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Welcome to Monederosmart! Every detail of your home is important and says a lot about you, having impeccable taps is the dream of any interior decoration lover. We have the opportunity to show you all about taps, as well as to show you which are the best products on the market today.

A tap is not only an instrument to let water flow, it can also be a plus in interior decoration. An object like this with a design that matches your rooms adds value to your home. There are so many different brands of taps that choosing the perfect one is difficult, so we will help you choose the right one.

Our platform, Monederosmart, is designed to help you get the product you need. It’s not enough for us that it’s just any product, it has to be the best. That’s why we offer you relevant information, news, pros and cons, variants, purchasing factors and user reviews.


  • The tap is a device used in plumbing and its function is to open, close or regulate the flow of water. It is used wherever you need water, such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and more. There is a wide variety of models and designs that match our environments.
  • There are at least 4 types of variants in the world of taps. The simple one, which is no longer used as much as it used to be. The mixer tap, which allows you to have two controls for hot and cold water. The single lever mixer taps, where you can do everything with just one lever. And finally, thermostatic mixers.
  • Do you want to make the best purchase? Take into account the purchase factors that we show you, where you can find the uses, the manufacturing materials, the types of faucets, as well as the design and appearance of the tap you want. Be sure of every detail and you will have the right product for you.

The best Faucet: Our Picks

Even washing the dishes becomes more pleasant when the tap you turn on and off is of the highest quality and beautifully designed. In this section we won’t beat around the bush, here are our three recommended faucet products. They are of the highest quality with a design that is useful and pleasing to the eye.

Buying guide: What you need to know about taps

Want to know all about taps? This is the section you’ve been looking for. Our buying guide shows you every detail about the product, from the good to the bad. Because if you want to get the best product in its category, you need to know absolutely everything about it.

A tap enhances our personal hygiene experience. (Photo: wckiw /

What is a tap and what are its advantages?

It is a tool that allows you to open, regulate or close the flow of water. It must be connected to a pipe to do its job. It is used in all places that require water, almost everywhere, such as restaurants, homes, hospitals, offices and more. They have a particular design to make the water fall efficiently.

Nowadays there are a lot of taps with different uses and designs, to suit all kinds of needs. We can tell which room a tap is for just by looking at it. Because they are so useful and necessary, the market for the product is huge, allowing the user to choose from a long list of brands.

The blessed rubber! Don’t you find yourself washing your utensils and the tap starts spraying water all over the place? This product has a foil on its nozzle with different designs, to prevent the water from splashing. In previous models this job was done by a rubber, nowadays they are more robust or made of plastic.

  • They allow you to regulate, open or close the water flow
  • There are taps for the kitchen, bathroom, garden and more
  • They come in different sizes and designs
  • There is a wide range of prices
  • They require technical maintenance at least once a year
  • They must be treated with care to avoid damaging them
  • It is necessary to clean them constantly to avoid deterioration

Single, mixer, single lever or thermostatic taps: what should you pay attention to?

There are a variety of taps in terms of their operation that you need to know about before making your purchase. Choosing one of these may change your life completely for the better. It is always advisable to buy the product that best fulfils the role for what you need.

Simple. These are the most traditional and currently not widely used, unless it is in places such as gardens where only one type of water is used. Because they only allowed cold water to pass through, and to have hot water you had to install another tap. They are robust and durable, as well as being simple to operate.

Mixer. At the time, the mixer tap revolutionised the world of plumbing as it allowed both hot and cold water to be installed in the same product. Two taps were enough for a person to have cold water, hot water or a mixture of both in their home. It is still in use today.

Single lever. These are newer taps that use a lever to regulate the water flow and temperature, the first by tilting and the second by turning it. So you can have total control of the water in a single tap. The newest and highest quality products using single lever taps.

Thermostatic. This type of tap allows you to modify both the flow rate and the temperature of the water with an auxiliary control. It is considered to be a time saver, as you do not have to look for the right temperature, but set it at once, as well as the force with which the water comes out.

Single Single lever Mixer Single lever Thermostatic
Installation Single (hot and cold water) Double (hot and cold water) Double (hot and cold water) Double (hot and cold water) Double (hot and cold water)
Size Small Small to medium Medium to large Medium to large Medium to large
Price Low Medium High High High

How much does a tap cost?

Some are cheaper than others due to their structure, design and materials. You can get a simple tap from 50 to 150 MXN. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more modern and with a double handle you can find them from 100 to 500 MXN. Of course, thermostatic taps are more expensive, as are single lever taps because of their utility.

A single lever mixer, being the most popular nowadays, can cost as little as 230 MXN if it is for the bathroom, but for the kitchen they are from 400 to 2,000 MXN. We are talking about Mexican brands, because if we want to import from other countries the price can range from 2,000 to 9,000 MXN, and even much more.

Where to buy a tap?

Taps are plumbing articles, interior decoration and household products, which can be found in hardware stores and department stores. There are also distributors and specialised shops such as Grohe and MOEN that offer a variety of models. As well as Walmart, Home Depot and other department stores.

Online shops are another great option to buy new faucets, Amazon has a wide variety of products in its stores and with the possibility of free shipping. Similarly, Mercado Libre is the meeting place for thousands of shops in Mexico that offer this product. Last but not least, you can visit Ebay.

Buying Criteria

If you have come here after our buying guide it is because you are serious about decorating your home with a new faucet. Well, this is the best section to buy a product that is of high quality and satisfies your needs. With these factors you will have an infallible buying criteria.


The first thing you should think about before buying a tap is where you are going to put it and what you are going to use it for. This will help you to choose a more specific product that will do the job as you expect and without waste.

Outdoors. Sometimes we need taps that can fulfil a function in the gardens or outdoor parts of our home. For times like this you don’t need a top of the range tap, but you do need one that is durable and hard wearing. A simple one can do the job perfectly and save you a few extra pesos.

Kitchen. The kitchen tap is one of the taps that has been designed to fulfil a decorative function that combines with the other pieces of furniture in the room. It is recommended for this one that you leave aside the simple ones and mixers, and go for beautiful mixer taps with flexible necks.

Bathrooms and others. Bathroom fittings are in the hands of the owners of the bathroom. Some prefer something robust but functional, while others seek to provide it with a much better look. Here you can choose your preferred tap variant, but we recommend you to leave the simple ones aside.

Materials of manufacture

Plumbing products or other products related to the construction of a property it is essential that they are strong and durable. Especially when they are exposed to strong conditions such as water at different temperatures. To guarantee these two qualities the tap must be made of the best materials.

Plastic. Believe it or not, there are countless plastic taps that seem to have been created to minimise the cost to an unimaginable level. Plastic is totally water resistant which makes it an ideal material, however, its appearance is rather poor in comparison to other equally resistant materials.

Brass. One of the alloys used to make the outside of taps, chrome-plated brass is usually used to add to the beauty of the faucet. This product looks much better and is resistant although it must be cared for and kept clean so that it does not deteriorate easily.

Stainless steel. The material to last by definition, the stainless property of this steel makes it the best material for taps although it is also the most expensive. If you want something long-lasting and that looks good, you must be willing to pay a few extra pesos for stainless steel, a guarantee of quality.

Copper. Copper is the material used inside these taps, as it does not modify the water conditions and is extremely resistant. If you want to know if a tap is a quality tap, ask about its exterior as well as its interior, if it has copper it is good.

They are very easy to use and allow water filtering. (Photo: gemenacom /123RF)

Types of taps

There are different types of taps with a different system that allow us to open, close or regulate the water. It is ideal for any buyer of this product to know all aspects of it, especially one that is so important and that, yes, influences the cost of the product.

Ball valve. This is the name given to the type of faucet or valve that has a kind of sphere with holes, which helps to close or open the faucet. Although this type of tap is not suitable for regulating water, because it is not precise, it is one of the best for completely closing or opening the water flow.

Ceramic discs. Single lever taps have this type of tap with a ceramic disc system. Everything is based on a simple system in which, as you move the knob, there are discs that rotate, leaving the cold or hot water pipes open to a greater or lesser degree.

Gate. Usually found on very old taps or large pipes. With this tap you move a gate from one side to the other that opens or closes the water flow, it is ideal for not having any type of leakage but it is complicated to regulate.

Timed faucets. These are the type of taps used in bathroom faucets, where you just press a switch to make the water flow, and after releasing it, the tap itself will determine the right moment to cut off the water flow.

Taps are not only important in the kitchen, but also in your bathroom. (Photo: Chay Bewley /

Design and appearance

One of the most amusing and yet not least important purchasing factors. Because when we see a tap, no matter how great and high quality it is, if it looks ugly we are unlikely to buy it. The design and appearance of the faucet take a position in our criteria because we are beings that fall in love partly because of the eye-catching.

Chromed, matte, coloured, with beautiful curves or geometric, the world of taps is enormous and offers a wide variety of designs. We recommend that when you buy one you check if the style of the product corresponds to the style of the environment where you will install it, because a clash of style can lower its charm.

(Featured image photo: Kasper Nymann /123RF)