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Welcome to our big garlic oil test 2022. Here we present all the garlic oils we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best garlic oil for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a garlic oil.


  • Garlic oil is suitable for anyone who wants to add a special flavour to their food. Garlic oil can be used in many different ways in the kitchen.
  • Garlic oil comes in many different varieties – with different oils and different ingredients.
  • Garlic oil capsules can help with various health problems.

The best Garlic Oil: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying Garlic Oil

For what purpose do I buy garlic oil?

You can buy garlic oil for different purposes. Before you buy garlic oil, you should think about what you want to use it for. Depending on the purpose, you should choose different types of garlic oil.

You can use garlic oil for different occasions. (Image source: / congerdesign)

You can use garlic oil in the kitchen, for example for cooking or frying. However, you should bear in mind that not all oils are equally suitable for high heat. You can also use garlic oil in salads to give them a special touch.

Garlic oil, especially with olive oil, can also be used for your skin and hair or scalp. It has a nourishing and antibacterial effect.

In the medical field, there is often talk about the positive effects of garlic. It is said to help against many diseases and ailments. Here, however, you should rather use garlic oil capsules.

You should never use garlic oil for earaches. Even if garlic is a popular household remedy, garlic oil is not suitable here.

As a natural flea and tick repellent, you can use garlic oil on dogs and cats. However, you must be very careful here, as garlic in too high doses is very toxic for these animals. The same applies to garlic oil for birds. Here you should buy special oil from the pet trade.

If you want to use garlic oil in the wellness sector, for example as a fragrance oil, you should use special essential oils. These are highly dosed and should therefore only be used for this purpose.

How much does garlic oil cost?

The price of commercial garlic oil that you use for cooking or salads varies depending on the quality and type of oil. Cheaper products start at around €5 per 250ml. The average price for a 500ml bottle is around €15.

You can buy garlic oil capsules from around €15.

Garlic essential oil costs around 5€/10ml.

Type of garlic oil price
Edible garlic oil from around 10€ per 500ml
Garlic oil capsules from around 15€
Essential garlic oil from around 5€ per 10ml

What variations and alternatives are there to garlic oil?

In addition to the classic garlic oil, which consists of oil and garlic, there are of course many variations. You can buy garlic oil with different herbs, e.g. basil, rosemary or thyme. But garlic oil with olives or chilli is also popular.

Garlic is also usually an ingredient in mixed herb oils. This oil is usually milder in taste.

A hotter alternative to garlic oil is chilli oil. Or how about something completely different, such as an oil with Indian spices?

What Types of Garlic Oil are there and which is the right one for you?

A distinction is made between the following types of garlic oil:

  • Garlic oil as cooking oil
  • Garlic oil in capsule form
  • Garlic oil as essential oil

These different types each have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what you want to use the oil for, you should choose a different type of garlic oil. Not every oil can be used for every purpose.

What distinguishes garlic oil as a cooking oil and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

If you want to use garlic oil as a cooking oil, you have a wide choice of different oils. Garlic oil can contain different oils as a base. The most popular are:

  • Olive oil
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Mixed oil

Garlic oil is particularly popular in combination with olive oil. It can be used in many different ways. You can cook and fry with this oil. You can also use it for salads and dressings.

This variant is also very popular for pizza and bruschetta. If you decide to use this variant, however, you should pay attention to the quality and origin of the olive oil.

Rapeseed oil is also a popular base for garlic oil. Rapeseed oil has a more neutral flavour than olive oil. This allows the garlic to taste more intense.

You can use this oil for cooking and frying as well as for salads and dressings. Rapeseed oil is often produced regionally, which is an advantage of this variant.

Mixed oil is often used for cooking garlic oil. It usually consists of olive, rapeseed and/or sunflower oil – in variable proportions. Like the two pure variants, the mixed oil is also suitable for cooking, frying and seasoning.

Garlic oil is versatile in the kitchen. (Image source: / congerdesign)
  • Versatile use in the kitchen
  • aromatic taste
  • can also be used as care for skin and hair
  • Sometimes long transport routes for the oil
  • Not suitable for combating health complaints
  • Strong odour

What are the advantages and disadvantages of garlic oil in capsule form?

Garlic oil in capsule form is used in the health sector. Garlic is said to have all kinds of positive effects on the body. It is said to be good for the heart, circulation and immune system. In addition, garlic has an antibacterial effect.

Garlic oil is also available in capsules that are used as a food supplement. (Image source: / Iva Balk)

By taking garlic oil capsules, you can combat or even prevent complaints in this area.

In the capsules, the garlic oil is in higher doses than in the cooking oil. This means that the capsules have a greater effect on the body. However, you should not take too many capsules. It is best to follow the instructions on the package.

Unlike cooking oil, the capsules are odourless.

You cannot use garlic oil capsules for cooking or seasoning.

  • Can be used for health complaints
  • Odourless
  • Easy to handle and take
  • Not suitable for cooking, frying or seasoning
  • Capsules contain additives

What distinguishes garlic oil as an essential oil and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

When you buy garlic essential oil, you need to be aware that there are two different types:

  • Fragrance oil
  • Spice oil

You can use essential fragrance oil in the wellness area. It is highly concentrated and is only meant to be used as a fragrance. Some of these fragrance oils can also be used for seasoning. Pay attention to the print on the bottle or the package insert.

There are also highly concentrated essential spice oils. This oil is usually pure oil from the garlic bulb. This oil can be used in the kitchen. Unlike cooking oil, however, you cannot use it as an oil alternative for cooking or frying. It is only made for seasoning.

Due to its high concentration, it tastes very intense. You only need a few drops for seasoning.

  • Pure oil from the garlic bulb
  • highly concentrated
  • only a few drops for intensive aroma or flavour
  • Very strong aroma or flavour
  • not an oil substitute for cooking or frying

Buying Criteria: You can use these Criteria to compare and evaluate Garlic Oils

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to choose the right garlic oil for you from a wide range.

Factors you should consider are:

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what each criterion is.

Ingredients and additives

Many garlic oils contain only two ingredients: Oil and garlic. The type of oil can vary. You should pay particular attention to the quality of the oil used.

High-quality olive oil, for example, is labelled “extra virgin” (or extra virgin/extra virgin). This designation corresponds to the highest quality class according to EU regulations.

High-quality rapeseed oil can also be labelled extra virgin. This also corresponds to the highest quality class. With rapeseed oil, you can also look for quality seals.

Some garlic oils contain additives such as preservatives or colourings.

However, since there are many good products that do not contain additives, you have a wide choice of alternative garlic oils. Products that do not contain additives are usually well labelled.

When buying garlic oil, you can also look for other labels such as “organic”, “non-GMO”, “vegan”, “halal” or “kosher”.

If you want to buy garlic oil capsules, you can also look for possible additives. However, capsules usually contain gelatine in the capsule shell. If you want to buy a vegan product, you have to pay attention to the type of gelatine.


When buying garlic oil, you should also pay attention to the origin of the product. On the one hand, the origin of the oil used, and on the other hand, the origin of the entire product.

If the garlic oil is made with olive oil, the oil usually comes from southern Europe (Greece, Italy, Spain, France). Since olives are only grown in southern regions, it is common for the oil to come from these countries.

If the garlic oil contains rapeseed or sunflower oil, you can make sure that the oil comes from Germany. This oil is produced regionally in good quality.

In general, you should make sure that the garlic oil is produced as regionally as possible.


You can buy garlic oil in different types of packaging. Most products are sold in bottles. Glass bottles are particularly popular. You can choose between white or coloured glass bottles.

Some products are sold in plastic bottles or aluminium containers.

There are also suppliers who offer their garlic oil pre-portioned in small plastic bags. This oil is suitable for you if you use the product only very rarely.

Shelf life

Garlic oils stored in (glass) bottles generally have a longer shelf life than in other containers. Dark glass bottles in particular have a positive effect on the shelf life of the oil. As a rule, it can be kept for a few months.

Garlic oil in plastic bags does not have a long shelf life. If you buy garlic oil in sachets, you should use it within a few days of opening.

Because the garlic is not a pure vegetable oil, the oil will not keep indefinitely. You should also pay attention to the expiry date.

You can extend the shelf life of the oils by storing them in a cool and dark place.

Facts worth knowing about Garlic Oil

What can I use garlic oil for in the kitchen?

You can use garlic oil in the kitchen in the same way as other oils. You can use it for cooking and frying, or for salads and dressings.

Garlic oil is often used in the preparation of Italian dishes. You can drizzle it on your pizza or add it to your pasta. You can also use it for bruschetta.

You can use garlic oil for all dishes where you want a more intense garlic flavour.

How should I store garlic oil so that it lasts for a long time?

To keep the oil for a long time, it is best to store it in a cool and dark place. When buying the oil, make sure you buy it in a dark bottle. It is best to store the oil away from light and oxygen.

Garlic oil can be stored at room temperature.

You can also store garlic oil in the refrigerator. If you do this, the oil, especially olive oil, may become cloudy or flake. However, the oil is not spoiled. It disappears again when the oil is warmed up.

Homemade garlic oil usually does not last as long as bought garlic oil. You should look out for signs of fermentation (bubbles) and discolouration of the garlic.

Can I make garlic oil myself?

You only need two ingredients: Garlic and oil. Which oil you choose is up to your personal taste. The only important thing is that you choose a good quality oil.

Yes, you can easily make garlic oil yourself.

You can use classic olive or rapeseed oil, but sunflower oil is also possible. If you want something more exotic, you can also prepare the garlic oil with peanut oil or sesame oil. You can use this oil in Asian cuisine.

To prepare the oil, peel the garlic and chop it finely. You can also press the garlic. Put the garlic in a container that can be closed tightly. Then pour the desired oil over the garlic.

The aroma develops better in the oil when the garlic is cut or pressed. (Image source: / ExplorerBob)

In order for the oil to take on the flavour of the garlic well, you need to let the mixture infuse for at least one or two days. Depending on how intense you want the garlic flavour to be, you can also leave it to infuse for a few days or weeks.

Depending on your taste, you can filter or strain the oil. However, you can also leave the garlic in the oil.

The finished garlic oil should – just like the purchased garlic oil – be stored in a cool place, preferably away from light.

If the garlic discolours after a while or if bubbles form, you should stop using the oil.

Can I also use garlic oil on my skin and hair?

Yes, you can also use garlic oil on your skin and hair. Since garlic has an antibacterial effect and the oil, especially olive oil, has a nourishing effect, garlic oil can have a positive effect on the skin, hair and scalp.

Garlic oil is also said to help with hair loss.

What do I use garlic oil capsules for?

Garlic oil capsules are mainly used in the health sector. They are said to be good for the heart, circulation and immune system. So you can use garlic oil capsules as a dietary supplement for ailments in these areas. However, always follow the instructions on the package.

You cannot use the capsules in the kitchen. They are only intended for medical use.

What are the nutritional values of garlic oil?

100g garlic oil with rapeseed oil contains on average:

nutrient amount
calories 814 kcal
fat content 92g
of which saturated fat 6.4g
carbohydrates 0g
of which sugar 0g
protein 0g
salt 0g

100g garlic oil with olive oil contain on average:

nutrient amount
calories 881 kcal
fat content 97g
of which saturated fat 13g
carbohydrate 0g
of which sugar 0g
protein 0g
salt 0g

Image source: / ajcespedes