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Fennel is a globally recognised vegetable and medicinal plant. Many people become acquainted with this spice as children. Fennel tea is often the first tea children are given when their tummy hurts. But adults also turn to fennel and fennel seeds in many different areas of life.

Fennel seeds are versatile. They can be made into tea, used in cooking or added to spices and dishes. And they help against some medical conditions, such as stomach aches or digestive problems. For our product comparison, we have compared different fennel seed varieties and worked out the most important aspects.

The most important facts

  • There are many ways to consume fennel seeds. You can brew them whole into tea or use them to refine your dishes. Or you can swallow high-dose fennel seed capsules.
  • When buying fennel seeds, you should pay attention to the quality. If you want to use untreated fennel seeds, we recommend organic products.
  • Fennel seeds can relieve many ailments, such as digestive problems, stomach cramps or flatulence.

The Best Fennel Seeds and Fennel Seed Products in the United Kingdom: Our Picks

In the following section we have compiled and listed our favourites. This should help you to find the right fennel seeds for your needs. We would like to simplify your purchase decision with this section.

Buying and evaluation criteria for fennel seeds

To help you find the ideal fennel seeds for you, we provide you with an overview of the buying criteria that you should consider when buying fennel seeds. The criteria allow you to compare the different seeds. This way you can make a good choice for yourself.

The different criteria that you can use to compare fennel seeds with each other are:

We present the listed purchase criteria as a possibility. Your needs come first. You can compare these with the purchase criteria and buy the fennel seeds that suit you best.

Place of origin

Fennel seeds originate from the Mediterranean region. It is best grown in a mild-winter humid climate. If you want to buy fennel seeds in this country, they usually come from Egypt, China or Turkey. However, fennel seeds can also come from Germany.


The taste of fennel seeds is described as intensely sweet and spicy. The taste can vary depending on the brand and variety. Fennel seeds can have an intense but slightly sweet aroma, reminiscent of liquorice or aniseed.

The taste is also described as mildly sweet. Many fennel seed varieties have a slightly bitter aftertaste. Other adjectives that describe the taste are: refreshing, aromatic and ethereal.

Processing type/format

If you want to buy fennel seeds, pay attention to the processing type and format. Fennel seeds are usually sold as whole seeds. Pay particular attention to the fact that they have been gently dried.

This way they will keep longer and you can use them for many purposes. Pay particular attention to the organic seal of quality. This way you can be sure that the cultivation and harvest were of high quality.

Other ingredients

If you want to buy a natural product, look out for other ingredients. Fennel seeds may contain traces of other products. The lack of additives is also important.

Fennel seeds should not contain sugar, additives or preservatives. Other additives such as flavourings, fillers and flavour enhancers should be avoided. Fennel seeds without genetic engineering are ideal.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about fennel seeds answered in detail

In the following section we answer the most important questions about fennel seeds. This will give you a deeper insight into the topic.

What are fennel seeds?

Fennel seeds are the dried, ripe fruits of the vegetable or spice fennel. Fennel is a white bulb with green stems. They are small and have a brownish colour. The seeds are used in many ways: to flavour food or as a medicine. They can also be made into tea.

What types of fennel seeds are there?

There are 3 different types of fennel from which fennel seeds can be obtained:

  • Vegetable fennel
  • Spicy fennel
  • wild fennel

It can also be divided according to the area of use: Firstly, there are fennel seeds for cooking. These are processed in spices and can be used in the kitchen. There are also fennel seeds for chewing. And you can infuse fennel seeds to make a tea.

What diseases can fennel seeds help with?

Fennel seeds can help with loss of appetite because they stimulate the appetite. And they can help the digestion of fatty foods. They can also be used to brew a tea. This tea can help with indigestion, cramps in the stomach and intestines, flatulence and colic.

A popular way to consume fennel is fennel tea. You can infuse fennel seeds or buy bagged tea. Fennel tea is usually the first tea children are given to drink. (Image source: Content Pixie/ unsplash)

In combination with honey, the tea helps with coughs and bronchial diseases. The loosening of mucus in the upper respiratory tract can also be stimulated by fennel tea.

What dishes can be cooked with fennel seeds?

Fennel seeds are often found in Indian and Chinese cuisine in particular. You can put them in your curry. Dishes for which fennel seeds are good are: Fish dishes, cabbage and potatoes. And you can add fennel seeds to meat products such as salami.


There are many different fennel seeds on the market. When deciding what to buy, you should consider what you will use the seeds for. It is important to know whether other ingredients are included and the different tastes of the seeds. We recommend organic products. This ensures the quality.

Fennel seeds are taken as a spice or as a tea and can help with different illnesses. Besides intestinal and stomach complaints, fennel seeds can also have an appetite-boosting effect. And fennel seeds are a versatile spice in the kitchen. They can be used to enhance and refine dishes.

(Cover photo: ALFREDO COSENTINO/ Unsplash)