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Here we will be letting you know which are the best folding screens available in the complex market of household and commercial items simultaneously.

It is a series of fabric walls joined together, which are staggered in the shape of a fan. Thanks to this, they have a retractable function which allows them to shrink like an accordion. After use, they shrink to a smaller size so that they can be moved. They are used in clothing shops or similar spaces for people to try on outfits.

We make a complete informative selection within which we have absolutely every detail of the product under observation. This way, when you have finished reading our data collection, you will have enough criteria to know whether or not it is convenient for you to acquire the product you want and the type you are looking for.


  • A folding screen is a variety of walls sectioned in the form of an accordion, although there are designs that differ from this. They are used to preserve the privacy of the person behind them. Useful for changing clothes or dividing or decorating spaces.
  • There are 4 types: sliding, which require professional installation, separating panels, used to “divide” a room in two, decorative panels, which are used to decorate, and louvered panels.
  • What colour they are, how many panels they have, their size or their design are some of the aspects that must be taken into account. These points can make your purchase more or less important.

The Best Folding Screen: Our Picks

Buying guide

In addition to comparison shopping, another thing you need to research in order to get your purchase right quickly is what the item you want is all about. You should do your research and properly check everything that the item should be. This is the only way to get something that fits your expectations. We answer these questions in the following section.

They are ideal to use when changing your dress (Photo: serezniy /

What is a folding screen?

It is a series of walls that are sectioned vertically. This sectioning serves two functions: to improve the coverage it offers and to allow the object to be foldable. In other words, we are in the presence of an article that is defined by its function and also by its extremely convenient mobility.

Due to their characteristics, they are widely used in clothing shops, where they are considerably necessary for customers to make use of them when trying on outfits. These walls help the person to preserve their privacy and can be used without leaving the establishment. In large houses they also help to isolate and divide spaces.

What are the advantages?

Its advantages are, in addition to its practical utilities already referred to, that it has a substantial aesthetic addition. That is, in addition to satisfying a pragmatic need, they serve as ornamentation. They can make an astonishing difference when correctly combined with colours and paints around them, mainly if they have an Asian design.

Also, when placed in homes, they can help to divide sections of the house. An example of this is the great role they can play in children’s rooms, where they help to make each room feel more like their own.

  • They give colour to the rooms
  • They are of an original and very elegant ornament
  • Some become quite cheap
  • There are many varieties of them
  • They are extremely easy to move
  • Some can be too expensive
  • You need to know about design to be able to use them ornamentally
  • They are not so easy to find
  • Their variety makes it difficult to choose
  • They can be cheap in places that are not shops

Sliding, partition, decorative or shutter screen – what should you pay attention to?

Like any product, in this case there are a multitude of elements that can add or subtract points when it comes to suit you. When it comes to screens, there are so many variants that many items that fall into this category may not even be known to customers. Here are some of them.

Sliding screen. This is a movable wall that slides, just like a shower door. Its main advantage is that it looks much better and is much more elegant than others. Its disadvantage is that, in addition to the article itself, you have to pay for the installation, since they need a base where they can be placed.

Partition screen. It has a more homely function than others, since it is designed to reserve the privacy of family members. It is especially useful when it comes to giving more privacy to two siblings. They can share a room and, without needing a wall, have their own space. They are easy to combine.

Decorative screen. The purpose of these screens is not to cover anything, although they can provide it. They are characterised by having either a very low height or a larger number of panels. This, which seems to cover more, actually does not, because so many folds allow it to be seen to the other side.

Louvre screen. They have a similar appearance to the well-known window curtains. This is because they contract in the same way to make them fall or close. The difference is that, in the case of screens, they can be placed in the middle of spaces, or on a wall. They can ornament or be used to delimit the view, like any frame.

Sliding Sliding Partition Decorative Shutter
Folding No Yes No Yes Yes
Installation required Yes No No No No
For tents No Yes Yes No No

What about Asian screens?

An Asian screen is a particular form of frame characterised by its ornamentation and shape, often referring to oriental motifs. Whether through the use of spot colouring or calligraphy, they have a very specific way of functioning and embellishing.

When we talk about these products, we often think of their function as ornaments. Beyond the fact that they are useful and necessary in a practical way, the beauty they reflect is related to the context in which they are placed. And since they are widely used in the clothing business, this is even more important.

Any shop owner designs the space in a certain way and can place frames according to the chosen style, either with the same colour as the walls, or with ornaments that reflect the overall style. But when using an Asian screen, the owner should know that all eyes will be on him.

They are characterised by their use of spot colours. Among these, the white of the panels, which is the predominant colour, stands out, with red and black patterns. They are usually accompanied by kanji, which is the Japanese typography par excellence.

The Asian ones occupy all the variants. Decorative and sliding ones, for example (Photo: Jing /

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of folding screens

Whatever the product variable, it is surrounded by details that make it more adaptable to certain expectations. These always conform to a very specific pattern of things, and it is common for you to buy and then regret it, or for it to be missing something you wanted. Avoid reliving these unpleasant moments by reading this section.

Below is a list of facts that could alter the satisfaction you might get from what you are about to buy. Pay attention to this because it depends on how well you can do with the thing you want to buy. The inventory is as follows:

  • Colour
  • Number of panels
  • Size
  • Design


This point directly interpellates the way in which you can combine the product. And when we are talking about something that is used for decoration, the connection is obvious and the importance is even greater. In the home, it should look pleasant for visitors. In a business, it must be comfortable and pleasant for the customer.

Pink. It is easy to put in almost any environment. This is because this shade plays very well with white, grey and even black environments. When it comes to complementary furnishings, as is the case, it is one of the generally favoured options.

Grey or black. Being so primary, they are excellent and highly recommended. They are comfortable to combine. Their greatest virtue is their psychological impact, given that these shades are associated with intimacy, which is precisely the goal of a frame.

White. This colour is generally the easiest to match with the surrounding elements. But there is a slight detail in this tone, and that is that it is usually the one that is added to the Asians. While light cream is the general picture of the panels, they often have black and red additions. This makes them difficult to arrange.

Green, purple, brown, red. These are very personal shades, and should be kept as an option depending on what your style is. Take them into consideration depending on the type of objects you plan to have around, among other optional things.

Sliding panels are very attractive, but require installation (Photo: Tim Mossholder /

Number of panels

A frame is considered to fulfil its function if it has 2 screens, in the case of a folding frame. This is an aspect that is relativised if we are talking about a sliding or louvered one. At least 2 partitions are required to cover the body of an adult. Therefore, this is the minimum number of parts that one must have.

Others may have 4, 6 or even 8 sections, depending on how many people are expected to be behind them. Often, the ones that come to occupy this coverage are personal, intended for homes and slightly more intimate places. This is because it is impractical for the same frame to serve so many people in a commercial space.

Finally, an excessive amount of screens can be advantageous in those that are intended for decoration. They are generally quite small, and being heavily sectioned gives them an accordion-like appearance. This adds elegance and attractiveness.


The number of panels refers to how wide the product is, but this is not only important. When talking about its dimensions, two aspects should be included. Firstly, how tall they are; secondly, how wide the sheets are. That is, how much space the partition walls take up.

This is important because it may be that the screen chosen is really intended for decoration. There are users who purchase an item digitally without checking what the target size is and then it turns out not to be precisely what they expected in this respect. The ideal height should be around 1.80 or 1.90 centimetres.


In addition to oriental patterns, there are many elements that can be used to design these products. They can even be added by the user himself, if he is self-confident and can draw. Lines, flowers, faces or whatever the artist can think of can be added. It helps a lot to know how to mix colours.

The decorative ones are usually made with abundant sheets and each of them contains artistic designs. Some models have beautiful ceramic panels, others have curious optical illusions which, depending on the position of the observer, or the bending of the panels, show different images.

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