Last updated: 16/10/2022

Everyone who likes to drink with a straw and finally wants to get away from plastic straws has now discovered the ideal solution with the glass straw. Be it for use in a bar or also the simple use in the household.

Glass straws are available in different lengths, shapes and colours. Glass straws not only look more elegant, they are also much more environmentally conscious. They can be used again and again with a simple rinse. We have compared several different glass straw sets to give you an overview when making a purchase.


  • Glass straws come in different shapes, lengths and colours. This guarantees that everyone finds their ideal drinking straw. Because every glass straw has a different use, length and shape are particularly important.
  • The thickness of the glass is also important. Since we are talking about ordinary glass, it is important to guarantee a particularly thick and stable glass for everyday use.
  • In addition, the glass straw sets are always different. Not only the content is different, be it the different shapes in a set or the number of brushes that are included, but also how environmentally friendly these sets are.

The Best Glass Straws: Our Picks

In this section, we present our favourites to make your purchase decision easier. We have divided our favourites into six different categories.

Buying and evaluation criteria for glass straws

In order to support you in the purchase decision process, we have briefly listed the four most important criteria:

Now we show you exactly what you have to look out for in the criteria and be well informed when making a purchase.


The length of the glass straws plays a decisive role. Glass straws are between 15 cm and 23 cm long. The length is important because each different length is suitable for a specific glass.

For example, a 15 cm glass straw is more suitable for a small cocktail, a 21 cm glass straw for a highball glass or a 23 cm glass straw is ideal for long drinks.


Whether a drinking straw should be curved or straight also determines which glass the glass straw should be used for. For small glass straws, only a straight one is offered. The big advantage of straight glass straws is the cleaning effort. This is very low.

With a curved glass straw, the cleaning effort is higher than with a straight one. Nevertheless, a curved glass straw offers a significantly higher drinking comfort. You have to take into account what kind of drink you are using the glass straw for. For example, a curved glass straw is not suitable for gin.

Size of the set

When it comes to the circumference of the set, pay special attention to the brush. Although the brush is included in almost every set, this brush is usually made of plastic. Since one of the reasons for some users not to use plastic anymore, plastic is used here again.

If your reason for buying a glass straw is to stop using plastic, there is an alternative solution. Some brushes are natural brushes from wild boar. In addition, some sets are also packaged plastic-free.


Mostly glass straws are uncoloured. Therefore, there are some suppliers who offer coloured glass straws. It is quite practical especially if you want to use it for private households. Here, for example, everyone can be assigned a colour to avoid using other people’s drinking straws.

But it is also very useful for events. It’s easy to lose track of what you’re drinking, but the coloured glass straws make it easier to find your drink again. Another possible use would be to assign different colours to different types of drinks. For example, a long drink with vodka can be red, a long drink with gin green and many other possible combinations.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about glass straws answered in detail

Here we show you the most frequently asked questions about glass straws. So that you no longer have any questions about glass straws.

Who is a glass straw suitable for?

A glass straw is suitable for anyone who would like to drink their favourite drink from an environmentally friendly and tasteless straw. It is also suitable for bars that want to make a special and elegant impression.

A glass straw is not only environmentally friendly and tasteless, but also a real eye-catcher (Image source: Bảo Ngọc Hồ / Unsplash)

Which drinks are suitable for a glass straw?

In principle, a glass straw is suitable for every drink or glass. However, this list should help you with your purchase decision.

  • 15 cm – 20 cm: ideal for tumblers and small cocktails
  • 20 cm – 23 cm: ideal for white wine glasses and preserving jars
  • from 23 cm: ideal for long drinks and smoothies

How do I clean a glass straw?

You can easily clean the glass straw with a brush. This is usually already included in the set. Alternatively, you can simply put some glass straws in the dishwasher. However, you must check whether the glass straws are suitable for dishwashers.


If you want an alternative solution to the usual environmentally harmful straws, glass straws are the ideal solution. Not only are they reusable, but some glass straws are made from recycled glass. However, if you don’t get glass straws for environmental reasons, it’s still a stylish eye-catcher.

Besides the environmental aspects, there is also a health advantage of glass straws. They are free of lead, toxins and plastic, even the packaging of the straws. At the end of the day, your personal values and the price are decisive when buying.

(Cover photo: Roman Odinstov / Pexels)