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Both flat balconies and external areas of homes can gain a touch more that goes beyond plants and flowers. For this, the best option is to use products for garden decoration. It is about them that we will talk today here at Sweetest Home, welcome!

There are a number of items that can be placed in gardens to make them even more beautiful and if you are looking for something of this type came to the right place. In this article we have gathered tips, products, how to do it and many other information that will help you choose the ideal garden decoration for you.

All you need to do is keep reading!


  • Garden decoration can be done with various pieces, but it is important to make sure that the chosen ones can be exposed to the sun and rain so that they do not get damaged.
  • Benches and tables are commonly used pieces in garden decoration and also serve to make use of them in a functional way.
  • Before choosing a garden decoration it is important to determine a style so that everything is harmonious.

The best Garden Decoration: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Many people do not give up having a garden in their home and this becomes a piece of nature that is used not only for decoration, but also to enjoy moments outdoors, either alone or with friends and family.

And not only flowers and plants are enough to make the garden beautiful, there are also decorative pieces and furniture that add a lot to the space. There is a multitude of options and in this buying guide we have gathered everything that is most important about it to help you make your garden even more beautiful.

Na foto uma menina pequena de vestido olhando para um jardim.

Besides decorating houses, gardens also serve so that people can experience moments outdoors and be closer to flowers and plants. (Source: Emma Bauso / Pexels)

What is garden decoration?

Garden decoration can be made with several products that add aesthetically to flowers and plants, creating an even more beautiful and harmonious environment.

It is used in almost all types of gardens and can be more rustic or a little more sophisticated, depending on where the garden is located. There are no rules and you only need to choose pieces which can be exposed to climatic changes, if the garden is in an external area.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of garden decoration?

As much as flowers, lawns and plants have a natural beauty, garden decoration serves to demonstrate this even more, enhancing the space and adding value to it.

Another advantage is that it can be done with items which are inexpensive. The options of benches and tables make it possible to use the garden for outdoor moments, taking away just the aesthetic function of the place and adding functionality to it.

The downside is that not all products can be used in external gardens. It is important to look for items which are specific for this purpose in order to prevent them from spoiling easily, as they are constantly exposed to the sun and rain.

In addition, it is important to create a decoration without exaggeration, because in excess it may diminish the beauty of the garden rather than adding to it.

  • Adds to the beauty of the gardens
  • Adds value to the space
  • Tables and benches provide outdoor moments
  • Not all products can be used for decoration because they may spoil
  • Excessive decoration may diminish the beauty

What are the main items for garden decoration?

There are a number of products which can be used for garden decoration and the main ones are

  • Tables and chairs: tables and chairs are great for those who like to enjoy the garden to make some meal or just to enjoy the place with tranquility. There are smaller and larger options, some are made from aluminium and others from wood.
  • Benches and sun loungers: Benches and sun loungers are another good choice of decorative pieces for the garden. They are also great for resting and come in a variety of models, most of which are made of wood to match the rusticity of the place.
  • Statues: Very used in the old days, there are still several gardens that have statues as decorative pieces and these can be of gnomes, dwarfs, animals and more.
  • Vases: Incredibly, vases serve not only to house some plants. They exist in various shapes and heights to decorate the place, it is also interesting to mix square vases with round ones and the like.

Na foto o jardim de uma casa com uma espreguiçadeira e alguns bancos com uma mesa de centro.

The best way to get the most out of the garden is with benches, tables and sun loungers. (Source: midascode / Pixabay)
  • Gardening accessories: Another option is to use accessories such as watering cans and wheelbarrows in the decoration, they can even serve as vases and receive flowers inside giving a touch more in the garden.
  • Lighting: It is not only during the day that the garden needs to stand out. At night it must appear and for this you can use strings of light and solar lamps, which are delicate and do not even need electricity to work.
  • Pergolas: Pergolas are structures in wood or other material that receive climbing flowers and function as a shady area in the garden. Inside them there are often benches and it is a great decorative product.
  • Other options: Wooden pieces, old bicycles, stones, bird cages and more.

How to create a garden decoration?

Before creating the garden decoration it is important to define which plants will be used in the location. It is essential to analyze insolation, wind, humidity and the type of soil.

Did you know that if the garden is outside the most common are St. George?s Sword, Luca, Ivy, Dracena, Moreia, Azalea, Lambari Roxo and Santa Barbara. For winter gardens the Pacová, Fern, Bromeliad, Cactus, Radish Palm and the Peace Lily are often used.

Next it is time to decide how the garden will be lit and for this you can use lampposts, reflectors, solar lamps, cordons of light and much more.

The next step is to lay the stones and these can be used for the flowerbeds, inside pots and in prominent places on the ground. The most commonly used for this are white gravel, natural pebbles and river stone.

Finally, it is time to choose the decorative pieces themselves. It is important to decide if they will be more rustic or more classic, if some pieces will be more fun or not, as in the case of statues.

It is important to place them so that they are not too exaggerated, always striving for a cleaner aspect.

Na foto um homem de camisa xadrez segurando algumas flores com um jardim ao fundo.

The process of setting up the garden should be done in a meticulous way so that it looks beautiful and draws attention. (Source: suetot / Pixabay)

Buying Criteria: Factors to compare garden decoration products

Now that you understand everything about garden decoration it is time to choose yours and the best way to do this is by taking into consideration some important points

  • Garden style
  • Garden type
  • Garden size
  • Colours

Below you will find all the information about them in detail.

Garden style

Gardens exist in several styles: English, French, Italian, Japanese and some others. Each one goes with a different type of decoration and it is important to analyze this before purchasing the pieces that will be used in yours.

The Italian garden usually has statues and pergolas.

The Italian garden, for example, usually has statues and pergolas.

The French one is more clean and usually has only plants and flowers, without additional items in its decoration.

In case this is not pre-defined you can also analyze what you want with your garden, if it is to have something more rustic, more elegant pieces and so on.

Na foto um jardim, com um lago e uma ponte.

The Japanese gardens are more sober and usually their touch of colour comes from the famous cherry trees. (Source: JamesDeMers / Pixabay)

Type of garden

Another important point is to take into consideration whether the garden is outdoor or winter. For both, tables and benches are excellent pieces of decoration, but specifically speaking of the winter ones, there is a greater investment in lighting and placing stones than in decorative pieces.

The external ones, on the other hand, have a greater decorative freedom and accept all kinds of products. However, it is important to analyze if the material in which it is made is suitable for this, since it will most likely be in constant exposure to sun and rain.

Garden size

You should also choose decorative pieces that match the size of the garden, and there are some that are more suitable for larger ones such as tables with more than four seats, large bicycles, wheelbarrows and the like.

On the other hand, these pieces are also available in small sizes. It is only necessary to think what matches the available space.

In addition, an essential point is that small gardens do not require many decorative pieces and it is worth investing in vases and stones, for example, than in statues and watering cans, for example.

Na foto um jardim de uma casa com bancos, esteira e uma mesa.

In larger gardens you can use and abuse of tables and benches, with a greater possibility of using them for leisure time. (Source: Pixabay / Pexels)


Finally, the last item to be defined is if the decoration will be more monochromatic or colorful. There are products that are made in natural wood, others are painted in various colours and it is essential to think about what you want in this regard.

If the garden has flowers worth putting pieces that match the colour of them, when it is more composed of plants any tone can be used, since the garden itself will be basic in this regard.

The important thing is to know that there are options for all tastes and styles.

(Source of highlighted image: Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay)