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Beautiful, huge and relaxing, the ocean is undoubtedly one of the greatest natural wonders and the wildlife that inhabits it is just as amazing. If you want to have a little piece of the ocean in your home, we’ll show you the best fish tanks on the market.

If you are a lover of animals and interior decoration, it is almost mandatory that you have a fish tank. But choosing a good quality one is not so easy, due to the large number of fish tanks on the market. That’s why we have decided to help you choose the best ones.


  • Fish tanks, also known as aquariums, are a container where fish and other organisms can be kept. They are often used in different places such as offices, buildings and homes to give them a much more impressive decorative touch.
  • There are different types of fish tanks, each of which has different species and different living conditions. The types of fish tanks you will find in the market are: cold water fish tanks, salt water fish tanks and fresh water fish tanks.
  • Before making your purchase, you should consider the type of fish tank, its decorative function, its size, its capacity and of course, the maintenance it requires. We will give you more details about this later on. Get ready to know the best fish tanks on the market.

The Best Fish Tank: Our Picks

Buying Guide

It is totally understandable that as first time buyers we do not know which of the many fish tanks is the best for us, that is why we created the section Buying Guide. Here you will find all the information you need to make the right decision and make a much better purchase.

Fish tanks are excellent for reducing stress.
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What are fish tanks and what are their advantages?

Fish tanks or aquariums are specially designed containers for keeping pet fish in your home or workplace. There are fish tanks suitable for all types of fish, whether freshwater or saltwater. These containers are usually made of glass and/or acrylic.

Nowadays, fish tanks are not only used for keeping or breeding fish, but also as an interior decoration item. A person who sits near a fish tank will feel much more placid and relaxed. In addition, a fish tank conveys a certain sense of power or wealthy status.

Due to the high demands placed on fish tanks, manufacturers have been creating different models with different sizes and qualities. Nowadays, fish tanks or aquariums are sold for certain types of fish, as not all fish can live together in the same space, even if they are of the same type of water.

  • They provide calmness to those who observe them
  • They are excellent for interior decoration
  • Fish are pets that need little attention
  • Watching fish tanks or aquariums reduces blood pressure and heart rate
  • There are different sizes and shapes
  • They are usually expensive
  • They must be connected to an electrical source, which represents an energy consumption
  • The maintenance of a fish tank must be done periodically
  • The installation takes time

Cold, salt or fresh water fish tanks – what should you pay attention to?

There are three types of fish tank, according to the type of water they have or even the temperature. If you are a beginner in the world of fish keeping, we will give you some recommendations on which tanks to buy and what to look out for in each of them.

Cold water: Are you just starting out in the world of fish tanks and fish? The best decision a novice buyer can make is to buy a cold water tank. This is because they are much easier to set up and maintain than the others. There is a wide variety of eye-catching cold water fish such as Goldfish and Telescope.

It is the most conventional and elementary type of tank of all.

Saltwater. Also known as marine aquarium, it is recommended that this type of fish tank is installed in temperate coastal areas or in cold areas. Saltwater aquariums are home to a wide range of biodiversity, from fish to reefs and corals. The maintenance of this type of tank is the most complex of all.

The most complicated task regarding a saltwater fish tank is its assembly, but it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful. It is necessary to install a high quality filter system to keep our fish and other organisms in a pleasant environment.

Freshwater. When we talk about freshwater fish tanks, it must be understood that the water in such a tank must be warm or hot. Of course, whoever wants such a tank must maintain the properties, nutrients and degrees in the water. It is advisable to breed hardy tropical fish in this type of tank.

The freshwater tank uses a heating system that allows the water to be kept between 22 to 27ºC and although it may seem contradictory, it does not require the breeder or keeper to be an expert

Cold water Salt water Fresh water
Installation Easy Difficult Regular
Maintenance Easy Regular Regular
Diversity Low High Regular
Cost Low High Regular

How much does a fish tank cost?

Depending on how many fish you want to keep or how much space you want to occupy with your tank, you will find different prices. A small, inexpensive, plastic one can be found from 5 GBP up to 15 GBP. If you are looking for something bigger and maybe made of glass, you can find good quality fish tanks from 20 GBP to 60 GBP.

If you want to take your fish and water hobby further, there are fish tanks from 70 GBP up to 200 GBP. Now, if you are looking to become a professional or give a unique style to your home there are fish tanks from 180 GBP, these can easily reach 2800 GBP.

Of course, we are talking about fish tanks that you can buy in different shops, as there are others, much bigger, where you have to hire a professional installation company. These are much more expensive.

You can breed hundreds of species in fish tanks.
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Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate fish tank models

The moment of buying a fish tank is undoubtedly exciting, but we must not let the emotion get the better of us, we must make the right decision. To make this decision easier to make, we bring you certain factors or criteria that you should take into account when buying fish tanks.

Types of fish tank

Choosing the type of fish tank is the most important factor when buying a fish tank, as the installation, maintenance and cost depend on it. If you have never had a fish tank before and want to experiment, buy a cold water tank. They are easy to install, cheaper than most, and easy to maintain.

Freshwater fish tanks are the next step up, if you want something more challenging. Their installation requires regular knowledge, although things get complicated when it comes to choosing the right temperature for your heating system. If you want to have tropical species and a somewhat complex task, choose these fish tanks.

The largest and most challenging are the saltwater tanks. By imitating the sea, they have a variety of species, not just fish, that must be kept. Setting up this type of aquarium is a complex task, so much so that in some cases a professional must be hired. The end result, however, is one of the most beautiful.

Size and capacity

Knowing how much space we have for fish tanks is essential, because there are thousands of fish tanks with different sizes and dimensions. An easy option to know what size fish tank we want is to look at the place where we plan to install it. By measuring it and drawing a sketch of our idea we will be able to know which one to buy.

Another feature that goes hand in hand with the size is the capacity. How much water should our fish tank hold? The smallest models have from 1 to 4 G, the medium ones have from 5 to 10 G, while the biggest ones have from 11 G onwards.

Visualise your space, measure its dimensions and plan how you want your space to look with new fish tanks.

Decorative function

Entering a space and being greeted by a fish tank undoubtedly conveys a calmness and stability like few other decorative objects. When buying a fish tank, keep in mind that you’re not just breeding fish, you’re getting something that will enhance the look of your home or office. Choose a model that suits you.

This decorative function not only provides a different mood to interiors, it is also proven to produce relaxation and release stress. Which at the same time improves other aspects of your everyday life.

There are fish tanks on the market that come with LED lights to enhance the fluorescent appearance of the fish and algae. Fish tanks are made of much more attractive materials such as tempered glass. Undoubtedly, choosing a fish tank only for its size or species breeding is not taking advantage of one of its most important aspects: decoration.

Any space will look much better with a fish tank.
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If you are one of those who prefer to buy a fish tank to keep pets that don’t cause so much mess, we must tell you that, in the case of fish tanks, they have to be maintained. Maintaining the habitat of your fish is vital for their good development. But this depends a lot on the type of fish tank to be maintained.

Don’t want to make too much effort? Buy a cold water tank and install a good filter so that the water does not get dirty or always remains free of dirt and particles. Cleaning, which should be done at least once a month, is much easier than with other fish tanks.

Tropical fish are very beautiful exotic animals, but a warm-water tank requires special maintenance. Above all, because of the heating system that is installed on the top of its lid. You must take care of both its water and this system, otherwise your fish may perish.

The ocean in your home is beautiful, but it really needs attention! If you plan to buy saltwater fish tanks you should know that you are playing with ph, oxygen, different species and different nutrients. Of course, maintaining such a tank takes a lot of time and a good filter, but it is worth it.

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