Last updated: 16/10/2022

A feather duster is the most effective way to keep dust out of your environment. Feather dusters are electrostatically charged by nature, which makes them perfect for picking up dust from surfaces. With a telescopic pole that can be adjusted as required, you can also reach higher areas in your home, such as the ceiling.

With our feather duster guide, we provide you with the perfect overview on the subject of feather dusters. A feather duster should be part of every clean household. Not only do you ensure a beautiful dust-free environment, but you also prevent allergies and health problems that can be caused by dust.


  • With an adjustable telescopic rod already mounted on your feather duster, you can also reach higher areas and optimally remove dust from them.
  • Feather dusters are mainly made of microfibres. These are electrostatically charged. Your feather duster therefore optimally absorbs dust from a wide variety of surfaces.
  • A high-quality feather duster, which is also adjustable in size, is inexpensive to purchase and offers you hygienic cleanliness in your environment. This effect is already visible after the first use.

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Buying and evaluation criteria for feather dusters

In the following, we have listed the most important buying and evaluation criteria for feather dusters so that you do not lose track when buying. We will then explain these buying and evaluation criteria in more detail:

  • Adjustability
  • Material
  • Cleaning
  • Handling
  • Size


Before buying a feather duster, you should check whether it is adjustable or not. It is important to be able to reach higher areas so that you can optimally remove dust from your flat or house. To get your ceiling free of dust and cobwebs, you can easily extend a good feather duster.

You then have a telescopic handle and can comfortably clean every corner. And you don’t put yourself in danger because you don’t have to climb a chair or ladder. Most dusters are sold with a telescopic handle. If you want to clean higher areas with your feather duster, you should pay attention to the adjustability when buying it.


Feather dusters can be made of different materials. There are feather dusters made of ostrich feathers, lambswool or synthetic fibres. The most common variation, however, is made of microfibres.

This is mainly due to the excellent property that microfibres can be cleaned easily and often. If you want to use your feather duster more than once, make sure it is made of microfibres.


To effectively remove dust and dirt from your home, you need to clean your feather duster regularly. The best way to clean your feather duster depends on the material. Dusters made of ostrich feathers can be easily shaken out. The special thing about this material is its electrostatic charge, which attracts the dust.

A light shake is enough and the dust falls out of the feathers. With feather dusters made of microfibres, you simply wash the dust out with warm water over your sink after use. Then let your feather duster dry until the next time you use it.


A feather duster is easy to use. In most cases, all you have to do is turn the head with the dust-absorbing material onto the telescopic rod. There is already a thread for this. This way, you can easily twist the head off again after use to clean your feather duster.


The standard feather dusters are adjustable in size. The telescopic rod allows you to adjust the size as needed. If you also want to clean your ceilings and walls with the feather duster, make sure you buy an adjustable feather duster. You can adjust the size between 40 and 250 centimetres.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about feather dusters answered in detail

In the following, we have selected the most important questions about feather dusters and answered them for you. So you are well informed about feather dusters.

Who is a feather duster suitable for?

A feather duster is suitable for anyone who wants to remove dust, cobwebs or other fine dirt from surfaces. Dusters are, as the name suggests, preferably used to fight dust on surfaces. So if you want to keep your home dust-free, you should use a feather duster regularly.


A dust-free environment is not only visually beautiful, but also prevents allergies and health problems.
(Image source: Philipp Berndt / unsplash)

By the way, regular use of a feather duster is highly advisable. By keeping your environment hygienically clean and free of dust, you prevent allergies and illnesses.

What types of feather dusters are there?

There are three types of feather dusters. Dusters made of microfibres are the most common. You can also buy feather dusters made of ostrich feathers or lambswool. Whether you buy a duster with or without a telescopic pole depends on your personal needs.

However, we recommend that you buy an adjustable feather duster. You can also use it to remove dust from your blankets.

How much does a feather duster cost?

The costs for your feather duster are very manageable. There are two price categories: reusable and non-reusable.
type price range
reusable 5 – 20€
not reusable 1 – 5€

In our overview you can see that you can buy a feather duster at a reasonable price.


With an adjustable feather duster, you can also optimally remove dust and cobwebs from shelves or surfaces in higher regions.
(Image source: Stella Dimitrova / unsplash)

We recommend that you use a feather duster that you can reuse. This way, you not only save money in the long run, but also the environment.

How do you clean the feather duster?

As we have already learned, the cleaning of your feather duster depends on the material. The most common dusters are made of microfibres. These are electrostatically charged by nature and virtually suck up the dust from the surface.

You can easily clean your feather duster under warm water and wash it out. You should not use any extra detergent, as this could damage the microfibres. After you have carefully washed your feather duster, simply hang it up to dry until the next time you use it.


A feather duster should actually find its use in every household. If you value a clean environment and dust on your surfaces is a thorn in your side, a feather duster is the right product for you. A dust-free environment not only has visual advantages. In fact, a feather duster can have a positive impact on your health. A dust-free environment is not only more beautiful, but also more hygienic.

You can actively prevent allergies and other health hazards.73 It is important for you to know that there are fixed and adjustable feather dusters. We have explained in detail what you should look for when buying a feather duster so that you are now well equipped to remove dust from your home.

Image source: 9nong/ 123rf