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Hi, welcome to ReviewBox Brasil! In today’s text, we will talk absolutely everything about goji berry, the versatile consumable fruit that accumulates health and fitness benefits.

Popular for its rejuvenating and slimming effect, goji berry is also a natural alternative to strengthen your immunity and boost your metabolism, and better, in the way that best fits with your diet and your routine. In the Guide below, we will see its best products, its effects, buying tips and other valuable information.


  • The goji berry can be found – and consumed – in various forms: In natura, dehydrated, in capsules and even in flour.
  • The maximum indicated consumption of goji berry is 45 grams daily.
  • The goji berry has a vasodilator effect, which can be harmful to those taking medication with a similar effect. The ideal, regardless of the case, is to consult a doctor and/or nutritionist before regular consumption.

The Best Goji Berry: Our Picks

Buying Guide

The goji berry is gaining more and more space in the fitness market not only for its benefits, but for its versatility, found in various forms, and consumed in equal measure.

In this Buying Guide, we will delve into this diversity of products and consumption of goji berries, talk about its many benefits and provide other essential information for you to determine the ideal product for you.

Imagem mostra uma mulher parada no meio da via de uma estrada, segurando um punhado de frutinhas nas palmas das mãos.

The ways of consuming goji berry are not bigger than its benefits. (Source: Banter Snaps / Unsplash)

What is goji berry?

Goji berry, also known as wolfberry (“wolf fruit”) in the international market, is a fruit originating from an Asian tree, Lycium barbarum, a species of shrub whose production is mostly Chinese and European.

In its natural form, goji has an appearance similar to that of a cherry tomato or even a cherry. In its most consumed form, which is dehydrated, the fruit looks like a red sultana.

Imagem mostra um dois goji berries ainda no pé, dois pontos de cor em meio à muitas folhas, focadas e desfocadas.

The goji berry is an Asian fruit, and an ordinary looking one at that. (Source: apolo12/ Pixabay)

What are the benefits of goji berry?

The numerous researches on goji berry point to a vastness of health benefits, from aesthetics to wellness, nutrition to metabolism, which if listed without exception would make this guide an endless mouse scroll.

Therefore, we bring here the most targeted, best-known benefits that can impact your body the most. Starting with its antioxidant properties. Rich in amino acids, goji berries have a rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory effect and even strengthen cancer prevention.

It is low-calorie and satiates the appetite.

A very popular benefit, which has made demand for the fruit skyrocket, is weight loss. But calm down! There is nothing in goji berry that makes you lose weight. What happens is that he is hypocaloric and satiates the appetite, effects that combined with a healthy diet and an exercise routine, greatly increase the potential of its user to thin the waist.

Finally, there is a high concentration of vitamins and carotenoids, which bring improvements to various systems of the human body, such as the eye, immune, skin and even the nervous system.

Feature Benefit
Antioxidant Anticancer, rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory
Hypocaloric and satiating Facilitates weight loss
Vitamins and carotenoids Improvements to vision, skin, immunity and well-being

Goji berry in natura, dehydrated, capsules or flour?

If the numerous benefits of goji berry make it much sought after, its numerous forms of commercialization and consumption make it, well, to be found. On the market, there are four “models” of goji berry: fresh, dehydrated, capsules and flour.

The fresh goji berry, despite being the most suitable, is the most difficult to find, at least in the Brazilian market. It is necessary to order it from highly specialized shops and websites.

The dehydrated goji berry is the best “cost-benefit”, with properties and experience (taste, texture) similar to the in natura, and a versatile consumption, with the possibility of adding them to recipes and other forms as we will see later.

The goji berry in capsules is the closest to a food supplement and even a medication. It is common to find capsules with extract of the fruit and other vitamins.

The situation is similar to the flours, usually without the natural substance, and very focused on the niche of weight loss products.

Imagem mostra uma porção de goji berries desidratados e empratados como petiscos sobre uma superfície de madeira.

The dehydrated goji berry, which looks like a sultana, is the best cost-benefit among the products based on the fruit. (Source: josephbunga / Pixabay)

How to consume goji berry?

The question of the consumption of goji berry has two sides. One is the nutritional issue, dosage, which, first of all, should be consulted with a doctor and / or a nutritionist.

Anyway, we can give you two information in this sense. The first is that, with its energetic effects, goji berry is best used when consumed during the day. The second is that the recommended dosage is 45 grams.

For goji berry in natura and dehydrated, there are several recipes. The natural is widely used in juices and vitamins, while the dehydrated is used as the sultana, complementing recipes for cakes, pastes and even snacks.

Imagem mostra um bowl de açaí com cobertura de morango, amora, aveia, granola e goji berries, que também estão espalhadas na mesma superfície do bowl.

If you get the chance, try goji berry with açaí. An energizing delight! (Source: Sambazon / Unsplash)

Goji berry or cranberry?

The goji berry belongs to an informal but very well-known subgroup, the superfruits. They are wild fruits, simple to plant and with a huge nutritional concentration. The best known member of this group is the cranberry, and may generate certain doubts during your search.

What unites goji berry and cranberry, apart from their similar appearance, small and reddish, are their high antioxidant actions and their low caloric value.

What makes them different are their flavors – cranberry being sweeter -, their form of consumption – cranberry being more common in juices and vitamins -, and the carotenoids, which are more numerous in goji berry.

Goji berry Cranberry
Classification Superfruit Superfruit
Consumption Dehydrated, complement of recipes Dehydrated, juices
Featured Nutrition Flavor

What is the price of goji berry?

Goji berry is surprisingly underpriced for a “trendy” and mostly imported fruit. You can find capsules from $ 15, and average portions of the dehydrated fruit around $ 60.

Did you know that the goji berry has 50 times more vitamin C than an orange?

Buying Criteria: Choosing the right goji berry

Yep, with so many different forms, benefits and consumption of goji berry, it can be difficult to choose the best product based on the fruit. That’s why we’ve put together our exclusive list of smart, practical criteria to help you make the right choice.

  • Purpose
  • Routine and eating
  • Contraindications
  • Dosage
  • Composition of the supplement

Below, we will talk about each of the items, for your choice to be better informed and more suitable for your consumption and your needs.


The first point you should think about before choosing your goji berry is the purpose, that is, what you want to achieve with it. If you seek greater nutrition in your diet, the best option is the dehydrated fruit.

If you seek to reduce the waistline, there are proper and cheaper options of flours and capsules, for example.

Routine and nourishment

If you do not have a defined purpose, it is worth trying to adapt the product to your routine and diet. After all, there is no point in having a goji berry in natura if you hardly stop at home to eat. In this case, capsules may be a more appropriate choice.

Now, if you always eat a healthy snack in the afternoon, during a break at work or studies, why not a dehydrated goji berry, perhaps even in a mix of nuts and other dried fruits? Delicious and practical.


Contraindications should always guide your purchase.

This criterion applies not only to choose between goji berry products, but also to validate the consumption of the fruit itself. Contraindications should guide your purchase, especially if you take any regular medication.

For its vasodilator effect, goji berry does not usually “talk well” with medications of similar effect, as well as for blood pressure and diabetes. Risk groups should also always keep an eye out, such as pregnant women and allergy sufferers.


The dosage criterion is, in the end, a matter of information and cost-benefit. It is important to consult doctors and specialists before regular consumption.

The cost-benefit should come after establishing your dosage and consists of finding the product which best meets your needs, for longer and at a better price.

Composition of the supplement

Finally, there is the composition of the supplement, which obviously applies to both capsule and farinaceous products.

Ideally, the compound should be as pure and natural as possible, with a higher concentration of goji berry and free of preservatives and other artificial additives.

(Featured image source: ivabalk / Pixabay)