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These days, video games are truly works of art, both in terms of their video and audio. To fully enjoy the experience it is no longer enough to simply have a very powerful computer or console. Now you also need to have a number of accessories to get the maximum possible experience.

For this reason, gaming headsets have become an essential accessory, not only to enjoy high-quality sound but also to be able to communicate with other players. This is vital when playing in coop mode, where being able to coordinate properly with others is fundamental.


  • Gaming headsets are devices specifically designed to allow you to get the most out of video games, and with features that have this in mind.
  • Gaming headsets are fundamental not only to enjoy high-quality sound while playing but also to be able to communicate with other players online.
  • Don’t be fooled by fancy or over-the-top designs with lots of bells and whistles. The most important thing is good sound quality.

The Best Gaming Headsets: Our picks

Below we have ranked the best gamer headsets currently available on the market. In compiling the list, we tried to select as wide a variety of items as possible, while maintaining a good price-quality ratio for all products.

Shopping Guide: Everything you need to know about gaming headsets

When buying headset for gaming it is essential that you keep a number of important factors in mind. Don’t forget that there are various models of gaming headset, each specifically designed for a different use. Given all this, in this section we will address some of the most frequently asked questions from those looking to buy gaming headset.

Gaming headset

Gaming headphones give you a more immersive experience. (Source: Drobot: 108963667/

What are gaming headsets exactly?

In general terms, headsets are electronic devices that convert electronic signals into acoustic signals, which are then produced by speakers next to the ears. Gaming headset specifically have targeted design features to provide the best audio experience while playing video games.

Did you know that gaming headset give a more comfortable, ergonomic experience? In this way, it makes it possible to play video games for longer periods of time.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of gaming headset?

Having a gaming headset has a number of important advantages. They let you enjoy a more immersive and better experience when playing video games.

Advantages Disadvantages
They let you have a more immersive and generally better experience. Prolonged use can cause hearing problems.
Better ergonomics and isolating effect compared to conventional headphones. Involve a greater economic investment, especially for high-end equipment.
They generally have an inbuilt microphone, in order to let you communicate with other players. This feature is particularly relevant if playing games online.
You won’t have to worry about music or sound from the game bothering your family or housemates.
You’ll enjoy 7.1 or 5.1 sound, which give you an important competitive advantage.  

Who should buy a gaming headset?

There are many reasons you may wish to buy a gaming headset. For starters, you may want a gaming headset with an inbuilt microphone in order to play increasingly popular online games. This will mean you can communicate with the other players in order to coordinate and discuss tactics.

Another key reason to use this accessory could be to isolate yourself from your environment. Or alternatively you may wish to isolate your surroundings from the sound of your game. After all, external noise can be as annoying to you as the music and sound effects of your favourite game are for the people who live with you.

Gaming headset

Good quality sound is essential to enjoy the gaming experience.
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What types of gaming headsets are there?

When it comes to gaming headsets, there are open and closed types. The former are those which do not completely isolate external noise and allow a significant amount of the sound to escape. The latter, on the other hand, are designed to isolated sound in both directions.

In between the two are semi-open headphones, which are perhaps the best option to play modern video games. In order to understand the differences between each type, check the table of major characteristics below.

Open headphones Closed headphones
Casing The external part of the casing is open. The external part of the casing is closed.
Frequencies The sound is much better quality at medium and high frequencies. They give more depth at lower frequencies.
Quality of sound Offer a much more realistic sound: the listening experience is more natural. They somewhat adulterate or disturb the original sound.
Noise cancellation They don’t completely isolate outside sound and emit some sound from the headphones. Much better isolation from outside noise, allowing a greater feeling of immersion.
Risk of auditory fatigue Lower risk of auditory fatigue or sweating after prolonged use of several hours. Can cause auditory (hearing) fatigue after long gaming sessions.
Weight Generally lighter than closed headphones. Their closed design makes them much heavier.

What’s the difference between stereo sound, 7.1 sound and 5.1 sound in headsets?

When choosing a gaming headset, quality of sound is undoubtedly the most important criteria. In order to make a sensible decision in this respect, it is vital to know the difference between the different industry standards.

You should know that 5.1 sound headphones offer a much more powerful and realistic quality of sound compared to others.

They have five speakers in each ear, achieving complete immersion. 7.1 sound headphones, on the other hand, emulate 5.1 surround sound using software. In this case, the USB connection to the PC or console generates the surround sound effect and the feeling of immersion. Finally, stereo sound is played through two or more channels.

Gaming headset

Thanks to gaming headphones, you can enjoy your favourite games without disturbing your neighbours.
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Is it worth buying a gaming headset with surround sound?

This will depend on the type of game you are playing. If the games you like to play involve technology that encodes multichannel sound in real time, having surround sound can be a big advantage. One example of this is Dolby Atmos technology.

In some genres, the gaming experience is greatly influenced by the quality of the audio, such as first-person or third-person shooter games. On the other hand, if you like playing 2D platform games, surround sound in your headset will make very little difference to you.

Paul O’KeefeHead of the Department of Psychology, University of Stanford
“Educational games may be able to address key classroom issues by putting students in  mood conducive to learning, instead of worrying about how smart they look.”

Shopping Criteria

When buying a gaming headset, it is important to take certain criteria into account. To help you with the selection process, we have identified what we think are the most important factors. We hope that this will help to guide you in your purchasing decision, and be able to settle on the best choice in terms of both quality and price.


Currently, there are a wide variety of connection options for headsets in general, and for those for gamers in particular. These range from the traditional connection by a 3.5 mm jack or USB ports to connections via Bluetooth.

In the past, Bluetooth connections meant both a loss of audio quality and a higher latency. However, current models have solved both issues fairly well, meaning they have become a great option. They are more comfortable, do not involve annoying cables and offer greater freedom of movement.

Eimear NooneConductor and video game composer
“I believe that music in video games is becoming a musical genre in itself and that it is beginning to be recognised all over the world.”


The impedance, measured in ohms, is the resistance the headphones give to the electric current passing through. The impedance is, therefore, an indication of their power capacity. Thus, headphones with low impedance can become overloaded and generate noise.

To play video games, the recommended impedance range is between 16 and 60 ohms. In this range you can use them on any device, be it a console, a computer or even a mobile phone, without experiencing any power problems or uncomfortable and distracting noises.


For USB or wireless headphones, the digital signal needs to be converted to an analog one. This means that the integrated circuit responsible for this transformation has a fundamental impact on sound quality. Specifically, the component responsible for this conversion is the DAC (Digital to Analog Converter).

The signal-to-noise ratio and the total harmonic distortion indicate the quality of the DAC, and therefore the quality of sound. When it comes to signal-to-noise ratio, the best headphones are at least 130 dB in stereo. As far as the harmonic distortion is concerned, you want it to be as low as possible.

Gaming headset

Gaming headphones are made specifically for gamers. (Source: Artush: 38483640/


The design of your gaming headset is critical, and not just because you want to look good in it. A circumaural design (one which completely covers the outside of the ear) is most suitable for gaming. However, ultimately the choice of one type of design or another will depend, to a large extent, on your personal taste.

In any case, our recommendation is to not be fooled by fancy designs and colourful lights. Remember that for headsets, above all, the most important thing is the quality of the sound. And of course comfort! Therefore, look for ergonomic designs from quality brands.

Weight and size

Our advice is to opt for headphones that are as light as possible, thus minimising the risk of headaches. This will also reduce the tension in the neck, one of the most common annoyances after long gaming sessions. Also, the lighter and smaller they are, the easier it will be to transport them.


If you opt for a Bluetooth headset, you will need to have enough battery to support long game sessions. This means that ideally you will choose ones with a battery life of at least eight or ten hours. Of course, keep in mind that the more battery, the greater the weight of the headphones.

Headsets with an option to turn off the lights to increase the battery life can also be advantageous. You should also check load to save yourself from long waiting times.

Recuerda que si se acaba la batería, siempre podrás utilizar la conexión por cable.


A fundamental element of the gaming headsets of course is the microphone. Firstly, it is important to make sure you have a noise cancellation system, as well as audio control. This means you can avoid interference or annoying noises in the middle of the game and communication will be much cleaner.

It can also be a good idea to choose a microphone with anti-pop foam to avoid air shocks such those produced from the syllables p and b. On the other hand, some models come with a removable microphone, so you can take it off when not need. This is a really hand option, making it easy to use the headset in different situations and contexts.


Headsets for gamers are becoming increasingly trendy. These are specifically designed for gaming, with certain features geared to create an ideal experience while playing video games. They also come in some really great designs. However, choosing the right model is not just about the funkiest design with cool flashing lights.

When it comes to headsets, without a doubt the most important thing is that they offer great sound quality and that they are also as comfortable as possible to support the long gaming sessions. If you opt for a wireless model, make sure that they have sufficient battery life. Of course, you should not ignore other factors such as the brand and the price.

Finally, if you think that this guide has been helpful, please leave us a comment or share it through with your network.

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