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We know that fashion is something essential for you and that knowing each of the trends and accessories for your outfits is of great importance, that’s why today we will talk about the gold bracelets, a beautiful accessory, of great quality and with a great variety of designs.

You may think that gold bracelets always keep the same design, however, over the years we have seen the evolution in fashion trends and the changes that have generated in each of the models of the same.

Today we will not only provide you with complete information about this wonderful accessory, but we will also show you which are the best and most popular on the market, so that when you make your purchase you have the best points of comparison.


  • A gold bracelet refers to a type of accessory that, despite not being widely used nowadays, has a great significance, besides having a wide variety of models and designs that adapt perfectly to all kinds of tastes.
  • With the passing of time, different variations of gold bracelets have been created; of course, among one of the main variations are the ones with an irregular design and the ankle bracelets, which differ in their designs, sizes and prices.
  • Although it is a quite beautiful accessory that complements all types of outfits, you should know that there are different aspects that you should take into account before making your purchase, so that it is completely successful and satisfactory.

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Buying Guide

When buying these types of accessories the only thing that is usually taken into consideration is the design, if it is cute or if it will match your outfit that you have in mind. However, there are certain aspects that you should be aware of, as they will help you choose the perfect product for you.

There is a great variety of gold bracelets, all of them equally beautiful. (Photo: elf925/

What are gold bangles?

A gold slave refers to a type of accessory that, although not widely used today, holds great significance. They are said to be an accessory usually shared with a partner, as they include a small plaque on which an important date or name of a special someone is attached.

As the years have gone by, more and more slave models have become available and the meaning of them has been lost little by little, as most people consider them as a simple complementary accessory.

What are the advantages of gold bangles?

Gold bangles are extremely elegant and help to complement all types of outfits. In addition, they come in different designs to suit all tastes, and even the thickness of them varies depending on the wearer. The men’s ones are usually thicker.

The number of models of gold bracelets that exist not only differ according to their type of design and thickness, but also the carats; it is up to you and whether you want to buy a simple one or a much more luxurious one.

  • There is variety in design
  • They complement any outfit
  • They are adjustable
  • They can be expensive
  • They are delicate
  • They can get caught on clothes

Traditional, irregular or ankle gold studs – what should you look out for?

Being such a beautiful type of accessory, it is very common that different variations of it are created, of course, the main variations of gold bracelets are the ones we will mention below. We want you to be as well informed as possible so that at the time of your purchase you are satisfied.

Traditional gold bracelet: As we have mentioned, this type of bracelet is not so fashionable nowadays, however they are still purchased by some couples who wish to have a common accessory or by men who like to wear simple and beautiful accessories.

Irregular gold bracelet: Nowadays, different models of bracelets have been launched in the market, among which the ones with irregular figures stand out, adding a much more striking aspect, perfect for those who enjoy a much more bizarre and fascinating look.

Gold ankle bracelet: These bracelets have a much more delicate design and are usually quite thin. They are mostly worn by women and girls. They can be worn in summer settings to complement your cool outfit with an elegant touch.

Traditional gold stud Irregular gold stud Gold ankle stud
Designs Chain with different thickness and small plate Chain with irregular shapes Single thin chain
Sizes They can have a diameter from 19 cm to 24 cm They can have a diameter of 24 cm They can have a diameter of 19 cm to 22 cm
Price High Medium High

How much does a gold bracelet cost?

Generally this type of accessory can have a high cost, however, they can vary depending on the brand, carat and quality. It is estimated that their prices are between 70 GBP, up to 1000 GBP. Prices that suit all budgets without any problem.

We want you to acquire the best products and feel comfortable with every purchase you make, so it is important to emphasize that when it comes to accessories, quality is extremely important for its durability is much higher.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of Gold Slaves

Certainly this type of accessory makes us look amazing, because it is a simple and beautiful accessory, so it is quite common to think that there is no impediment to acquire it, however, before making your purchase you should take into account certain aspects of gold bracelets.

  • Size
  • Thickness
  • Durability
  • Authenticity


Most people who buy this type of accessory only focus on the design, which is a mistake. But the reality is that this aspect is one of the most important, because when it comes to buying jewellery, we must take into account the size of our wrist, as this will ensure that we feel comfortable at all times.

To find the exact size you can use a tape measure; you should measure around your wrist and then add 2 cm to the size of it to get the correct size, so that there is no inconvenience at the time of using your gold bracelet.

The types of sizes that exist are: Size S, which is about 19 cm or 22 cm; size M which has a diameter of approximately 24 cm to 26 cm; size L, whose diameter is 26 cm to 28 cm and size XL, which has a diameter of 28 cm to 30 cm.

The gold slave girls add a great ornamental value to all kinds of attire. (Photo: SuradechK /


As we have already mentioned, there are different types of gold bracelets, which are differentiated according to their thickness. These differences can help you to identify whether the bracelet is intended for a female or male audience.

Most of the thicker ones are aimed at a male audience, while the thinner ones are mostly purchased by women, because they have a much more delicate design.

Of course, there is a standard type of thickness, which is approximately 75 mm. The slave can be used by both women and men, as it keeps the unisex design quite simple and beautiful at the same time.


Despite the fact that gold bracelets are made of a material that is considered extremely resistant, you should know that they require maximum care, as this will ensure that their durability is much greater and will allow you to continue complementing each of your outfits at all times.

Generally a gold bracelet has a fairly long durability, however, it depends on the care that is given to keep its brightness at all times, because over time it can be discoloured, so it is advisable to be sheltered in a place that is not too hot, because this can cause this to happen.


When it comes to jewellery, it is important to be aware of whether the material with which it is made is really the one they are selling you, because many times fake gold bracelets are sold, so knowing how to recognise it can be very useful:

Visual examination: A fairly simple way to know if your slave is really made of gold is to evaluate if it has a label that specifies the carat of the jewel. You can use a specialised magnifying glass to take a closer look.

Test with magnets: Gold is not a magnetic material, so you can try to stick your bracelet with a strong magnet to verify its authenticity; if your jewellery sticks to the magnet, you may have purchased a fake jewellery.

Density test: The density of pure 24K gold is around 19.3g/ml, so they tend to be much denser than other metals. To find out if your gold slave is real you can measure its density; the higher the density, the purer the product.

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