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Going to a beauty salon once a week for a facial cleanse can quickly make a large dent in your bank account. There is another alternative, a machine you may have heard about called a facial steamer, which is based on a traditional ritual in many cultures: a sauna or steam bath. With this machine, steam is directed into the face by a machine with the intention of cleaning and reinvigorating the skin.

It is very common these days for women to utilise and receive the benefits of a facial steamer in the comfort of their own home. With your own facial steamer, you can not only have the feeling of being in a spa, but also use it as frequently and way you want. If you are interested to know more, read the following guide on facial steamers to discover the benefits and what you should take into account when buying one.


  • You can perform a facial steam at home by buying one of the best products on the market at an affordable price. Many facial steamers have different settings that allow you to use the vaporiser for beauty treatments and the humidifier for nose and mouth inhalations.
  • A facial steamer has many benefits for the skin. It opens the pores and stimulates the sebaceous flow, extracting debris that accumulates on your skin. Using a facial steamer also increases blood flow to your skin, bringing more oxygen to your skin and triggering cell regeneration.
  • Not all skin types benefit from a facial steamer, which is why you should know your skin complexion to determine if you will benefit from this treatment prior to buying any product. Those people with sensitive skin should be cautious when using a facial steamer. Other skin types, such as those poeple that tend to have acne, can benefit significantly from a facial steamer.

The best facial steamers: Our Picks

The latest facial steamer appliances on the market offer versatility and many ways to improve your skin. They can be used for beauty treatments, aromatherapy or to release congestion during a cold. Here are the five best facial steamers on the market thanks to their price, features and quality. Take a close look at this list to find a facial steamer that suits you.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about facial steamers

A facial steamer is basically a machine to give your face a steam bath. It has many health benefits and can improve the appearance of your complexion. A face steamer is part of many professional facial beauty treatments and thanks to the home machines that have been designed, you can now enjoy the benefits of these treatments at home. In the following section we will cover some of the most important aspects to consider before introducing a facial steamer into your beauty routine.

Facial Steamer

A facial sauna can help people who suffer from acne.
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What is a facial steamer and what are the advantages of using one?

A facial steamer is based on the ancient practice of the sauna and steam rooms, which are used in many cultures, such as Japan. The word is actually of Finnish origin and describes a steam bath provided by throwing water on hot stones. Some cultures prefer hot, dry rooms to promote sweating and detoxing, whereas others a more humid environment. These traditional practices have been adapted by the facial steaming machines to direct the benefits of hot temperatures and steam directly to the face.

For many years, facial steaming was limited to putting your face over a pot of boiling water or visiting a specialised beauty salon. This has all changed with the emergence of home facial steam machines. These machines are very easy, safe and allow you to routinely care for your skin at a low cost.

Dr. Dennis GrossDermatologist
“All skin types can reap the benefits of facial steaming, especially those with dry skin, as it’s a great way to cleanse without using irritating or harsh scrubs. It’s also amazing if you have oily skin or large pores which are prone to surface build up as it’s a natural way to clean and hydrate simultaneously”.

A facial steamer opens up the pores, increases sweating, blood circulation in the skin and stimulates the replacement of cells. It is ideal for preparing your skin for exfoliation treatments, hydration or for fixing specific skin issues such as acne. You should take care not to use a facial steamer too often, as it can irritate your skin if overused.

  • Increases circulation and oxygenation
  • Opens pores through sweating
  • Stimulates skin regeneration
  • Helps penetration of facial treatments and creams
  • Diminishes blackheads and improves acne problems
  • May make rosacea (skin redness) worse
  • Sensitive skin may be irritated
  • May dry the skin out if used too often or for too long

How do I use a facial sauna?

The first step is to wipe your face. This will help prevent your pores from becoming congested and allow blocked pores to open more easily. Fill the container of your home facial steamer with distilled or bottled water. In many cities, tap water contains added minerals that may clog your skin even further.

If you wish, you can include some essential oils in the water to stimulate aromatherapy. We recommend that before using any facial steamer, that you test with your hand to see if you have any adverse reactions. Turn on the facial steamer and hover your face over the part that emits the steam. Relax and enjoy the benefits of hot steam on your face.

Tip: Your face should be about 20 cm from the machine to avoid burns to your skin. Keep your face in front of the steam for 6 to 12 minutes.

Facial Steamer

After using a facial steamer, you can apply other products directly on your skin.
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What products can compliment a facial steamer?

You can combine a facial steamer with essential oils in the water. Lavender or chamomile are great options. Essential oils can increase the feeling of relaxation offered by steam treatments. After using a facial steamer, you can apply other products directly to your skin.

You may wish to apply a mask, such as a white clay mask after using your facial steamer. These help to remove impurities once the pores have been opened by the facial steamer. You can also use a hydrating serum such as hyaluronic acid to improve hydration. Once you have completed all the steps of the facial cleansing routine, you can finish the treatment with a moisturiser.

What precautions should I take when using a facial steamer?

Facial steamers may not benefit all skin types. The steam that is emitted increases the temperature of your face and triggers a process of thermoregulation. This means that the blood flow significantly increases to lower the temperature of your skin. Therefore, the symptoms of rosacea, eczema, dermatitis or skin that tends to become red, may actually worsen.

Avoid positioning your face too close to the steam jet of a facial steamer. The steam is hot, as it comes from water that has been heated to its evaporation point. If you are too close, the steam will have a very high temperature and may cause irritation or even burns.

Using a facial steamer is not a daily routine. In other words, you should only do it once or twice a week. Try not to do it more than this, as you can irritate and dry out your skin. You should always follow the instructions of the device you purchase, as each machine is different.

How can a facial steamer improve my acne problems?

A facial steamer can help people that suffer from acne. Acne occurs when pores produce too much sebum or because skin follicles become clogged. The latter are usually called blackheads. Acne is not aesthetically pleasing and often leads to self-image problems, especially amongst adolescents.

By increasing perspiration and sweat production, facial steamers increase perspiration, which pushes out the debris that is clogged in the pores. When combining a facial steamer with masks that remove blockages, such as a white clay mask, you can significantly improve acne-suffering skin.

Facial Steamer

Avoid positioning your face too close to the jet of the facial steamer, as the steam is very hot.
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You must never dig up pimples, blackheads or acne with your nails. Dermatologists recommend never to do this as nails usually have bacteria or dirt that can increase acne. If you do, at least use a cotton swab and not your nails.

You may be wondering if a facial steamer is a good option for saving money. Prices for facial cleansing in professional beauty salons can be extreme. If you want to periodically cleanse your complexion without impacting your wallet, a home facial steamer may be the solution for you.

You can use a facial steamer once or twice a week at home and doing this will decrease the number of times you need a professional cleaning. On social networks such as YouTube, you can find videos to help you understand how to use these devices. We always recommend that you carefully read the instructions on the device you purchase, and if in doubt, ask a professional or friend who has used one of these machines before.

Shopping Criteria

If you are planning on purchasing a facial steamer, it is important to take into account certain factors to make a quality purchase. Your skin type and the results you want to achieve may affect your product decision. It is important to explore the options on the market and understand the differences between them. In the following section we have included the most important aspects that can help you in this process.

Skin Type

As mentioned earlier in this guide, the type of skin you have is a key factor when using a facial steamer. Not all skin types benefit from this treatment, so you must pay close attention to this aspect. Some people may not react well to the heat of the steam, while others may benefit from it. You should ensure that you know your skin type prior to purchasing a facial steamer as certain machines suit certain skin types.

  • Sensitive skin. If your skin is easily irritated, you have eczema, rosacea or skin with a tendency to become red, it is not recommended to use a facial steamer. The steaming process increases blood flow and therefore may increase your existing skin issues.
  • Acne. People who have a tendency to develop acne can greatly benefit from using a facial steamer. The steam from these machines makes it easier to perform a deep cleanse and release debris.
  • Blackheads. Performing a facial steam once or twice a week will help reduce the visibility of blackheads. These are caused when skin follicles become blocked with debris.

Level adjustment

There are some facial steamers that only have one level or one intensity. They simply turn on and off, nothing more. Other facial steamers, on the other hand, offer you the possibility of adjusting the machine according to your skin sensitivity or the type treatment you want to do. Some advanced machines can even emit hot or cold steam. The latter helps you close your pores.

Desired results

Depending on what you are looking to change in your skin, you should choose complimentary products to accompany the steamer. If you want a relaxation session, adding some essential oils into the water is your best option. Scents help with relaxation and may provide added benefits for your complexion.

If you want a deep cleansing, you should accompany your sauna session with a cleansing mask. White clay is highly recommend. You can finish each steaming session with a moisturising cream or similar product.

Facial Steamer

You can combine creams and aromatic essences to enhance the feeling of relaxation.
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Additional functions

The benefit of owning a homemade facial steamer goes far beyond improving the complexion of your skin. The machine can serve as a humidifier, for aromatherapy or for mouth and nose inhalations when you have a cold. Some of the machines include adapters for the steam jet. This allows you to use the steam in the way that you want and achieve your desired outcome.


Facial steamers can be a fantastic addition to your weekly beauty routine. They help with deep cleansing and opening the pores on your face. The steam increases sweating and triggers more blood flow to your skin, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the surface. This treatment also helps to stimulate cell regeneration and growth. The overall effect will leave your skin healthier, fresher and more elastic.

We recommend accompanying a facial steamer with other treatments for your skin. Using steam helps your skin absorb creams or face masks more effectively and also relaxes you without having to spend a lot of money each time.

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