can use green coffee in many ways. It has become popular for its fat-burning effect. In addition, other positive effects are attributed to it, such as protection against heart disease.

We have compared individual green coffees for you. We have compared capsules, infusion bags, beans and ground coffee and compiled the most important facts for you. In addition, you will find answers to the most important questions about green coffee.


  • Green coffee can be used in many ways. It is known for its metabolism-stimulating function and its effect on curbing the appetite
  • The description green coffee is not a special processed form of coffee, but it is coffee that is not roasted
  • Green coffee can be consumed in different forms. You can drink it ground like a tea or you can take it as capsules

The Best Green coffee: Our Picks

To help you choose the green coffee that best suits your needs, we have compared different products and listed them in the following section.

Buying and rating criteria for green coffee

You can evaluate green coffee according to different criteria. We have listed the most important criteria for buying and evaluating green coffee:

The individual criteria can help you make a purchase decision and you can use them to find the right product for you and your requirements.

Method of intake

The way green coffee is consumed is very important when making a decision. The taste of green coffee cannot be compared to regular coffee. Rather, green coffee tastes like green tea or herbal tea.

If you are a good tea drinker, you can either buy the beans or the ground coffee and make your green coffee fresh. However, if you find it difficult to drink much or if you do not like and drink tea, then you can take capsules that are made from green coffee.

Processing form

The processing form does not refer to roasting, as green coffee is generally not roasted. It is a choice between beans, ground coffee and a ready-to-eat product.

Beans have the advantage that they can be freshly ground directly before consumption and therefore have a very good taste.

However, if you don’t have a coffee grinder or similar, you can choose between ground green coffee and ready-to-eat products.

The ground beans need to be placed in hot water with a filter. The tea bags, which can be bought ready-made, just need to be put into the water. So you should make this decision based on the means at your disposal.


Coffee in general can be certified. Green coffee can also be Fair Trade or organic.

If you care about how the green coffee was produced and the conditions under which the workers perform their tasks, you should buy organic or fair trade coffee. Coffee that has been grown organically or fair trade often tastes more intense.

Caffeine content

Green coffee contains much less caffeine than coffee made from roasted beans, but it still has some caffeine content. The different varieties and types of green coffee have different amounts of caffeine.

Caffeine is not suitable for children and pregnant women, and they should accordingly avoid green coffee in any form. A daily requirement of 8 grams of caffeine should not be exceeded.

Addition of other ingredients

When you buy green coffee, you can decide which other additives you want to include with the green coffee, especially in the capsules. There are products that contain other vitamins and minerals. Or there are products that contain other supplements, such as guarana, green tea or turmeric.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about green coffee answered in detail

Not everyone is familiar with green coffee. That’s why we’ve looked into the most important questions and provided them for you here.

What is green coffee and how does it differ from black coffee?

Green coffee is not a type of coffee. Green coffee is, so to speak, the black coffee before roasting. Green coffee is therefore harvested coffee that is not roasted. Green coffee is not prepared like black coffee. It is prepared more like tea. So you need ground coffee and a tea bag or tea infuser.

Green coffee also tastes different from black coffee. Green coffee tastes more like herbal tea or green tea. In addition, black coffee cannot be taken in capsules, unlike green coffee.

Grüner Kaffee

Green coffee can be used to support a diet. (Image source: Bill Oxford/ Unsplash)

Black coffee has a much higher caffeine content than green coffee. Nevertheless, neither children nor pregnant women should consume green coffee.

Who is green coffee suitable for?

Green coffee is used for weight loss and fat burning on the one hand. Green tea is said to stimulate the metabolism and is thus supposed to promote fat burning. Green coffee is therefore said to be usable in conjunction with a diet.

Green coffee contains a lot of chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is said to have positive effects on the cardiovascular system. In addition, it is said to have positive effects on diseases such as diabetes.

Green coffee is also said to have a preventive effect on Alzheimer’s disease. Green coffee is also said to have an anti-inflammatory effect. So green coffee can have a supportive effect on many problems.

How much does green coffee cost?

Green coffee costs between €5 and €35 per kg. The individual price ranges come with different characteristics of green coffee. Here is a table that lists the individual price classes and the associated characteristics:

Price class Available products
Low-priced (5 – 10 €) mostly small number of tea bags or also quantity
Medium-priced (10 – 20 €) mostly more content, partly organic or fair trade products
High-priced (from 20 €) High-quality products often in organic quality and fairly produced. Special type of bean

So green coffee comes in different price ranges. But even people who just want to try the product can buy a small pack for not much money.

How do you prepare green coffee?

Taking green coffee as a capsule is recommended with enough liquid. In addition, it is best to eat the capsule with a meal. The green tea that is drunk is drunk differently from black roasted coffee.

Like tea, it is put into a tea bag in ground form. It is then put into hot water and, depending on the desired strength, taken out after a certain time.


Green coffee can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the consumer. Unlike black coffee, green coffee has little caffeine. The focus of green coffee is therefore not on its wake-up function, but rather on its metabolism-stimulating function and anti-inflammatory effect.

The individual products can be selected according to the consumer’s needs. Capsules are easy to take and infusion bags are quick to prepare. Ground green coffee, as well as the beans, are more time-consuming to prepare, but can have a better taste and be of higher quality.

(Cover photo: Olga Yastremska / 123rf)