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Hello and welcome to ReviewBox! Characters in a story are very important to get us hooked on new adventures, to make us fall in love with people who will never exist in real life, to inspire us and admire the actions they perform and even, characters can be good teachers of life lessons.

Are you a fan of TV series, movies or comics? Chances are that when you were a child, there was a character that impacted your life and made you a follower of a particular story, or that as a teenager and young adult you began to consume new stories that changed your way of thinking. All because of a character.

At ReviewBox we care that you are really informed about the products you are most interested in, so you can always count on a very complete review to guide your purchase. Without further ado, would you like the possibility of having all your favourite characters in one place? Let’s get to the review.

The most important things

  • Funko Pop are collectible action figures, they feature a wide variety of characters from different fandoms of TV series, movies, comics and even real life characters such as musicians, athletes and even royalty. Can you believe it?
  • There are several types of Funko Pop collectible figures such as: Regular, Chase, Glow in the Dark and Black and White to name a few. Each of the types has unique features, their design aims to update and soften the typical action figure or give it a sense of adventure and movement.
  • The most important factors you need to consider when buying a Funko Pop are the design of your favourite character, the various categories the company offers and deciding which character you like the most, the materials, the position of the character and the rarity of the product.

The best Funko Pop: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about Funko Pops

Here we will explain what a Funko Pop is and what features it has, as well as its advantages, price and where to buy it. In other words, everything you need to guide you in your purchase. Take note of this information so that when you are choosing a model you know exactly what to expect.

A very popular Funko is Jon Snow and you can also get a version of his direwolf Phantom. (Photo: raketen_petra /

What is Funko Pop and what are its advantages?

Funko Pop is a collectible action figure of various characters both fictional and real. They have gained a lot of popularity among users because of their design which can be understood as cute. They have a larger head than the whole body and are almost always dressed in the classic attire they wear in the series and movies.

Funko Pop encompasses almost all fictional characters and transcends the copyright barrier by allowing it to make figures from rival companies such as DC Comics and Marvel. This gives Funko figures a universality in terms of available characters. But it doesn’t stop there, it also makes figures of real people.

The main advantage of the Funko Pop is that it is a highly collectible item and many of us are really happy to hold one in our hands and treasure it. It’s like having a little piece of that character we love so much in our hands. By the way, did you know that there is a Prince Harry Funko Pop?

Another advantage of Funko Pop is that they can be used to decorate bedrooms, studios, offices and even living rooms. What could be better than having your favourite villain or artist on the bureau next to your bed? Or on the living room table? We know that many of you will agree with us to put them as decoration.

  • Add numbers to the figurine collection
  • Decorate office or home spaces
  • Price
  • Easy access to many models
  • No practical use
  • Rare models can cost a lot of money

Funko Pop Regular, Chase, Glow in the Dark or Black and White – what should you look out for?

Within the Funko Pop models there are different types and each has its own characteristics. Although there is no difference between the characters that can appear in one or the other type, the textures, colours and positions of the characters do change.

Regular. This type of Funko Pop is the most common format and the one that started it all. The figures have the most basic form of the character, that is to say, they are not performing any specific movement or in any iconic pose.

Chase. This type of Funko Pop is very similar to the “Regular” but with the variant that the same character is doing a movement or an iconic pose. The box is also printed with the Pop!

Glow in the Dark logo printed on the box. As the name says, this Funko glows in the dark, nothing more and nothing less. It is made of material that glows when there is no light and can be seen. These types of Funkos are even more amazing when they have phosphorescent colours.

Black and White. The Black and White type has the same characters as the other Funkos but with the characteristic that they are not painted in colour, but in black and white making them even more attractive and to a certain extent, giving them a touch of class.

Funko Pop Regular Funko Pop Chace Funko Pop Glow in the Dark Funko Pop Black and White
Position Natural Making specific movement or pose Natural or making movement Natural
Colour Character specific colours Character specific colours Phosphorescent colours Black and White
Materials Plastic Glow in the dark plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic

What about the exclusivity of Funko Pops, how do you get exclusives?

There are Funko Pop models that are not available for sale everywhere and can only be obtained under certain circumstances. These include mystery boxes, specialised shops and exclusive conventions. Collectors fight over a Funko with these characteristics.

Mystery Boxes. Also known as Mystery Boxes, these boxes have the particularity that it is not known for sure which character is included. This dynamic was launched in 2015 and only characters from Marvel, DC Comics, Disney and Star Wars were introduced. A real gem for collectors.

Some Funkos are so rare that the price being demanded for them is stratospheric. (Photo: Mirko_Moskatelli /

Shop Exclusive. These Funko Pop are the ones that were made for specific shops and can only be obtained in that place. These Funkos have the particularity that on the box there is the legend “Hottopic”, “Game”, “Walreens” or even “Walmart”.

Conventions. These are the most exclusive and sought after Funko Pops by collectors, those that were only released for conventions such as San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic-Con, Funkoween or Comikaze Expo.

An example of a display case with Funkos. (Photo: kipgodi /

Buying criteria

Finally, we will go through the different factors you need to consider when choosing the shirt you like the most. It is very important that you remember this information as it can make the difference between being happy with your purchase or ending up dissatisfied with it.

Fandom and personal taste

The most important factor when buying a Funko Pop is basically your taste, just as you read it. Many times we get carried away by the exclusivity of the Funko or the pressure of people around us to buy a specific one, but if you don’t like the theme, what’s the point of having it? We explain some themes to guide you.

Fantasy. Characters from series or books in a fantasy world like Middle Earth or Westeros. If you’re a fan of these stories, having a themed collection doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Can you imagine how it would look in your gaming room?

Superheroes. Maybe superheroes are your thing and if that’s the case then acquiring Marvel or DC Comics collections can be very appealing to you. Nothing like a uniform collection of characters.

Anime – what can we say, if Japanese animation is your thing then you can’t pass up the opportunity to build up your collection of these characters. Besides, the designs are so different that they somehow fit together, don’t you think?


The controversial topic, is it worth investing in a Funko Pop with rarity? The answer is we don’t know, maybe yes or maybe no. What we are very aware of is that, should you acquire one, you will be part of a select group of Funko Pop owners. And that is priceless.

However, if your interest is not in collecting then it is not worth mortgaging your life to get one, after all, everyone gets what interests them and if you find a rare one you don’t feel the need to buy it just because.

Position of the character

This is for users who look for every detail and take into account the changes between character positions. There is a difference between acquiring a static character and acquiring one by doing a secret move. But in the end, it’s a matter of taste, natural position or moving position.

Normal. It’s the position where your Funko will just be standing there staring at nothing. Just like when you find out that the person you like is dating someone else. Generally this position is used for Regular Funko Pop types and when you line them all up, you can’t help but think they’re shaped like they were in school.

On the move. Doing a Kame Hame Ha or running a race or about to start a battle, Funkos in this position are visually interesting and if you like to remember specific moments of your favourite character, these are your best choice. Besides, we all love to remember the key moments of our favourite characters.

Character numbers in the collection

Also, a very important factor is that when you buy your Funko Pop we recommend that you see if there are more companion characters than the one you are interested in, they can be from the same series or the same universe. This will give you the opportunity to buy the complete collection.

Materials they are made of

Finally, the materials your Funko Pop is made of is a factor you need to consider when making your purchase. Why? Because it depends on this whether they are shiny or glow in the dark, or whether they can simply move their head or remain static. You decide what you want your Funko to look like.

Phosphorescent material. This is the one that allows the Funko Pop to glow in the dark so you can turn off your light whenever you want and still see it. For many this is something incredible and we would die for one of our favourite character.

Plush material. The ones with plush material resemble stuffed animals but they are still Funkos, there are some models that have this material and if they were already cute with the giant head, add this and we melt with love.

So now you know, the next time you are about to buy your Funko Pop, remember everything you learned in this review so you can guide you in your purchase. We hope you can soon be enjoying that Funko Pop you want so much and we look forward to seeing you in our next review. See you next time!

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