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The gamer chair is suitable for those who spend hours in front of the computer playing videogames, as well as for those who prioritise comfort when working from home office or studying through distance education.

Among the differentials of a gamer chair are the ergonomic adjustments, quality materials and sophisticated finishing. Continue reading to understand the differentials of this model and learn how to choose the perfect gamer chair for your routine.


  • You can find gamer chair models with different levels of qualities. Ideally, you should analyse the material used in the frame and upholstery, foam density, coating and other components to choose the ideal chair.
  • With a gamer chair, you can enjoy hours of gaming or work without having to change your body position constantly, resulting in greater concentration and productivity in your daily tasks.
  • The gamer chair has a high price in relation to a common office chair. You will find models on sale for prices that vary between 100 GBP and 200 GBP.

The best Gamer Chair: Our Picks

Buying guide: everything you need to know about a gaming chair

The time you spend sitting in front of your computer or video game can compromise your health in the short, medium and long term. So, prioritise your health and comfort by buying a gaming chair, the subject of this exclusive buying guide.

Imagem de uma mulher jogando.

Ergonomic features differentiate the gamer chair from a regular chair. (Source: RODNAE Productions/

Is it worth investing in a gamer chair?

The gamer chair is the model that best accommodates your body, because you can support your hip bones, lumbar spine, cervical spine and head, besides elbows and feet in a 90º angle in relation to the floor.

But the gamer chair should be compatible with your height and weight and adjusted according to the anatomy of your body.

Because of the comfort offered, the gamer chair ensures that your body spends long hours in the same position, without you suffering from the problems arising from poor posture as back pain or sore muscles.

The gaming chair helps to increase concentration and productivity and the results are noticeable in the quality of study, work or leisure. When well taken care of, the gamer chair can last for many years, because it has superior quality to conventional models.

What are the advantages of buying a gaming chair?

There are a number of benefits associated with the purchase of a gaming chair, as you can see in the list below:

  • Improvement in the posture: an inadequate chair or of low quality can cause discomfort, muscular pains, pains in the backs and inadequate posture. All these problems are solved with a gamer chair.
  • Productivity Gain: when well adjusted, the gamer chair provides the comfort you need to concentrate on long virtual games or hours of work or study without distractions.
  • Immersive environment: to set up your office or gamer setup, you need a gamer chair, a work table and a support for your notebook, this way, ergonomics will be one of the strong points of your study, work or leisure environment.

Should I buy a gamer chair or an office chair?

In theory, the gaming chair and the office chair are intended for different audiences, but in practice, both models are suitable for those who spend many hours seated.

When compared, the differences are enormous. To begin with, the traditional office chair has a sober design, while the gamer chair has a modern design.

Regarding ergonomics, although the office chair offers some resources, these are very simple when compared to a gamer chair. Therefore, we recommend the gaming chair even for traditional workers who are setting up a home office.

When it comes to price range, the office chair offers the advantage of being cheaper, a basic model costs around 150 GBP.

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Although the gamer is designed for electronic game players, anyone can use it. (Source: ELLA DON/

How should your body be accommodated in a gamer chair?

We mentioned earlier that the gamer chair has numerous adjustments related to ergonomics, but it is crucial that you adapt the chair to the characteristics of your body and the result is as described below:

  • The knees should be aligned with the hip bones and the feet should be completely supported on the floor, forming a 90º angle.
  • A distance of one to four fingers should be established between the end of the chair seat and the back of the knees.
  • The buttocks should be supported by the hip bones at the bottom of the chair and the lumbar spine should remain in contact with the backrest of the chair.
  • The elbows should always be resting on the backrest for the arms.

Purchase criteria: how to find the best gamer chair of the moment

With the popularity of the gamer chair, it is common to find several models and brands that can confuse the consumer at the time of purchase. But although they are similar, each gamer chair has its own characteristics that can completely change the consumer experience. To find the perfect model, analyse the characteristics listed below:

Available budget

Those who wish to buy a gaming chair should set a maximum budget for the purchase, as there is a wide range of models in a variety of price ranges, from 100 GBP to 150 GBP – although you will find more expensive models that can reach 400 GBP.

Those who want to save money need to choose a gaming chair that uses plastic in some components such as wheel base, piston or seat frame. These features do not influence the quality of the chair, but they greatly decrease the value of the product.

Adjustments offered

We recommend that you analyse all the adjustments offered in your gamer chair. The ideal is that you choose a model that presents regulation in the seat and back of the chair, and makes possible adjustment of the height of the feet. The main adjustments offered in a gaming chair are:

  • Adjusting the Height of the Chair Armrests
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Backrest inclination adjustment
  • Swinging system
  • Placing and removing the lumbar and cervical cushion

Some models offer a seat that reclines up to 180 degrees, ideal for those who want to relax while watching a movie or participating in a round of games, but models like this are usually more expensive.


When it comes to the material of the gamer chair, you should analyse both the material used in the structure of the chair, as well as the seat.

A gamer chair with an internal metal structure offers greater strength and durability compared to a chair with a plastic structure.

In relation to the seat, you should analyze the density of the foam, being that the foam D45 is excellent for these chairs. Also analyze the covering that can be in synthetic leather, legitimate leather, fabric or a combination of materials.

Size of the chair and supported weight

It is important that you know that the gamer chair possesses robust dimensions. In this sense, it is fundamental to analyse the width, height and depth of the assembled chair and verify if the model in question is compatible with the available space.

Regarding the weight supported, most of the models support up to 120 Kg or 150 Kg. In case you need a slightly more resistant model, prioritize a gamer XL chair, which supports up to 180 Kg.


Another differential of a gamer chair is the modern design. You can choose from a sober option, only in black leather to models that combine black leather with coloured details in green, yellow, pink, orange, red, blue, white, purple or coloured.

You can also find printed options. The ideal is that you choose a gamer chair compatible with your personal style and with the decoration of the environment, whether for a gamer desk or for a conventional office.

Imagem de uma cadeira gamer.

You can find gamer chair models with discreet and eye-catching designs. (Source: Kadyn Pierce/

Additional features

Besides the lumbar and neck cushion, you can find gamer chair models with several interesting features such as 180-degree reclining seat, footrest, RGB lighting or even speakers built into the upholstery. The more additional features, the more expensive the product.


By reading this article, you have understood that the gamer chair is an indispensable item both for those who enjoy video games and for those who work or study at home, as it promotes good posture.

But to find the best gamer chair, you need to evaluate the purchase criteria that we have detailed in this article. Use these criteria to analyse the products listed in our shopping section and find the perfect gamer chair for you.

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