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The gaming industry has been characterised by enormous success in recent years. For example, it has benefited from average annual growth of around 12% in recent years, or a total market value of around $148 billion in 2019 alone.

The still ongoing Corona pandemic is also keeping people at home and giving the gaming industry an additional boost once again. But as the gaming industry itself and the consoles and computers needed for it continue to evolve, so do the accessories that go with them. This also applies to the tables that are needed as a foundation for every set-up. But what is there to consider when it comes to gaming tables?


  • Gaming tables can improve the overall experience of leisure activities and be very helpful in many aspects
  • Today, there are numerous features and improvements for a gaming table, but it is up to each individual to decide which criteria to consider
  • What there is to know about gaming tables and the most important questions and answers

The Best Gaming Table: Our Picks

Buying and rating criteria for gaming tables

As already mentioned, the perfect gaming table always depends on the demands of the user. Nevertheless, there are some criteria that will usually always be relevant when buying a gaming table.

So here is a list of what are usually the most important buying criteria:

Of course, the relevance of the purchase criteria always depends entirely on the use. Nevertheless, we would like to briefly discuss the most important points of the purchase criteria.


Before you rush into the shop or examine the websites of all online suppliers of gaming tables, you should first of all know what should actually go on the gaming table. Nowadays, the first question that comes to mind is: console or computer? The necessary accessories can vary greatly depending on the gamer’s preferences.

For example, consoles are usually played on TVs and require far fewer cables than a computer, which is usually controlled via a desktop and requires more cables. Once you know this, everything else can be planned.


The size of the gaming table depends first and foremost on the available space. Apart from that, it also depends on the layout and how big the screen or how many screens you want to have on the table.

The perfect gaming table should never be too short or too narrow. You should think carefully in advance about what should be on the table in the end. Therefore, it is better to go for a slightly larger size than one that is too small.


There are, of course, numerous options when it comes to furnishings. Here, too, it all depends on the user’s requirements. Smaller features such as cup holders, headset holders or cable passages at the back of the table are usually essential and make a good gaming table.

Nevertheless, there are of course always other solutions or starting points for a gaming table and therefore here is a checklist of the equipment options for a gaming table that you can consider whether they should be included or not.

  • Drink holder
  • Headset holder
  • Controller holder
  • Additional storage space under the tabletop
  • Height adjustability
  • Cable outlets
  • Built-in USB ports or other alternative connections in the tabletop
  • Continuous integrated cable cover for cable management
  • different shelf heights (e.g. for additional monitors)

Other equipment options are of course also possible and can be added after the purchase depending on your own criteria; there are no limits to your creativity. Here, however, you should have found most of them.


When it comes to the design of the table, the focus is often not on the functionality of the table but on personal preferences. Of course, you are completely free to choose the colour and the shape of the table is best tested to see if you feel comfortable with it. However, you should make sure that the edges of the table are rounded, if not upholstered.

Rounded edges, where the arms rest, provide better comfort in the long run and are more pleasant. Padding is merely recommended, but today there are often keyboards that already have padding for the forearms.


When it comes to the material, the most important thing to look for is stability and durability. Stable legs and robust material are the optimal prerequisites for a good gaming table. The table should also be able to withstand the necessary weight.

The surface of the tabletop is also particularly important, and it should be suitable for the use of the mouse. If this is not the case, a separate mouse pad should be used. It is also important that the surface is easy to clean in order to relieve the user of a little work.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about gaming tables answered in detail

Now we will answer the most frequently asked questions about gaming tables. Of course, we cannot answer every question on the internet, but we have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions. We hope we were able to answer your question(s) as well.

What is a gaming table and what is the difference between it and a normal desk?

Basically, the biggest difference between a normal desk and a gaming desk is the specific accessories. That means things like cup holders, LED lights or other elements that a normal desk usually doesn’t have.

Gaming Tisch

An appealing gaming setup where the computer tower is even placed on the table. (Image source: Balkouras Nicos /

However, there are often differences in materials as well. While normal office desks are usually kept rustic and are usually made of wood, plastic or metal, gaming desks are often a little more elaborate and versatile.

It is not uncommon to find steel, carbon or a special coating on the tabletop. Gaming tables are also often more stable than other desks and the legs of gaming tables are usually more stable and also made of more robust materials.

What does a gaming table cost?

We would now like to go into a little more detail about the price classifications of the tables presented above. Here is a list of the respective products and the corresponding prices.

Price range Available products
Low-priced 50-130€ Usually simpler products with few features
Mid-priced 130-250€ Already significantly better quality, some features, already nice designs available
High-priced from 250€ Usually top quality, many features, nice design, usually height-adjustable etc.

Of course, the price classification already suggests a lot. You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to get a good gaming table, but you definitely can if you want to. There’s no end to the features and materials you can have on a table these days, so the price is always relatively wide open.

However, you should consider what benefit you can really derive from the features in the end or whether it would be more of a gimmick and only decide on a product after good consideration.


Clutter on the desk can affect the ability to concentrate, whether it is even consciously noticed or not. This can of course reduce the gaming experience and that alone should be reason enough for a gaming desk. Gaming tables are a definite relief for any gamer in many respects.

They provide a more comfortable feeling when playing and automatically create better order with their features. By facilitating cable management, it also beautifies the environment itself and thanks to today’s fancy designs, a modern gaming table can even be a real eye-catcher in any flat or house.

(Cover photo: Balkouras Nicos / unsplash)