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Welcome to todays test, where you can find reviews about the hottest erotic items on the market. And if you’re looking for a great option to explore new fantasies with your partner, have you thought about a gag?

Used to restrict mouth movements and limit speech ability, gags are excellent options for those looking to spice up the relationship and explore the world of domination and submission.

And the variety of gag models is enormous. To learn more about this erotic toy, be sure to check out our article with all the details you need to make the ideal choice.


  • It is important to pay attention to the size of the gag so that it is not too uncomfortable.
  • Gags made of rigid material can cause injury to teeth and gums.
  • When using a gag, remember to agree on a safety sign. This way, if it is uncomfortable, your partner can safely remove it.

The Best Gag: Our Picks

The market for erotic products in Brazil has had a very rapid growth in recent years, either in physical shops or through e-commerce. With a greater number of options, it also becomes more difficult to choose the best model among so many products.

With that in mind, we have prepared a ranking especially for you to see some of the best gags on the market and choose which one best fits your fantasies.

Buying Guide

There are several types of gags, each one designed for a more specific fantasy, so it is important to know more about each one and choose one or more that fit your fantasies.

To help you understand more about each one, the main differences between the models and which is the best and most comfortable, check out our Buying Guide so that you can make the most of it without any health risks for you or your partner.

Imagem de mordaça com bola respirável preta e algemas.

Gags can be used with various other erotic items to explore new fantasies. (Source: lucialasprilla / Pixabay)

What is a gag?

Gags have been around since ancient times and are used to restrict the power of speech. Despite their dark past, today they have evolved and are widely used in the BDSM (acronym for Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism and Masochism) scenario or by couples looking to spice up their sexual relationship with erotic toys.

Redesigned, they are now much more comfortable. Of course, there is still an uncomfortable factor that is usually related to these practices, but the erotic models have subtle adjustments and shapes so that the gags can be used more safely.

It is possible to find gags produced in various types of materials and many are included in different BDSM kits, such as collars, nipple clamps and handcuffs. With so much variety, all you have to do is choose which one best suits your desires.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of gags?

Gags are excellent options to help restrict and muffle speech, moans or screams.

They are also a great option for those who are starting out in the world of BSDM, as they have several models to explore different types of fantasy and control over the sexual experience.

Imagem de mordaça que imobiliza os pés.

Using the gag is a way to spice up the sexual relationship. (Source: lightfieldstudios / 123RF)

However, it is very important to note some disadvantages. Gags can cause discomfort and cramps during use.

Depending on the model, they can cause damage to teeth and softer gags usually cost more than stiff models, which are generally more uncomfortable.

  • Helps to restrict and muffle speech, moans or screams
  • They are a great option for those who are beginning in the world of BDSM
  • They have several models to explore different types of fantasies
  • They can cause discomfort and cramps during use
  • Depending on the model, they can cause damage to the teeth
  • Softer models usually cost more expensive than the rigid ones

What are the different types of gags?

There are four main types of erotic gags available on the market today. The most common is the Wiffle Gag, soft models that are ideal for beginners. They allow breathing while attached and can be found in an intermediate price range.

Also very common, Ball Gags are those with a ball that may or may not be breathable. They are perfect for more experienced people, help restrict speech and are the cheapest models on the market.

And, for more experienced couples in BDSM, the ring-shaped gags, such as Ring and Spider Gags, make the mouth open, making them ideal for oral sex.

The Ring models can be found in a good price range and the Spider, for an aesthetic issue, usually cost more. For more details, check out our comparative table below.

Wiffle Gag Ball Gag Ring Gag Spider Gag
Indication for use Soft, they are ideal for beginners Perfect for more experienced people They are more recommended for oral sex For more experienced partners in BDSM
Features Allows breathing while attached Restricts speech Forces the mouth to stay open Besides keeping the mouth open, it offers better aesthetics
Price They are in an intermediate price range They are the cheapest models on the market They can be found in a good price range These models cost a little more

How much does it cost?

The price of ball gags may vary a lot according to the material they are made of and the model. Ball Gags, which are the most traditional model, can be found from £ 1.34 to £ 6.68.

More complex models, or those which incorporate handcuffs, collars or other features cost more, and can be found in a price range that varies from £ 6.68 to £ 26.72, with some of them costing even more depending on the material.

So that you have a better idea about the prices, the gags displayed in our ranking cost from £ 5.34  to £ 20.04.

Purchase Criteria: What to consider before buying a Gag

Gags are a great erotic toy that can be used in conjunction with other items, and are also a good option for those who are entering this world or just want a different experience and explore a more specific domination fantasy.

However, it is necessary to take some care and choose well which is the best model so that there is no unnecessary discomfort and risks to the safety of those involved. Therefore, we have separated some criteria to which you should be aware before making your purchase.

Check carefully each one of the topics below to make the most of a good night of pleasure with safety and responsibility.


The most important factor that you should consider when choosing a gag is the material in which it is produced, mainly because it can vary a lot from one model to another. The cheapest and most traditional ones are hard plastic balls, which can be uncomfortable for inexperienced practitioners.

To enjoy a good fantasy without giving up comfort, there are great options in leather, silicone and padded models, which allow biting without hurting the teeth and which adapt more easily to the mouth.

In the case of gags with rings, they are usually produced in silicone or metal. In these models, it is very important to take special care in placing them so as not to damage the lips and gums.


Size is also very important and it may vary a lot from one model to another. In BDSM, discomfort and pain may be part of the experience, but for safety, it is advisable to take special care with this factor.

For beginners, start with smaller gags and try increasing the size gradually. The larger the gag, the more it will restrict speech and sounds during intercourse. However, the greater the discomfort.

Regardless of the size of the gag you choose, always remember that if worn for too long, they can cause discomfort, cramps, or even more serious jaw injuries.

Imagem de acessórios sexuais, mordaça, algemais, chicote e outros.

Gags can heat up your sexual relationship with a touch of submission and domination. (Source: Andrii Dragan / 123RF)

Type of closure

In any sexual fantasy, safety is one of the primary factors. So, when choosing which gag is best, you should consider the closure system. Gags can be attached by restraints, buckles or Velcro.

Velcro is certainly the easiest to release. Tie-down ones allow for greater flexibility of choice and buckle ones can be adjusted more simply, ensuring both security and the certainty that the gag will not come loose on its own.


Gags can accompany various other sex toys. It is very common to find them attached to collars and handcuffs, for example. Another very common accessory are nipple clamps, attached to the gag through chains.

Some gags also include a dildo, uniting an oral sex experience with penetration. In short, there are many ways to include gags in a more complete and intense BDSM session, where the limit is your imagination.

(Source of the highlighted image: Andrii Dragan / 123RF)