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A horizontal bar for the garden offers several advantages: sports equipment is usually only available in fitness studios or parks. But not everyone likes strange looks, long journeys, monthly fees or waiting time. The solution: a horizontal bar in your own garden. In our large horizontal bar for the garden test 2023 you will find all the important factors and details to find the optimal horizontal bar for you. Not only children can let off steam on the equipment. Adults also benefit from this versatile piece of sports equipment. Since many horizontal bars are height-adjustable, no family member is excluded and the sports equipment can be used again and again: Once set up, it can often be enjoyed for several years.


  • Varied training: A horizontal bar in your own garden can be used for strength, flexibility and endurance training. There are many different exercises, so there is never a dull moment.
  • For young and old: Both children and adults can use the high bar. Many of the devices are height-adjustable, so that different body sizes or the growth of the child are no hurdles.
  • Choice: Depending on the size of the garden and individual preferences, certain equipment makes more sense than others. So you can choose not only by material (steel, wood), but also by different equipment designs. People with a small garden do not have to do without a horizontal bar.

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Buying and evaluation criteria for garden horizontal bars

If you are thinking of turning your garden into an individual outdoor sports area with a horizontal bar, you should first check which device is best suited to your needs. To help you with this, we have summarised all the relevant criteria below. The following aspects are particularly important:


The height of a garden horizontal bar is especially important if many different people or children want to use the equipment. Children are growing and it would be a pity if the chosen model is already too low after a few months. Most turntables are height-adjustable. We therefore recommend that you choose such a piece of equipment. This way, both visitors and all family members can expand their sports programme. As this particular piece of sports equipment is not safe for small children, we consider a minimum height of 70cm to be sufficient. If adults also use the high bar, you should check beforehand which height is appropriate.

You should buy a height-adjustable piece of equipment so that the high bar can be used in as many different ways as possible and so that the growth of the children does not make the equipment unusable.


Fixed bars are usually made of steel. This material is weatherproof and comfortable to hold. However, there are also units that are made of wood or have a wooden frame despite the stainless steel bar. The latter is only important for optical reasons and should therefore be decided individually. A wooden bar, however, is usually only available for hanging solutions such as swing elements or trapezes. But don’t worry, both the wood and steel used are sensible and very safe materials.


In order to attach the horizontal bar in the garden firmly and, above all, safely, concreting is usually necessary. Depending on the equipment, the foundation must be let more or less into the ground, where it is then enclosed by concrete. Some people do not want to concrete. In that case, hanging solutions are an option, for example swing elements. There are also free-standing stations for indoor use that could be set up on the terrace, for example. Apart from the circumstances of constantly setting up and dismantling an indoor unit outside, the manufacturer’s specifications are essential. A purely indoor unit is not safe outdoors and should therefore never be converted.


Many garden trellis poles are supplied pre-assembled. Otherwise, easy-to-understand instructions are provided to facilitate assembly. Accessories may be necessary for swing elements, e.g. if a thick branch acts as a support. Special and inexpensive brackets are available for this. The concrete is usually bought separately. This can be done quite easily at the nearest DIY store. Whether you need a concrete mixer depends on the concrete you choose. Ask for advice at the DIY store, where you can usually even rent a mixer.


A garden horizontal bar can be used in many ways. You can use it to train your individual endurance, mobility, balance and strength. But the fun factor is not neglected either. In addition to many specific exercises, it is especially fun for children to hang on the bar and let their heads and souls dangle. From a visual point of view, the horizontal bar is also an advantage. The garden looks lively, child-friendly and individual.

A horizontal bar is versatile and trains the whole body.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before you buy a horizontal bar for the garden

You have decided to turn your garden into your own personal training space with a horizontal bar. But before you make a purchase, you should consider a few factors. This will help you avoid unnecessary expense and disappointment.

What is special about a garden horizontal bar and what advantages does it offer?

A garden horizontal bar combines various exercise possibilities for balance, strength and endurance. The fun factor is not neglected either. So you have a variety of options in just one piece of equipment. Since most of the equipment is height-adjustable, you can exercise with it for years. Siblings can work out on it for a long time despite their different body sizes and individual growth. Although there are nice extensions for some equipment, you usually don’t need anything but yourself and your body. This makes the sports equipment an attractive pastime. Since it’s right outside your door, you don’t have to travel to it, which saves you a lot of time. Spontaneous training? No problem.

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Many horizontal bars are height-adjustable. So young and old can have fun with them for many years
(Image source: / _Nik89).

What types of garden horizontal bars are there?

Single horizontal bars for the garden

Single horizontal bars consist of a single bar and are only suitable for one person. Two people not only have space problems, but also endanger their safety due to the double weight. If there is enough space, you must always pay attention to the maximum load that the horizontal bar can withstand according to the manufacturer.

  • effective individual training
  • exercises with own body weight
  • no simultaneous training possible

Double horizontal bars for the garden

Double horizontal bars are characterised by the fact that they can be used by two people at the same time. This is particularly suitable for siblings or generally people who prefer to train together. Often, the height of both bars can be adjusted independently of each other. This way, you can change certain exercises without having to rebuild first. Also, people of different heights can exercise at the same time. Some double bars can also be adjusted in their angle to each other.

  • joint exercise possible
  • both bars can usually be adjusted independently of each other
  • not very space-saving

Garden horizontal bars as swings

Horizontal bars are also available as swing elements. The bar hangs on a sturdy rope and is usually attached with hooks to a roof or a sufficiently thick tree trunk. The exercises can be extended in this way, especially with accessories such as gymnastic rings. Because it is quick and easy to attach, it can also be removed quickly, which is especially nice in small gardens. This form of garden horizontal bar is also much cheaper than fixed elements anchored in the ground. The fun factor is especially great for children because of the swing option.

  • high fun factor due to swings
  • space-saving
  • inexpensive, uncomplicated assembly and dismantling
  • Swinging movement can make certain exercises difficult
  • Robust branch or suitable canopy/support required
  • Use only by one person

Who are garden horizontal bars suitable for?

A garden horizontal bar suits all people who sometimes or regularly want to train their balance, endurance and/or strength without much effort. No matter if big or small, the exercises with your own body weight are effective for all ages and especially healthy due to the fresh air. You can also combine the training with exercises on the floor. Depending on the version, beginners as well as advanced and professional athletes will find a workout. In the video you can see some exercise variations that can be adapted according to individual fitness. Since most horizontal bars for the garden are height-adjustable, you can practise on them for years and visitors also get their money’s worth. Especially people with little time save the journey and waiting time that comes with a visit to the fitness centre or park. As a parent, for example, you can quickly jump into the garden, do the desired exercises and still be close to your sleeping baby or the schoolchild with homework.
Group of people Advantages
Children Most children love exercise and sport. A horizontal bar in your own garden is fun and keeps you fit.
Adults You save a trip to the park or gym. So parents with young children can exercise effectively at home. Depending on the exercise, the equipment is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

How much does a garden horizontal bar cost?

The price of a garden horizontal bar depends on the type of equipment. Models anchored in the ground cost considerably more than horizontal bars that you want to hang up as a swing element. If you want to have the horizontal bar as an element of an entire climbing frame, you will have to dig deepest into your pocket.
Type of equipment price range
Single horizontal bar children (anchored to the ground) € 70-100
Single horizontal bar for adults (anchored to the ground) 500-600 €
Hanging horizontal bar 37 to 50 €

The price range therefore extends from about €37 for horizontal bars as a swing element to about €80 as a fixed model and over €500 for particularly highly adjustable fixed equipment.

The price depends on the desired function: Fun factor or serious training?

Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad here, because it always depends on your individual needs. Do only children use the sports equipment or do adults also want to practice on it? Should the fun factor predominate or should serious training be possible? For the fun factor, the inexpensive swing is usually enough. Otherwise, a fixed element up to 150 centimetres makes more sense for children. If the equipment is to be used regardless of age, the higher solution is worthwhile.

Are there also height-adjustable horizontal bars for the garden?

Most horizontal bars for the garden are height-adjustable. When buying one, you should therefore make sure that you choose one that is adjustable. This way, the equipment can grow with children and young people and can be used by all family members.

As a rule, horizontal bars are height-adjustable.

Can a horizontal bar be set up in the garden without concreting?

A firm ground anchorage is only possible by concreting. However, there are alternative solutions, such as a hanging horizontal bar. This is attached to a rope with hooks, just like a swing. You then need a suitable support, e.g. a sturdy branch, a swing frame or a roof. There are also upright solutions that stand on the ground without anchoring. However, these are usually designed for indoor use and lose their safety outdoors. You should therefore always pay attention to whether the manufacturer explicitly mentions an application in the garden or outside the house.

Reckstange Garten-2

A fixed horizontal bar anchored in the ground must be concreted. But there are alternatives, for example hanging horizontal bars
(Image source: / cocoparisienne).

Are there special horizontal bars for small gardens?

In small gardens it is often not possible to set up a horizontal bar that is firmly anchored in the ground. In this case, we recommend a hanging element, i.e. a horizontal bar that is attached to ropes like a swing and held in place by a hook. For the attachment, however, it is important that the hooks can be fastened securely. For example, on a swing frame, climbing frame, tree trunk or roof. Of course, you have to make sure that the corresponding body weight can really be carried.

Can I build a horizontal bar for the garden myself?

You can also build your own horizontal bar in the garden. However, you will need a few accessories and some manual skills. The most important thing is that you end up with a safe piece of sports equipment. Therefore, you have to be very careful and should not rely on the next best instruction. Building your own equipment also takes a lot of time: you have to plan, measure, buy and only then can you start building it. Therefore, it may be more worthwhile to pay a little more and buy a ready-made and safe solution. Ultimately, however, it’s your decision. Do you think you can do the work, do you have helpers who can give you a hand and do you have the motivation to carry out this physically strenuous activity? Then you should go to the hardware store for advice and take your time to research what is needed for a beautiful and safe horizontal bar.

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