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A Fibit can help you keep track of your sporting goals. Whether you like swimming, jogging or hiking, your Fitbit always records your success data.

Our big Fitbit test 2022 will help you find your Fitbit among them all. It will support you in your athletic process and lead you step by step to success with important data, such as your pulse.

We introduce you to the different models and functions of the devices. Whether you are looking for a Fitbit fitness tracker or a Fitbit smartwatch, we will summarise everything for you. Conveniently compare the pros and cons and find your perfect Fitbit or make someone happy.


  • A Fitbit is for anyone who wants to measure their physical activities. With the small devices on the wrist, you can measure, among other things, your plus, sleep phases or distance travelled.
  • Since there are many different models with different functions, the devices vary in price. The various Fitbit models cost between 50 and 300 euros.
  • Well-known alternatives to Fitbit smartwatches are products from Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi. These devices are compared and presented in our article.

The Best Fitbit: Our Picks

Fitbits: Buying and rating criteria

With the following criteria, we want to help you decide which Fitbit is right for you. We have related the most important aspects to the different models. In the following sections, we explain what you should look out for.


The Fitbit device is only available in one size. You can buy the wristbands in different sizes to fit the wearer. You can choose between 3 different sizes: S, L and “extra large”. Other models have one size and can be adjusted manually.

  • Bracelet size S: about 14-16 centimetres
  • Wristband size L: about 16.5-19.5 centimetres
  • Wristband size (XL or extra-large): 19.5 + centimetres


The bracelets are available in different widths, shapes and materials. The materials to choose from are: Leather, rubber, synthetic, aluminium and many more – there is something for everyone.

When you buy a bracelet, you always receive a standard bracelet. The material depends on the supplier and model.


All Fitbit devices are compatible with Apple (iOS), Android and Windows. You can easily connect your Fitbit device to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Check which version of the operating system you need before you buy.

Battery life

Some models are equipped with fast charging.

There are two types of Fitbit devices. The majority of devices have a rechargeable battery. Depending on the model, the batteries last between 5 and 14 days. The charging time is about 2 hours, depending on the model.

Fitbits: Frequently asked questions and answers

There are many things to consider before buying a Fitbit. In the following section, we answer the most frequently asked and most important questions about the Fitbit.

In our big Fitbit test 2022, we compare the different models for you.(Image source: Kamil S / Unsplash)

Who is a Fitbit suitable for?

The Fitbit is suitable for anyone who likes to measure and control their sporting activities. The wearer can measure his or her own plus, sleep phases or even the distance covered. This way, you keep track of your values and you can use them for efficient goal monitoring. The accompanying app helps you to better analyse the data.

What types of Fitbits are there?

Fitbit devices are divided into 2 groups: The fitness trackers and the smartwatches. These devices differ not only in price, but also in functions.

Since the prices of the individual models differ greatly, you should think carefully about which functions are important to you before buying. We have presented the best Fitbit models in our guide.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Fitness tracker Ideal for athletes + good price-performance ratio Fewer functions than the smartwatch
Smartwatches Have a larger display + can be expanded with apps Cost quite a bit more than the fitness tracker

How much does a Fitbit cost?

The prices of the products vary depending on the model and features. You will find many offers between 50 and 300 euros. The price table for the individual products can be found in our test.

Model Price
Ace 2 from €66.99
Fitbit Inspire HR from €79.92
Charge 4 from €109.95
Versa Lite from €155.92
Versa 3 from €198.86
Sense from €281.72

What are the alternatives to a Fitbit?

Here are our top 3 alternatives to the Fitbit. These 3 smartwatches all come from different providers and all have a different operating system. We have compared the different devices for you:

Alternative Price Battery Apps Features
Apple Watch Series 6 from €389.90 Short battery life Apps installable Scratch-resistant and waterproof
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 from €194.90 Short battery life Apps installable Scratch-resistant and waterproof
Xiaomi Mi Band 5 from €27.99 Long battery life No apps installable Waterproof only

Our tip for you: If you’re not quite sure about your decision, it’s best to go to a specialist shop for advice. They’ll be happy to help you!

Do I have a right to a guarantee when I buy a Fitbit?

All Fitbit devices come with a 2-year warranty. Depending on which provider you buy the device from, the warranty can even be extended. It’s best to ask your provider directly.

While you are exercising, the Fitbit measures your distance and heart rate. (Image source: Maciej Cieslak / Pixabay)

Do I have to create an account with Fitbit?

Yes, registration is required to be able to use all the functions. After creating an account, all functions are available to you without restrictions.


A Fitbit will enrich your everyday life. Do you enjoy sports or do you want to motivate yourself? The Fitbit supports you with your individual goals, no matter where you start: Young athlete, hobby athlete or beginner.

There are many things to consider when buying a Fitbit and you should be aware of your personal requirements in terms of style, sport, price and material. The Fitbit can also be an ideal gift, for example for Christmas or a birthday. Here, too, you should take the time to find the right model for the future wearer. External advice in specialist shops can support you in this.

Picture source: Yeulet / 123rf