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Some people love cooking, others don’t have time, or others just can’t seem to grasp how to do it properly. These days, there are lots of appliances that can facilitate cooking and make even the novices of the cookery world able to turn out tasty dishes. A fryer is no exception to this rule – they’re quick and easy to use and you’ll have a delicious dinner every time!

Fryers come in many shapes and sizes, you can buy one big enough for the whole family, or one small enough for just one or two people. Some more traditional models use oil and some, the more modern ones, apt for those who want to eat fried food but in a healthy way, use little or even no oil! Whatever the case may be, there is definitely a fryer out there for you. We’ve got you covered with this ultimate guide, where we have rankings of the best fryers on the market, reviews of these products, and lots of hints, tips and info so you can choose the best one for you. Let’s get started!


  • Fryers are small appliances that are used to fry different types of food. The main advantage is that they allow you to fry food evenly and you don’t have to worry about the food sticking to the bottom of a frying pan.
  • There are so many styles and designs of deep fryers in the UK. The majority of them are similar, but there are others which vary quite a lot. In this guide, you’ll learn lots about fryers so by the end you’ll be able to think about the features that you want your fryer to have.
  • Make sure that you don’t pay over the odds for a fryer, just because it is a by a brand that you know.
  • The size of your potential fryer should depend on how many people you cook for. Don’t get one that’s too big because you’ll end up wasting electricity, which is bad for the environment and your bills.

The best fryers: Our Picks

We’ve had a look at the fryers on the market, analysed prices and customer reviews, and come up with this comprehensive list of the best in the UK. You can see each of our favourite fryers in this selection below, alongside a little description of each product. We’re certain that by the end of this ranking and this guide, you will have chosen the perfect fryer for you!

Past Product Reviews

Aigostar Ushas 30JPN Deep Fryer (3 Litres, 2200W)

First up we have this deep fryer by Aigostar. This is a three-litre fryer so perfect for a family. It is safe since it has a lid so there is no splashing of hot oil, and the lid has a viewing window so there’s no need to lift it every time you want to check on the food. This is perfect because you won’t have to worry about the appliance losing heat when you open the lid to check on the food.

The thermostatic knob offers a temperature range of 130°C to 190°C. The dimensions are 43.4cm x 28cm x 24.6cm so, once again, this fryer is perfect for a large family as it will hold enough oil so you can cook food for everyone.

Tower T17023 Air Fryer with Rapid Air Circulation System (2.2 Litres, 1000W)

Next up we have this easy to clean, dishwasher safe Air Fryer by Tower. This fryer is healthier than the standard fryers because it uses rapid circulation technology and a low-calorie cooking spray, so you can fry without excess fat. You can, therefore, create many dishes very easily, with only a tiny bit of oil!

You can cook chips in 12 minutes, sausages in 10 minutes and chips in 10 minutes – tasty! What’s more, this fryer is safe as it shuts off automatically after the food has cooked to prevent it from overcooking and it has overheat protection for your peace of mind.

Swan SD6040N Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer (3 Litres, 2000W)

Now we have this deep fat fryer by Swan. This has a viewing window so you don’t have to keep lifting the lid up to check on the food. It is also cool to the touch so there’s no chance of you burning yourself. The variable temperature control allows you to fry as much as you like and control the temperature with an easy temperature gauge.

What’s more, this deep fat fryer is compact and stylish. It’s black and has stainless steel sides and at only 41cm x 22cm x 26cm, it will easily fit on your kitchen counter and it won’t take up too much space, but with a three-litre oil capacity, it’s still a good size, and perfect for a family.

Pro Breeze Air Fryer (4.2 Litres, 1400W)

Now we have this air fryer by Pro Breeze. Pro Breeze is a world leader in home appliances, and it is internationally renowned for its exceptional value. This fryer is perfect if you don’t want to cook your food in lots of oil and you want a healthier option since it uses a cyclone of rapidly heated air to cook healthy low-fat versions of your favourite foods. The food produced in this air fryer contains up to 80% less fat than traditionally fried versions.

This fryer also has seven pre-set modes, including prawns, lamb chops, chicken, chips and even a cake! This large, family-sized fryer also has a dishwasher safe basket and advanced safety features, including built-in overheat protection, so you can cook with the whole family and not have to worry about hot oil.

Swan SD6080N Deep Fat Fryer (2.5 Litres, 1800W)

Last but certainly not least, we have another deep fat fryer by Swan. This one is smaller than the last, so perfect for if you only live with a few people or if you have a small family. The non-stick inner pan can simply be wiped with a cloth and it has an adjustable thermostat so cooking is easy! This is one of the cheaper deep fat fryers on the market, so perfect if you’re new to deep fryer cooking or if you’re on a budget.

Safety is paramount when dealing with hot oil, and you won’t have to worry about burning yourself with this fryer since it has a fixed oil container to keep the hot oil safely within the appliance when it’s in use. The fryer also feathers cool-touch handles and a robust frying basket with a handle, so your hands never need to come into contact with anything hot.

Shopping Guide: Everything you need to know about fryers

You’ve seen the best fryers on the market, now it’s time for the buying part. We’ve put together this fab list of things we recommend that you think about before making your purchase. We’ve also got a list of the most frequently asked questions by people who are considering buying a deep fryer and we’ve answered them, so by the end of this section, any remaining doubts will be dispelled and any remaining questions will be answered. Let’s dive right in.

Modern adult housewife buying fryer in domestic appliances section

There are some fryers you can buy which don’t need any oil at all.
(Source: Iakov Filimonov: 116392004/

What exactly is a fryer and how do they work?

As you already know, this small appliance is designed to easily fry a variety of foods. Using it is very straightforward: all you have to do is fill the container with oil, plug it in a power outlet and adjust the temperature.

The resistor inside the fryer heats the oil, allowing to fry food.

Is it better to use a deep fryer or a frying pan?

Many seem to think that a frying pan makes your job easier, but actually, deep frying food is easier. This is because frying pans get dirty, it’s easier to burn yourself and you have to turn the food over manually so most of the time the food isn’t cooked the same throughout. With deep fryers, all of the food goes into the oil at the same time and leaves at the same time so there is even cooking. On the other hand, deep fryers do make the food more greasy, so there are pros and cons to them both.

Is it better to fry with or without oil?

As you know by now, not all fryers need oil to work. The use of oil fryers is very simple: simply put oil in its container and let it heat to fry food. You can naturally regulate the temperature.

On the other hand, fryers that do not use oil can fry, but also roast, bake or keep your food warm. This is done via hot air. Here’s a little table to show the pros and cons of oil versus non-oil fryers.

Advantages of oil fryers Advantages of air fryers
They cook faster. Foods are fried better. The food is crunchy. They are more affordable. You don’t have to spend money on oil. They are healthier. They don’t emit odours. They are easier to clean.

How should I take care of the oil in my fryer?

One of the key elements to get the most out of your fryer is the oil you use. This is naturally the most important ingredient. For this reason, we’ve listed some important tips for you to keep in mind. If you put them into practice, you’ll be able to get great results with your new deep fryer.

  • Regulate the temperature: It is recommended not to exceed 170°C or 180°C. Remember that oil can produce different substances harmful to your health if is it heated too much. You’ll know that your oil is burning if it smokes.
  • Fry the correct food: Make sure to fry dry food. Note that frozen food will lower the oil’s temperature, in which case you may have to temporarily raise it.
  • Use the correct oil: Sunflower oil is the most commonly used with deep fryers, although you can also use olive or seed oil. Never mix different types of oil, and don’t mix new and used oil.
  • Make the correct batter: If you make your own batter, add a spoonful of water or milk to the egg. This will help the food absorb less oil and make the food crunchier.
  • Know when to change the oil: You should change the oil of your deep fryer when it thickens, foams, smells bad or darkens.
  • Recycle the oil: Oil is very polluting, so avoid throwing it down the sink. The best thing you can do is take it to a collection point. Another option is to put it in a bottle and throw it in the household waste.
The British Nutrition Foundation
“Olive oil is a good choice for a healthy heart as the unsaturated fatty
acids help to reduce blood cholesterol levels.”

What is the best frying temperature?

Certain models will have preset cooking functions, meaning that it will automatically recommend a temperature based on the type of food you want to fry. Other models will simply have a temperature selector for you to choose from.

It is almost always recommended to choose a lower temperature – 160°C – over higher temperatures – 180°C. Your food will take longer to cook, but the oil will spoil less you’ll be able to use it for longer. However, food which is fried slowly will absorb more fat.

Air fryer machine with chicken and french fried

Fryers are super easy to use and you can have tasty food within minutes.
(Source: Wilawan Khasawong: 107041834/

What are the interesting features of fryers?

We’ve listed three interesting features and their uses below for you to be aware of them when the time comes to buy your own deep fryer.

  • Cold zone: This dedicated space is used to collect food scraps. It prevents flavours from mixing, and your appliance won’t give off different smells.
  • Self-cleaning system: Certain models also have a self-cleaning mode. You’ll still have to clean the pot by hand unless it is dishwasher-safe.
  • Anti-odour filter: Some deep fryers feature anti-odour filters. Do note that some smell will still emanate from your appliance.
NHSBritish National Health Service
“A small amount of fat is an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet. Fat is a source of essential fatty acids, which the body can’t make itself. Fat helps the body absorb vitamins A, D and E. These vitamins are fat-soluble, meaning they can only be absorbed with the help of fats. Any fat not used by your body’s cells or to create energy is converted into body fat.”

What are the pros and cons of fryers?

Having this small household appliance at home naturally offers many benefits. You’ll have to take several factors into account if you want to pick the right model for you. We have already introduced you to some of them, and you’ll discover more in the last section of our article; But first, here are the main advantages and disadvantages of deep fryers:

  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Time-saving appliances
  • Safer than frying pans
  • You have to learn to use the appliance well
  • They are more expensive than frying pans

Shopping Criteria

Our ultimate guide is coming to end, but we can’t finish without analysing a few other key aspects. It is essential that you do not neglect these things if you want to find the best fryer for you. Let’s take a look:

What size fryer do I want?

The size of the deep fryer you want to buy is something to keep in mind and will be determined by how many people you plan on cooking for. Picking the right size means the difference between saving oil and energy or wasting it. The following table will help you choose the right deep fryer:

Size Capacity
Small Its capacity is a little over one litre and is ideal for up to four people.
Medium Its container can hold between 1.5 and 2.3 litres, allowing you to cook for four to six people.
Large It offers the largest capacity – between 3 and 4 litres – and is perfect for families with up to eight members.

Is it easy to clean?

You need to clean the outside of your deep fryer every single time you use it. All you have to do is wipe it with a cloth dampened with water and some soap. Dry it thoroughly. The inside of your fryer should be cleaned every time you change the oil. Opting for a model that can be dismantled and with parts that can be washed in the dishwasher will make this process all that much easier.

Spicy potato chips or wedges cooking in a deep fryer in a close up view of the hot bubbling oil and wire metal basket

It is important that your fryer is safe to touch on the outside when food is cooking, since this decreases the risk of you burning yourself.
(Source: Andreadonetti: 97315207/

Does it have a see-through lid?

We recommend a fryer with a glass lid so that you can see the food when it’s cooking so you know when it’s cooked. This means you won’t have to open the lid every time you want to check how the food is getting on. It’s best not to be taking the lid off all of the time because each time you do it, the temperature decreases so a pan with a see-through lid will be your best option.

Is it powerful?

It is essential that you evaluate the power of your deep fryer and opt for a model that offers between 1,500 and 2,000 watts. The size of your appliance will naturally influence how much power they have: bigger fryers use and emit more energy and they’re more powerful. If you don’t choose the right power, your fryer will take longer to prepare food, and the latter may turn out more cooked than fried.

Does it have a filter?

All fryers need a filter to keep the oil cleaner for longer. Certain models also feature another very useful option: anti-odour filter. We’re sure you know just how annoying it can be when your entire home smells of fried food every time you use your deep fryer. Anti-odour filters prevent this from happening and are therefore very popular features.

Does it have other features?

There are other characteristics that you may want to pay attention to. Your deep fryer, should, for instance, you come with a timer and thermostat to regulate both time and temperature. The cool wall feature is also very useful as it is designed to stop you from burning yourself if you were to touch the outside. Certain models also feature a removable container where the leftovers are collected and can then be easily discarded.


Fryers are perfect for every home because they’re easy to use and to keep clean. Also, there are so many models on the market at the moment you’ll easily be able to find the perfect one for your family. They are no longer appliances which are, by default, unhealthy, since these days there are lots of healthy fryers which are very affordable. You’ve discovered the many aspects that you need to take into account when buying your own deep fryer. Make sure the model you opt for offers a capacity that is suitable for your family, while easy-to-clean products will make your life much easier.

If you liked our ultimate guide fryers, leave us a comment and let us know what your favourite thing to deep fry is – you could even pop a little recipe on there, or some top tips you may have on how to cook the perfect fried food! You can also share it on your social media so your friends can benefit from the fryer love!

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