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The decorative objects make all the difference in environments and are available in several versions. To put flowers and let them stand out there are the glass vases and it is about them that we will talk today.

The glass vases, besides being very beautiful and sophisticated, still combine with virtually all styles of decoration and have a high durability. They can be used in many ways and in this article we’ll explain everything about this product. Read on to find out more!


  • Glass vases are timeless, clean and go with virtually every decor style.
  • They can be used to decorate any room and look great with all kinds of flowers.
  • There are high, low, square, round, with wide or narrow mouth and in various colours, which makes it possible to find options for all tastes.

The Best Glass Vases: Our Picks

The glass vases appeared many years ago and even today make a great success in decoration. Therefore, there are numerous models of this product to buy and below we made a selection with the best options, check out:

Buying guide: everything you need to know about glass vases

Even those who are not very attached to decoration, certainly have come across some glass vases in life. However, there are still many questions about them and how to use them in environments. So, in this buying guide we’ll answer the most common questions about this product.

Na foto uma mulher criando arranjos de flores em vasos de vidro.

The glass vases are ideal for placing flower arrangements. (Source: cottonbro / Pexels)

Why use glass vases in decoration?

Use the glass vases in decoration brings a number of advantages, so this product is used for so many years.

It has a look that can adapt to all tastes, because simpler models are basic and clean, and the most worked are modern and draw attention.

Another positive point is that glass is a sophisticated raw material, highly durable and does not need much care. Thanks to this, the glass vases remain beautiful for many years.

One more differential is that this object can be used in all kinds of decoration and matches any flower.

How to decorate the glass vases?

Glass vases can be decorated in numerous ways to look beautiful in the environment.

The simplest and most common way of doing this is by placing natural or artificial flowers inside. In fact, this combination is classic and always generates a beautiful result.

If you want to create a more elaborate arrangement, you can insert elements such as dolomite or clay stones and pine bark inside the glass vase.

Another alternative is to place strings of lights inside low glass vases. This is a very modern way of decoration that makes any environment different.

In addition, you can also decorate the outside of the glass vases with paintings, bows and more.

Where to use the glass vases?

The glass vases can be used almost anywhere and this versatility is a great advantage of this product.

Speaking of indoor home environments, this object can be inserted in all rooms and some suggestions are:

  • Living room: on top of coffee tables or side tables and on sideboards and racks.
  • Dining room: At the centre of the dining table and on buffets.
  • Bedroom: On bedside tables or on top of dressers and chests of drawers.
  • Kitchen and bathroom: On top of the countertop.

For external environments, however, you need to be a little more careful, because glass is a relatively fragile raw material. Therefore, you should always place it in a place where it is not easy to fall or suffer friction.

Na foto um vaso de vidro com flores amarelas.

The flower vases can be placed in countless places, especially on top of furniture. (Source: Jill Burrow / Pexels)

Glass vase, crystal, ceramic or porcelain: Which is best?

The vases are produced in different materials and it is normal to have the doubt about which to choose. Thus, the most common are the glass, crystal, ceramic and porcelain.

Glass vases, as we told you above, are sophisticated, timeless, easy to combine with all the decorations and last long. The downside is that they do not have a high resistance.

Crystal can be considered an evolution of glass, being more expensive and refined. The vases made with this material stand out in the decoration and have a high transparency and brightness. However, they are also fragile.

Ceramic vases, on the other hand, are very traditional, great for plants because they ensure ideal temperature and humidity levels, and their value is usually lower. However, the appearance of ceramics is simpler.

Finally, porcelain vases are classic and match with decorations that follow this line. They exist in plain or stamped versions, they last for years and there are models with the most diverse values.

Glass vase Crystal vase Ceramic vase Porcelain vase
Appearance It is clean and timeless It has a more refined look It is a little simpler It is very classic
Advantages It is versatile and has a good price It has high brightness and transparency It is affordable and is good for plants It lasts for years
Value Affordable High Low to medium There are cheap and expensive options

Purchase criteria: What to take into account when comparing glass vase models

To choose the ideal glass vases for your decoration is essential to pay attention to some details that make the difference in this product. In the topics below we explain everything about them.


The glass vases are produced in several sizes and to choose the best, you must analyze mainly the type of flower that will be placed inside this product.

Thus, the tall vases, which have more than 20 centimeters in height, are indicated for long-stemmed flowers such as tulip, orchid and sunflower.

The models that have less than 15 centimeters are more recommended for short-stemmed flowers and more voluminous petals, as is the case of roses and azaleas.

In addition, besides matching the type of flower, it is necessary that the size of the vase is consistent with the place where it will be placed.

If the idea is to place it on a small coffee table, for example, you shouldn’t choose a vase that is too big because it will be disproportionate. The same goes for the opposite case.

Vase mouth

The nozzle of the vase must also be evaluated when buying, because it interferes not only in the look of this product, but also in how it will be used.

The glass vases with narrower mouth have a more minimalist look and are recommended for flowers with fragile stems, such as roses.

On the other hand, the models with wide mouth, over 12 centimetres, are the best choice for voluminous bouquets and with more resistant flowers, such as gerberas.

Na foto um vaso verde com rosas brancas ao lado de três livros.

The vases with narrower nozzle are ideal for roses. (Source: Milk-Tea / Unsplash)


The size and width of the nozzle are not the only aspects that make up the design of glass vases. That’s because they can be plain or worked, which totally changes their presentation.

Plain vases are the cheapest and most basic. They match all types of decoration, are timeless and very easy to insert into environments.

On the other hand, the crafted glass vases are more eye-catching, which makes them stand out. Although their price is higher, often for having a very different look are worth the investment.


The glass vases are produced in various shades, which makes it possible to choose the one you like the most and matches the decor.

If the idea is to have a timeless product and can be used with flowers of all colours and in any environment, the transparent models are ideal.

However, if you follow a colour palette in place and want the vase to match it, it is worth purchasing a colored option. However, always check that the chosen colour will match the tone of the flowers.


Flower vases are decorative objects that have been used for many years and create a very beautiful result.

Therefore, in this article we have gathered all the information about them so that you can choose the ideal one.

Thanks for your visit and see you next time!

(Source of the highlighted image: Skyler Ewing / Pexels)