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No good bar can be imagined without gin. The tangy juniper schnapps is still an absolute trend drink. However, the versatile alcohol tastes best from the matching gin glasses.

In our gin glass guide, we have researched some gin glasses and selected them for you. To help you find the best gin glasses for you, you can read about the most important buying criteria in our article. We have also answered the most important questions about gin glasses.

The most important facts

  • Gin glasses can be made of different materials. The most common gin glasses are made of crystal glass. But the modern copper cup is also suitable for gin drinks.
  • When making your decision, you should also consider the volume of the gin glasses. Depending on the cocktail, you should plan for more or less filling volume.
  • There are different types of gin glasses. The most common are the tumbler glass, the highball glass, the copa glass or the cocktail goblet.

The Best Gin Glasses: Our Pick

Gin Glasses: Reviews and Recommendations

Gin glasses: buying and review criteria

In this section, we would like to help you decide on the right model when buying your new gin glasses.

You can read the most important buying criteria in the following list.


You may think that gin glasses are made of glass. Of course you are right and most gin glasses are usually made of glass. Besides normal glass, you can also find gin glasses made of so-called crystal glass. Crystal glass is higher quality and thicker than normal glass. However, it is not made of crystal.

Copper tumblers are particularly trendy at the moment. In addition to the special cooling effect, the quaint tumblers simply look cool.

In addition to glasses, you can also enjoy your gin from a modern copper mug. Originally used for the drink Moscow Mule, copper mugs are now also very popular for gin drinks. The advantage of copper is the cooling effect of the material.


You can find gin glasses in different shapes. The best known are the tumbler and the highball glass. You probably know the tumbler glass best from drinking whiskey. It is about 8 to 10 centimetres high and has a thick base. The highball glass looks similar to the tumbler glass, but is about 15 to 20 centimetres taller.

You can choose a highball glass for a classic gin and tonic.

In addition to classic gin glasses, you can also drink your next drink from a cocktail glass. After all, what would a martini be without a matching martini glass? In Spain and Italy, the gin favourite gin and tonic is usually enjoyed in round Copa glasses.

Filling quantity

The filling quantity of a gin glass should depend above all on the intended use. Whether you want to drink a gin and tonic or a gin and sour will affect the dimensions of your gin glass.

  • Highball glasses: Tall highball glasses are particularly suitable for cocktails with crushed ice and other liquid ingredients. They usually hold 370 to 420 millilitres.
  • Tumbler glasses: Tumbler glasses are best used for gin on ice or the typical gin sour. The capacity of these glasses is between 240 and 270 millilitres.
  • Copa glasses: The Mediterranean Copa glass offers you enough space for a gin-on-ice cocktail. The capacity can hold up to 600 millilitres of liquid.

So when choosing your new gin glasses, it’s best to pay attention to your own preference. Do you like to drink your gin neat? Then you don’t need glasses with a large capacity. But if you prefer cocktails, the tall Highball or Copa glasses are more recommended.


To give you a little incentive when choosing your new gin glasses, we have summarised the most popular gin drinks. This way you can decide which gin glass is the right one for your favourite drink.

For a gin and tonic, it’s best to use a highball glass. It has enough room for ice and tonic. If you prefer to prepare a traditional martini in James Bond style, it is best to use a cocktail glass with a stem. In addition to gin and vermouth, the olive should not be missing! The third cocktail is the gimlet. It is not only easy to prepare, but also delicious. Besides gin, all you need is lime juice, ice and a nice tumbler glass.

Gin glasses: frequently asked questions and answers

To help you choose your new gin glasses, we have compiled the most important questions and answers. With this information, there’s nothing standing in the way of your purchase.

Who are gin glasses suitable for?

Gin glasses are suitable for anyone who is looking for a stylish glass for cocktails of all kinds. Because there is some truth in the saying “the eye eats – or in our case drinks – with you”. Despite its long tradition, gin is still a trendy drink in every bar and restaurant.


Who wouldn’t like to be as casual as James Bond from time to time? Even though the British agent drinks his martini with vodka, the cocktail goblet is perfect for a dry gin. (Image source: Pixabay / Steve Buissinne)

The dry alcohol flavour goes well with both sweet and tart drinks. With the right gin glass, you can add the perfect flair to your cocktail round at home.

What types of gin glasses are there?

We have summarised the most important types of gin glasses for your purchase decision in the following table.

Tumbler gin glasses Enough space for ice cubes and mixed drinks such as gin and tonic Small filling capacity
Highball gin glasses Suitable primarily for pure gin or gin on ice Somewhat more expensive than the lower tumbler glasses
Copa glasses Used for gin drinks with herbs Style resembles a wine glass and is therefore not exclusive for gin drinks
Type Advantage Disadvantage
Gin glasses made of copper Very modern look and longer cooling of the drink Unusual drinking from a cup

Tumbler glasses are particularly suitable for cocktails on ice. As with the classic whiskey, the glass only has to hold the pure gin in addition to ice cubes. The disadvantage is, of course, the small capacity if you want to make a different cocktail. Gin and tonic is usually served in highball glasses. In these glasses you have enough space for ice cubes. The round Copa glasses often resemble classic wine glasses. Unfortunately, you cannot achieve the typical gin and tonic style with these glasses.

When choosing the right gin glasses for you, you can decide between different types of gin glasses. The most important are the tumbler glass, the highball glass and the copa glass.

Especially in terms of the style of your drink, you can impress with copper tumblers. Because cocktails in copper cups are very modern. In addition, your drink stays cold for a long time in the copper cup. Drinking from mugs can be unusual at first. You also have to get used to the special style of the mugs, as they look more like a tea cup than a cocktail glass.


The copper mug is a new hit among cocktail lovers. Originally used for the Moscow Mule, you can now also find the copper mug for the gin and tonic. (Image source: Unsplash / Alex Plesovskich)

You should decide which type of gin glass is best for you according to your taste.

How much do gin glasses cost?

You can buy most gin glasses in sets. This way you not only get a set of matching gin glasses for you and your friends. You can also save money by buying sets.

Art Price
Gin glasses made of copper Around 30 euros
Tumbler glasses Between 10 and 20 euros
Copa glasses Between 15 and 20 euros

You can buy tumbler glasses for as little as 10 euros. This makes them the cheapest variants in our list. They are followed shortly after by Copa glasses for 15 to 20 euros for 4 glasses. For highball glasses, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. But you can also buy highball glasses for as little as 15 euros. The stylish copper cups are the most expensive at 30 euros. But they’re sure to impress at any party.

What alternatives are there to gin glasses?

Don’t feel like buying special gin glasses? Would you rather have one glass for all your favourite drinks? No problem! We have picked out some alternatives for gin glasses and summarised them in the following table.

Alternative Description
Juice or water glasses Theoretically, any glass can be converted into a gin glass. Depending on your own taste, you can also use the typical kitchen glass.
Cocktail glasses Cocktails with gin can also be served in the typical cocktail glass. In addition to the cocktail bowl of the classic martini, you can also use long drink glasses
Cups Some gin drinks are served hot. Especially in the cold seasons, mulled gin is very popular.

If you only want to drink a cocktail now and then or are just getting into your new gin hobby, you can also use other glasses. The cheapest glasses are the normal kitchen glasses. You have them in the cupboard anyway. If, however, you attach importance to a certain ambience when enjoying alcohol, you should go for the cocktail glasses.

Are gin glasses available as a set?

As you have already read in the questions above, gin glasses are usually sold in sets. You can also buy gin glasses individually in specialist shops. However, it is usually recommended to buy gin glasses in a set. This way you can save money when buying a set. In addition, your new gin glasses will look nice together.


Whether in a large group or just the two of you, a gin and tonic is perfect for any event. With the right set of gin glasses, you can serve your guests the iconic drink in the right atmosphere. (Image source: Pixabay / CocktailTime)

And last but not least, with a set you can also offer your friends a delicious cocktail with gin. After all, who likes to drink alone?

How do I clean gin glasses?

Gin glasses are easy to clean with water and washing-up liquid. Many gin glasses are also dishwasher safe. However, you should always read the instructions on the packaging or enclosed instructions before putting the gin glasses in the dishwasher.


You will find a large selection of gin glasses on the market. When making your decision, it is best to orientate yourself on the criteria of the material, the filling quantity and the type of cocktail. The shape or type of gin glass can also influence your decision. You can choose between tumblers, highball or copa glasses. Copper tumblers are also very suitable for gin mixed drinks.

With the right gin glasses, you can certainly score points at the next party. And it’s also worth buying beautiful gin glasses for your own gin round in the comfort of your own home. The trendy drink gin and tonic really comes into its own in the right glass.

Image source: 123rf / 64915717