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Fountain Grass is a perennial grass that grows in clumps. It produces tall stems with narrow, pointed leaves and small purple flowers at the top of each stem. The plant can grow up to 6 feet high in warm climates but usually stays shorter when grown indoors or outdoors during cooler months.

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Fountain Grass: Frequently asked questions

What types of Fountain Grass are there and what determines a good product?

There are many different types of Fountain Grass, but the most common is Pennisetum setaceum. This grass has a very fine texture and grows to be about 3 feet tall. It also produces beautiful white flowers in late summer that attract butterflies and bees.

A good Fountain Grass will have a solid, strong root system. The plant should be healthy and not too spindly or leggy. If the leaves are yellowing it is probably due to overwatering which can cause root rot in this species of grass. It’s best to remove any dead foliage as well so that you don’t end up with an unsightly brown patch on your lawn.

Who should use a Fountain Grass?

Anyone who wants to use a natural, non-toxic product that is safe for children and pets. Fountain Grass can be used by anyone with an interest in keeping their water clean.

Based on what criteria should you buy a Fountain Grass?

The best Fountain Grasses are the ones that have a nice, full shape. They should be well-branched and not too tall or short for your space. Look at the leaves to make sure they’re healthy and green; browning is an indication of poor health in this plant. If you want one with variegated foliage (striped), look for plants whose stripes aren’t all on one side but rather evenly distributed across both sides of each leaf blade—this indicates good genetic diversity within its population, which means it will grow better over time than those with single-sided striping patterns.

The most important thing to look out for is the size of the plant. It should be a similar height as your other plants in order to blend in with them properly. Also, make sure that it has been well maintained and doesn’t have any dead leaves or branches on it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Fountain Grass?


Fountain Grass is a great plant for people who are looking to add some height and interest to their landscape. It also has the added benefit of being drought tolerant, which makes it perfect for areas that don’t receive much rainfall throughout the year. The grass can grow up to 10 feet tall in ideal conditions, but will typically stay around 5-6 feet when grown indoors or outdoors with limited sunlight exposure.


Fountain Grass can be invasive. It spreads by rhizomes and will take over a garden if not contained.

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