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Thank you for choosing Monederosmart! One of the most important things for a woman is to have perfect nails. That’s why a lot of methods have emerged to beautify them, among them gel nails. Here we will tell you what you need to have perfect gel nails.

Gel nails are a nail cosmetic technique that involves the application of false nails covered with a layer of gel. This gel is hardened using ultraviolet light, and once hardened can last for weeks. Gel can also be applied over the natural nail to decorate them semi-permanently. We will tell you more about the process and these products later.


  • Gel nails are part of nail aesthetics, and one of the most popular methods of nail art. They are made by placing a layer of gel over the artificial nail or natural nail, which is then hardened using ultraviolet lights.
  • Although it is not an overly complicated or dangerous process, it is advisable to let professionals do it. Working with chemicals and involving the well-being of your nails without the necessary expertise is unwise.
  • There are many products involved in the gel nail process. Among other things sealers, primer and UV light are needed. We will give you the details about these products later on.

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Buying Guide: What you need to know about gel nail polish

Gel nails are part of nail aesthetics, and one of the most popular methods of nail decoration.
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What are gel nails and what are their advantages?

Gel nails are a method of nail decoration that involves applying a gel on the nails that hardens when exposed to ultraviolet light. It can be applied over artificial nails or natural nails, and offers a glossy finish with a much more natural look than most techniques.

Most nail gels must go through this UV drying process. But there are some that don’t need to be dried with light, and some don’t even require a primer or top coat.

The variety of decorations that can be done with gel nails is immense, including coloured gels and nail inlays. So the aesthetic possibilities are enormous and there is sure to be the right style for you.

  • It allows for a first class manicure
  • It is long lasting
  • It looks natural
  • It has a glossy finish
  • It is cheaper than other decoration techniques
  • It is less damaging to natural nails
  • Prolonged use weakens natural nails
  • It needs touch ups
  • Removing the gel can be aggressive to your nails
  • In the long term UV rays are harmful to the skin

How long do gel nails last?

Gel nails can last up to a couple of months, but to achieve this you need to do detailed touch-ups every 3 weeks. However, a determining factor in how long they last will be the speed at which your nails grow out. The faster they grow the less time your gel nails will last.

Nail tips: Almond, Marilyn, Square and Stiletto – what to look out for with each style?

Gel nails are part of nail art, so there are lots and lots of styles to try. Among the variety of aspects that make up the style is the shape of the tip, known as the ‘nail tip’.

Before choosing the tip you should consider the type of gel, as it influences the final result. Sculpting with gel has 3 phases: base gel, which is the first and closes the bond with the artificial nail; builder gel, with which the desired shape is sculpted; and finishing gel, to seal the previous gel and give a good finish.

As an alternative, a gel covering all 3 phases was developed. This shortened the process time by two thirds and saved by buying 1 gel instead of 3. But this one step gel is strong enough for long nail art. So if long nail art is in your plans it is better to opt for the 3 step gel.

Once you define or know the type of gel, you can decide which “tip” you want to try. There are 4 particularly popular styles: Almond, Marilyn, Square and Stiletto. Which style you prefer depends on your personal taste. But some of these styles are impractical, so consider your daily life before choosing.

Almond nails have curved sides to form a point in the centre. Square nails are filed straight across and are often worn short. Marilyn nails are similar to square nails, but long and filed slightly on the sides to narrow the nail. And Stiletto nails are filed on the sides and have a sharp tip.

Almond Marilyn Square Stiletto
Curved edges Nails that extend beyond the fingertip Straight filing Sharp tip
No straight filing, Light and soft filing on the sides Pointed but not too sharp corners Straight filed edges

Although it is not too complicated or dangerous process, it is advisable to let professionals do it.
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Purchasing criteria

Before getting gel nails you should consider these criteria:

Quality of the products

Your nails are an important part of your appearance and health, so it is necessary to use products on your nails that will damage them. This is why you should make sure that the gel nail products you use are of good quality. For this you can search for the brand on the internet and check what users say in opinion forums.

Don’t forget to check the obvious ones, such as the expiry date of the product and that the components are the right ones.

There are many products involved in the gel nail process. Among other things, sealants, primer and UV light are needed.
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Relief or inlay decorations

One of the main goals of gel nails is to be decorative, so many styles and lotuses have emerged. Among the most popular are embossed or inlaid decorations.

These consist of inserting pieces of rhinestones of various sizes or small figures into the gel to create patterns. The designs are diverse and you can use all the nails for an eye-catching style or leave it to just a few fingers and opt for a minimalist look.

Themed decorations

This type of nail art is all about focusing on a character, movie, or any well-known theme you desire. It can include embossing, inlays or just paint, whether it’s minimalistic or loaded, there is the possibility to use any style to create the decoration.

The technique of embedding the decoration within the clear gel is also used for this one, so that the motif is present without the embossing. You even have to consider the “nail tip” or shape you want, and make sure the rest of the decoration is consistent.

Gel nails can last up to a couple of months, but to achieve this you should do detailed touch-ups every 3 weeks.
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Tools for decorating

It is not enough just to decorate gel nails, it is necessary to make an excellent decoration. For this purpose it is necessary to have the right tools, which can guarantee a good handling of the paint and good precision for the inlays.

One of the basic tools is a stippling pencil. These are small metal pencils with different shaped heads, which are dipped in nail polish. Each shape is focused on creating a specific pattern, so that the spherical head leaves a dot, while the paddle head marks a line.

There are also patterned erasers, which are cut into thin rebates and placed inside the gel. Decorative strips, which are cut to the desired size and placed on or in the gel. Palettes for mixing glazes freely, thin brushes for drawing details and good lighting.

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