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Since its launch the GoPro camera has become the companion of adventures of many people around the world and to facilitate and further improve their performance came the GoPro accessories and it is about them that we will talk today. Be very welcome!

Serving for protection, stabilization and improvement in photos and videos, these products are available in several models and among the best known are the tripods, stands, floats and many others.

However, when it comes time to choose them some questions arise as which is the best or what they serve and if you’re going through this know that this text will answer all your questions and the end of reading you will be ready to make the best purchase, so let’s go?


  • There are accessories that allow better use of the GoPro and others that act protecting it, thus preventing them from breaking easily in cases of falls or shocks.
  • Among the most used accessories are tripods, monopods, grips, flash and remote control.
  • The value of these products is very variable, there are options with more affordable prices and others more expensive.

The Best GoPro Accessories: Our Picks

Buying Guide

That GoPro is a camera of excellent quality there is no doubt, but in some situations its use and performance can be improved and for that were created their accessories, which have become allies of the users of this product.

Among so many options, we gathered in this Buying Guide all you need to know about them and so you will have no doubts about this type of product and its advantages in purchasing at least one for your GoPro. So keep reading to learn everything!

Na foto uma mulher de costas segurando um monopé com um GoPro apontado para uma cidade ao fundo.

The GoPro accessories are a great option to facilitate the use of this type of camera. (Source: dmitrimaruta / 123rf)

What are the GoPro accessories?

Available in various types and models, GoPro accessories can be classified as products that serve to give greater security, stability and ensure better use of this camera that is the companion of many people around the world.

They were developed as the GoPro was making success and it can be said that currently these products can meet all user needs and make the use of this camera is even better.

What is the history of GoPro?

Created in 2005, GoPro was the first action camera created in the world and has as idealist and founder a surfer who wanted to film his moments in the sea. The name of the holder of this idea that made and continues to make much success is Nick Woodman, an American who at the time was 27 years old.

The first GoPro camera weighed 200 grams and came with two items that can be considered the first accessories for this item and they were a case that served to hold it on various surfaces and an adapter for ski gloves.

At that time the GoPro could already be used underwater at a depth of up to 5 meters and worked through a 35 mm film. After 14 years of its launch today there are several models of this camera and with it you can film and take pictures with excellent quality.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of GoPro accessories?

Because there are several types of accessories they can have many advantages and the main one is to provide a better use of GoPro and can still act to improve its durability, since there are many options that serve as protectors for the camera.

In addition, other positive points are cause an improvement in the quality of images that are captured by GoPro and can promote different ways to use the camera, even in situations where the hands are busy.

On the other hand, there is a negative point and it is related to the fact that there is not a single accessory can meet all needs and so it ends up being necessary to acquire often more than one to achieve the desired result.

  • Protect the camera
  • Improve its use
  • They can enhance the quality of the camera
  • Allow different ways of using the GoPro
  • There is no single accessory that can meet all the needs

What are the most used GoPro accessories?

As you saw there are a number of GoPro accessories, but there are some options that are among the most chosen by users of this type of camera and we will now show you all of them.

  • Brackets: There are several options of brackets for GoPro and among them are those that are for fixing the head and chest. They are widely used especially by those who practice activities in which the hands are busy as cycling, for example, and greatly facilitate the recordings with the camera.
  • Tripods, monopods and grips: These three types of products are marketed separately or can be found in a single item and help to give more stability to GoPro, and assist in fixing it in certain places.
  • Remote Control: This other option is great because it allows you to trigger the camera even at a distance and with it you can turn on, off, record and even take pictures.
  • Dome: The dome is a very useful accessory for those using the GoPro in the water and allows you to take pictures or record what happens inside and outside at the same time, promoting very interesting effects.
  • Flash: Ideal for situations where the lighting is low, the flash are small accessories and very practical that can greatly improve the quality of videos and photos.
  • Diving filters: Also intended for use in the water, these filters serve to promote a correction of colours and facilitate the capture of images on these occasions.
  • Protectors and covers: There are protectors for the lens and the GoPro screen and covers are a good choice because they can keep it free of dust, scratches and even reduce the chances of breakage in case of falls.

Na foto uma câmera GoPro e diversos acessórios ao seu redor.

There are GoPro accessories for all needs and ways of use. (Source: ruletka / 123rf)

How much does it cost?

Due to the fact that GoPro accessories exist in several categories there is a wide variation in price of these products, however it can be considered that the most affordable cost around 3 GBP, talking about covers and simple filters, and the most expensive can pass the 1000 GBP and are stabilizers for the camera.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare the options of GoPro accessories

If you can not wait to buy some accessories to be able to use in an even better way your GoPro know that there are some factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing not to miss and we show you what they are below:

  • Type of Use
  • Material
  • Camera Model
  • Originality

Now we detail each one so you can make the ideal choice.

Type of use

The first factor to be analyzed to choose a GoPro accessory is the place where you want to use it and this is important so that you can achieve the full operation of the product.

If the desire is for use in the water, then it is worth choosing an item that floats or that does not spoil in contact with water. If it is for other situations, then it is worth checking its compatibility with the place where the camera will be fixed, be it your body, bicycle and the like.

Na foto um homem em um caiaque dentro da água com uma GoPro no seu capacete.

For specific uses it is necessary to choose accessories that are compatible with them, that way you can guarantee the best performance of the accessory. (Source: Brett Sayles / Pexels)


Still thinking about the place of use of GoPro is essential to analyze the material in which it is manufactured to ensure its best durability.

Thus, it is worth checking if it is waterproof, if your hardware is made of material that does not rust, if it is comfortable, fixed well and the like. With this you can guarantee comfort, safety and other factors that will ensure your satisfaction.

Think carefully if the material chosen is resistant enough for the use you will give to it. That is the best way to guarantee a good cost-benefit.

Camera model

You can not fail to check also if the product being chosen is compatible with the model of GoPro that you have to not have problem.

Even if several options can be used with all GoPro, it is known that there are some more specific versions and as there are currently a number of versions of this camera should not fail to check this. Otherwise, when you receive the product you may not be able to use it, what would be very frustrating.

Na foto uma câmera GoPro em um tripé apontada para um mar.

Usually the tripods and monopods are compatible with all models of GoPro, however, it is always necessary to check before buying them. (Source: Gabriela Palai / Pexels)


Another important point to think about is related to the fact of acquiring an original accessory or other manufacturers. Not that the similar are bad, but often can sin in compatibility, not properly fixed and even be made of materials that leave to be desired in the durability.

Thus, it is good to analyze if the investment and even the economy will be advantageous or if you will not fall into a trap.

A piece manufactured by GoPro itself is a guarantee of quality and durability.

(Source of the highlighted image: Marina Boyarkina / 123rf)