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Who hasn’t experienced this? Friday or Saturday, playing a round of football with your mates or kids – either on the football pitch or at the table football table. Especially when the weather is bad, the latter is a good idea.

If you are now thinking about whether a table football is worthwhile for you, you can find helpful information about table football in our article. In our big table football test 2023, we introduce you to different table football games.

You will see that there is almost everything from very cheap to very expensive models. But we don’t just offer information on the price, but also on the types of models and their features, as well as advantages and disadvantages. We will show you the alternatives to buying your own table football so that you can choose the best option for you.


  • Table football is one of the most popular sports and finds its origin in Europe. For decades, pedagogy has used foosball tables as a means of communication and rehabilitation.
  • Foosball tables are available in different variations. Foldable or height-adjustable, amateur or professional foosball tables and foosball tables with glass tops, coin slot and other features.
  • Good foosball tables are usually characterised by the fact that they are sturdy and heavy and have an optimal table height. A height of 80-92 cm is considered optimal.

The Best Football Table: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a foosball table

When is it worth buying a foosball table?

Whether a foosball table (Swiss) is worthwhile or not depends especially on the intended use. If you play privately from time to time, you should first think about possibly visiting a youth centre or other public institution that provides a foosball box.

In addition, there is the possibility of playing table football in clubs that are registered with the DTFB and p4p. e.V.. This gives you the opportunity to learn the basic techniques first.

Tischkicker Tisch

However, if this is not enough and you would like to enjoy a game of table football with friends instead of an after-work beer, you should buy a hobby table football. (Photo: Pascal Swier /

Gastronomy operators or public institutions that cater to a large number of guests and want to give them a special experience should also consider buying a foosball table. The investment in a good foosball table pays off in these cases.

How is a foosball table constructed?

A conventional foosball table is usually designed with a playing field that resembles a miniature football field. Each player has four rods with a total of eleven playing pieces that form a team. The first rod or strut contains a playing figure, namely the goalkeeper.

The second pole usually has two playing figures attached to it. They defend the goal, followed by the third bar, where five figures face each other. The last strut represents the offensive and usually contains three playing figures.

What is the average price of a foosball table?

A foosball table is available in all price categories. Starting in the two-digit range for cheap table football for the home, up to the medium price segment for hobby players and consequently the professional table football box, which is used for tournaments & Co.

A simple table football for private use is in the price segment between 100 and 300 euros. Mini-kickers in particular are an inexpensive way to play a little football in a small and cosy group.

These are usually in the two-digit cost range. A folding table is a little more expensive because of its special construction. The prices for a good foldable football table range from around 60 to 300 euros.

Foosball tables for professional and commercial use belong to the upper price segment. They have to guarantee a longer life and withstand intensive use. Accordingly, they are more expensive and are priced at around 600 to 2,500 euros.

Alternatively, there is the inexpensive option of purchasing used tournament football tables. These are usually still in good shape in terms of quality and stability, so that you will have fun with them as a hobby player or professional. Information on prices is available on request from the tournament organisers.

The following overview serves as an illustration of the prices:

Type Price
Mini kicker 10-100 €
Foldable kicker 60-300 €
Standard kicker 100-500 €
Professional kicker 600-2500 €
Used professional kicker ca. 600 €

What should I look for when buying table football?

When buying table football, we recommend that you avoid so-called no-name products and instead buy brand-name table football. The advantage is that spare parts can be ordered more easily and in some cases even free of charge.

Tischkicker Rot Blau

In addition, brand-name foosball tables usually come with a one to two-year warranty. However, please note that you are also entitled to a warranty claim for two years after purchase. (Photo: Stefan Steinbauer /

In addition, you should consider the following factors when buying a table football:

Appropriate table height: on average, a foosball table height of at least 91 centimetres is assumed for a person of 1.70 metres. A high table is also an indication of a stable table that does not wobble. A smaller table is sufficient for children.

Stability: a heavier foosball table is a more stable foosball table. Therefore, pay attention to the weight, which should be at least 80 kilograms.

No ball bearing: Ball bearings interfere with certain techniques, such as leaving the figures at an angle or standing them up.

Level and not too smooth table top: enables the ball to be guided in a controlled manner. A table top should be at least 16 millimetres thick for this requirement.

Decision: What types of table football are there and which one is right for you?

Table football has become a big trend among the younger and older population in the last ten years. Especially during the World Cups, starting with the 2006 World Cup, the enthusiasm for football is particularly high in Germany.

The victory of the German national team at the 2017 Confederations Cup in Russia also contributes to the fact that more and more people want to play football. Those who lack physical stamina or who have two left feet and instead want to shine with handy skills simply play table football.

However, when looking for a suitable foosball table, some people may encounter many obstacles. Synonyms such as Krökeltisch, Töggelikasten or Wuzzeltisch can quickly confuse you.

Searchers ask themselves questions like, is a folding table suitable for me or would I prefer a mini table? A multitude of different models doesn’t make it any easier, and in the flood of information, some people tend to give up.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, we will introduce you to the different types of table football and make it easier for you to find the best table football for your needs.

We distinguish between the user experience of the players:

  • Beginners: For example, children or adults who play “just for fun”
  • Advanced: Casual players with a little more experience
  • Professionals: Long-time hobby players, club players and foosball tables for commercial use

Regardless of what type of player you are or for what purpose you want to buy a foosball table, foosball tables can differ in terms of material, shape of playing pieces, balls, playing surface and type of rods.

Foosball table for beginners

Beginners are players who have little or no experience with table football and are new to the world of table football. Mostly, these are children. Occasionally, however, they also include adults who want to teach themselves how to play table football.

  • Very light (easy to transport)
  • Inexpensive
  • Ideal for children
  • Easy to store
  • No tournament licences
  • Inferior quality
  • Very light (poorer stability)

Beginners can go for a simple table football, which are more affordable in terms of price. However, you should bear in mind that the quality suffers as a result. Such table football tables do not have ITSF or DTFV licences.

In addition, they are usually lighter in terms of weight and less robust compared to professional table football tables. Among other things, foldable foosball tables are also suitable for beginners. These can be folded after playing and stored in the corner.

If a foosball table is intended as a gift for a child, the size and especially the height play an important role. Ideally, you should get a foosball table that is height-adjustable. For very young children, it is rarely worth investing in a conventional table football.

Mini foosball tables are more suitable here, as they are more suitable for small children and have the appropriate height. The smaller models also offer fun for big and small.

Foosball for advanced players

An advanced player is someone who has already played a game of table football several times and is therefore somewhat experienced. So if you want to play with friends from time to time or want to give your party room a new eye-catcher, a professional foosball table is certainly not a must.

A simple hobby foosball table is therefore perfectly adequate for you. Compared to conventional tables, such tables are usually more robust and also more expensive.

  • Robust and stable
  • Moderately heavy
  • No tournament licence
  • Slippery

Especially if the foosball table is often used at parties, you should pay particular attention to stability and the necessary weight of at least 50 kilograms, as a game at a party can sometimes get particularly heated.

Compared to professional tables, hobby tables usually do not have tournament licences. Nevertheless, many tricks and shots can be performed with such foosball tables, which is why they are certainly suitable for you as a casual player.

Foosball tables for professionals

Are you a professional player, perhaps you have been playing in a club for several years and would like to prepare for tournaments independently of training? Then it is particularly important that you invest in a professional table football. These are made of high-quality materials and are therefore of high quality and meet tournament requirements.

  • Tournament licence
  • High quality and workmanship
  • Robust and very stable
  • Durable
  • High purchase costs
  • Rather bulky

With professional table football, you are usually in the upper price segment because of the quality, workmanship, stability and playing characteristics. This type of table football must meet certain criteria to be suitable for tournaments.

At international level, these are determined by the ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation) and in Germany by the DTFB (Deutscher Tischfußball Bund). Such foosball tables are often characterised by the fact that they are usually heavier or more solidly built than hobby foosball tables.

Professional table football tables can also be used for commercial purposes. Even if the players are mostly amateurs, it is particularly important in these areas to pay attention to stability, workmanship and robustness.

This is because table football tables in such places are used several times a day by visitors, students or guests and are therefore subject to heavy use.

Furthermore, it can be advantageous to use foosball tables with glass covers . This protects the playing surface, figures and rods from unwanted removal or theft and from vandalism to the individual parts. In addition, the playing surface is protected from unintentional soiling by spilled drinks or leftover food.

A glass cover is particularly useful for outdoor use

to protect the equipment from weather-related damage.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate foosball tables

You have a great desire to own your own table football? But you don’t know which one to choose? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this section, we would like to show you which factors you should consider when buying and how you can best compare several table football games.

The focus is on the following features:

  • Material
  • Colour
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Height adjustability
  • Foldability
  • Non-slip feet
  • Raised corner
  • Goal counter
  • Balls included
  • Drink holder
  • Glass cover
  • Coin slot
  • Tournament standard


Basically, the material is one of the most important criteria you should consider. No matter whether you are a hobby or professional player. In order to have fun with your foosball table for as long as possible, your table should be made of high-quality material. Especially for gastronomy or outdoor use, it makes sense to invest in a robust and weatherproof table.

We therefore recommend buying a Wuzzler made of so-called MDF wood. This is a medium-density fibreboard. Furthermore, a soccer table made of multiplex (for the body) and metal (for the leg structure) is also highly recommended.


Since a foosball table is usually conspicuous due to its size, the overall design and especially the colour play a major role. Most table football tables are available in black, white, grey or a corresponding mixture. Particularly aesthetic are foosball tables made of wood or models with graffiti motifs and bold colours.


Foosball tables can vary greatly in size, width and length. The decisive criterion is the intended use. If you are buying a table football table for your business, the appropriate dimensions are necessary.

Basically, your table football should be 118 to 120 centimetres long, preferably between 68 and 70 centimetres wide and 80 to 92 centimetres high. However, if you decide to buy a mini-football table, the dimensions may be far below the recommended values.


Yes, the weight is also one of the most important decision criteria. You are probably asking yourself, why is that? The answer is quite simple. Imagine you are playing table football with your friends.

Tischkicker Fußball

With a lightweight table football table (up to 50 kilograms), there is a risk that the table will wobble and “wander” a lot. This has an enormous negative impact on the playing experience and does not allow for a fair game. (Photo: Alex Sajan /

Therefore, we advise you to go for a kicker that weighs at least 70 kilograms. Again, the exception: a mini football table weighs much less, and that’s a good thing.


Just as it is important to have a desk that matches your height at work, this is also relevant when playing table football. Slouching while standing or sitting is bad for the back. Height-adjustable foosball tables are therefore particularly suitable if many different players use them. They are therefore also ideal for family use and thus for children and adults.


The advantages of a foldable table football table have already been mentioned at the beginning. A table football always takes up a lot of space, be it in the playroom, living room or even in the garden. Depending on how often you play, it might make sense to choose a foldable table football. You can simply fold it up after use and put it in the corner.

Non-slip feet

Good stability and sturdiness are the be-all and end-all. Non-slip feet serve to optimise the stability and thus guarantee you a wobble-free playing experience. Such feet also usually protect the floor. Especially with laminate, parquet or tiles, you should make sure that your feet are non-slip.

Tip: If you notice that your foosball table is slipping a little, put a rug under it. This should reduce the wobbling. This also helps if your table is too light and therefore wobbles and “wanders”.

Raised corner

High corners are relevant for beginners as well as for professionals. They ensure that the ball does not remain in the corner. They also give you the opportunity to play over the boards and thus make the game livelier and use tricks. Tip: Table football tables without a raised corner can also be converted into one with these corners with a little handy skill.

Goal counter

The advantages of an integrated goal counter are self-evident and therefore a must, regardless of user experience. For the sake of the environment, paper and pen can thus be dispensed with. In addition, both opponents have the possibility of always being informed about the state of the game. Some table football tables also offer automatic goal counters. These are particularly advantageous for use in the catering trade.

Balls included

Nothing is more annoying than having a new table football, but not being able to start immediately because there are no balls available. Therefore, make sure that at least two balls are included in the table football purchase.

Especially when the game is exciting, you want to waste as little time as possible looking for the balls. Second reason: If a ball is broken or can’t be found, you have a spare ball.

Cup holders

They are not only popular in cars but also as a feature in table football. We are talking about drink holders. Table football matches can be quite exhausting and can leave you out of breath. Therefore, it is definitely an advantage to always have a drink handy.

In many catering establishments, among other things, drinks may not be placed on foosball tables. Drinks can easily fall over during a game due to the wobbling and lead to severe contamination and damage. A drink holder like this is therefore a good remedy.

Glass cover

A table football table with a glass cover is particularly suitable for outdoor use. The advantage is that a table football table can remain in the garden in the event of rain or the like without being damaged. The material is usually processed in such a way that the table is insensitive to the effects of the sun and cold.

Further advantages:

  • Easy to clean up in case of contamination
  • Prevention of the introduction of foreign objects
  • Unauthorised removal of balls is not possible (theft protection)

Coin slot

A foosball table with coin insertion serves particularly commercial purposes. By inserting a certain coin, the push rod is unlocked and thus the ball flap is moved. One to several games can be triggered. They are therefore particularly suitable for pubs.

Tournament standard

This is especially relevant for professional players. In order to be able to prepare yourself optimally for a competition or tournament, it is necessary to have a table football that complies with the corresponding tournament regulations.

You can recognise an appropriate foosball table by the marking in the product description: “approved for ITSF or DTFB”.

Facts worth knowing about table football

Who or what is the “Bomber of the Nation”?

When looking for a suitable table football, you might come across the term “the bomber”. But what is this? The Bomber is a very robust and extremely stable table football table that is particularly useful for pubs or for public use.

It was named after Gerhard (Gerd) Müller, known among others as the “Bomber of the Nation”. The former German professional footballer is the record goal scorer in the Bundesliga with 365 goals. He was one of the best strikers in the world due to his extremely good body control and his coolness in front of goal.

How many people can I play table football with?

The conventional table football tables are suitable for two, four or eight players. In addition, there is also the possibility of playing table football with up to 22 people. In other words, two complete football teams can play against each other at the same time on a 6.82-metre-long table with up to 126 players. Such a table is particularly suitable for team-building activities.

Take a look at this video to get a first impression of the XXL table football, which was presented on the TV show “Schlag den Star”:

What are the best table football tricks and tips?

As the saying goes, “No master has ever fallen from the sky”. Being able to play table football like the greats doesn’t work overnight. As with any sport, it takes discipline and stamina. But in combination with our tricks and tips, you will quickly achieve success.

Trick 1: Hand position

Try not to enclose your thumb when grasping the handle. It should just rest on it. This way you will be able to shoot faster and stronger during a kicker match.

Trick 2: Wrist Flick

The wrist flick is a very quick movement from your wrist and is a useful kicking technique.

Trick 3: Snack Shot (forearm roll-off)

To perform this technique, press the handle against your forearm and then pull it up quickly. Your table football will rotate 360 degrees, optimising your kicking technique.

Trick 4: Throw the ball in correctly

When playing table football, you can influence the throw-in by trying to throw the ball in the direction of your figures.

Trick 5: Defensive stance

In order to defend your own goal in the best possible way, your goalkeeper should always stand offset to your defenders. This minimises the chance that your opponent will find a gap to score a goal.

Trick 6: Drop fake

In this trick, you sneakily trick your opponent. Fake a shot so that your opponent moves reflexively. Now use the gap to get past your opponent and score a goal.

Trick 7: Fast Trop

Many kickers use this trick. It is especially relevant for your offensive. Try to trap the ball to give yourself time to concentrate on your next move. Then push the ball to the side so that it can be received by a neighbouring kicker and immediately aim for the goal. This trick can also be combined well with the wrist flick.

You will notice that it will take some time until you have internalised the tricks and tips and can practise them well. However, never lose hope. Continuous training pays off and soon you will shine with handy kicking skills.

Image source: Igor Stevanovic /