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Wearing slippers has a long tradition. Whether “Latschen”, “Schlappen” or whatever other name is used for them in everyday life. The most familiar version of this slipper category, however, is called slippers and comes from the French word “pantoufle”. So let’s go, arrive at home and slip into the slippers. Felt slippers are a special kind. They are made of felt and find a lot of use in private households. In this article, we have compared different models and given you some tips on what to look for when buying felt slippers to find the right ones for you.


  • Felt slippers are universally known slippers that, due to their material, can be worn not only seasonally but all year round and provide comfort.
  • Broadly speaking, a distinction is made between closed, open-back, lined and non-lined varieties.
  • Compared to other slippers, felt (if made from natural fibres) offers high quality and durability

The Best Felt Slippers: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for felt slippers

To help you choose felt slippers, we have briefly summarised the most important criteria. Take a close look at them when you are looking for the perfect felt slippers for you. The criteria are as follows:

Below we explain in more detail what to look for in each criteria and give you a good information base for your decision.


As the name suggests, felt slippers are made of felt. However, there are differences in the quality and production of the felt. Real felt is made from 100% pure new wool from sheep. However, synthetic fibres can also be used, which cannot compete with natural fibres in terms of quality. Some manufacturers focus completely on sustainability, which is good for the environment and for you. Its dirt-repellent and robust nature makes felt the perfect upper material for slippers. It also helps slippers retain their shape for longer, making them durable, which is another plus.


The sole of a slipper is crucial for its safety and comfort when worn. There are different types of soles. Rubber, cork and felt are the most common alternatives. Basically, the stronger the material, the safer. The thicker the sole, the more comfortable. Most rubber and cork soles are non-slip, whereas felt soles are probably the opposite. However, felt soles have the advantage of being quiet. The height of the heels also varies from product to product. Which is better depends very much on personal taste.


Before buying felt slippers, the question often arises: What size is the right one? This cannot be said as a general rule, because every shoe has a different fit. As a rule, however, it can be said that slippers with a firm sole should be bought one size larger. Exception: felt soles. These expand with prolonged use. When searching for slippers, always look for more detailed information on fit or shoe width. For example, many manufacturers indicate whether the shoes are narrow, normal or wide.


With a slipper, you naturally want it to be comfortable in every way. There are a few factors to consider to ensure this. Since felt is a breathable fabric, most felt slippers are breathable and therefore odour-resistant. This means you can wear the slippers regardless of the season. Your feet will not sweat. However, if you have very cold feet in winter, it is advisable to get felt slippers with an additional inner lining. These are very comfortable and always keep you warm. Felt slippers made exclusively of felt are also easy to care for. You can simply wash them in the washing machine.


It wasn’t long ago that people thought of boring, grey slippers when they heard the word “felt slippers”. Now, however, felt slippers exist in different designs and styles for women, men and children. Coloured ones, ones printed with motifs and many more. There are the typical versions with an open fastener to slip into, which is still the most popular choice. But you can also prefer the completely closed slippers if you don’t want the shoes to “flap” and sit firmly on your feet. You won’t lose them that easily.


Felt slippers are the most tried-and-tested type of slipper, representing an essential tradition for both guests and oneself. They score in all categories. They are a way to protect your feet at home without having to sacrifice cosiness. Thanks to the variety of designs, it is no longer difficult to start a felt slipper collection. To give this habit a fashionable perspective in addition to quality and the feel-good factor.

(Cover photo: Yan Krukov/ Pexels)