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Need to choose face towels but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place: ReviewBox Brasil, your online shopping guide. The face towel is an indispensable piece of clothing. Present in the vast majority of homes around the world, it can come in various materials, models and sizes.

But to find an ideal model for your needs, you must know well the characteristics of this product. Follow this article and check out tips, information and curiosities, to choose your face towel without fear of making a mistake.


  • The market offers thousands of face towel options. To choose the ideal one, define the place and profile of users, to choose the most appropriate colour and size.
  • Material, weight, model and details of the piece are some of the features to be evaluated when buying.
  • Prices vary a lot. Fluctuations occur according to the material and brand chosen, besides other factors such as embroidery details, lace and finishing in general. It is possible to find simple towels for as little as £5, while the most luxurious and elaborate ones may cost more than £100.

The Best Face Towel: Our Picks

Buying guide

After washing your face, brushing your teeth or washing your hands, there’s nothing better than a clean, well-absorbent, soft-touch towel to dry your skin. That is why it is important to invest in good face towels, which can do all this for you, and more.

Check out our Buying Guide to learn all about this product that is a must-have in your wardrobe, but can also bring much more life and colour to your bathroom.

Moça sorri enquanto seca a face com toalha de rosto

Models without many details are softer for the delicate skin of the face. (Source: puhhha/

Face Towel: How to choose the best one?

Face towel is made of various materials, whether natural, synthetic or mixed. It is necessary to define the frequency and the main form of use of the towel to choose the most suitable model.

As the towel needs to be washed frequently, pay attention to the quality as a whole. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to know which is the most suitable material for your needs. Check out tips for choosing the ideal towel:

  • If you live in very humid regions, prefer thin towels with lower grammage, which will dry faster;
  • Smaller grammages are also ideal for carrying in bags and suitcases for trips, outings, swimming pools or gyms;
  • Towels with short yarns are less soft and shed hair;
  • Longer yarns are softer and do not shed hair;
  • Avoid excessive embroidery and lace, which may cause discomfort and skin irritation.

How to wash and care for your face towel?

So that your towels do not lose their softness and last longer, some care with washing and storage are necessary. Check out our tips:

  • Wash separately: Friction with other types of garments and fabric in the washing machine wears out the fibres and can form pinholes;
  • Soap and water to the measure: Consider the real volume of clothes. Too little soap does not wash properly. Thus, if you use too much water, there will be dilution and, consequently, not enough soap. Use the correct amount for the load of towels you are going to wash.
  • Softener without exaggeration: The excess of product can waterproof the towel, leaving it less absorbent and decreasing the efficiency of the washes;
  • Use vinegar: White vinegar (alcohol or apple vinegar) softens the towels and does not leave a smell. Use a cup of tea at each full wash, replacing the softener.
  • Shade and cool water: Do not wash towels in warm or hot water. The heat can damage the fibres. Also avoid using a dryer, drying towels in the shade;
  • Ironing no way: Ironing without steam removes the softness and decreases the useful life of the towel. Steam irons leave the towels humid, causing mildew and bad smell.

How often should I change my face towel?

Keeping your face towel clean and dry is not only a matter of comfort, but also of health. Always in contact with humidity, body secretions and dead cells, the towels are the perfect environment for the culture of fungi and bacteria.

Face towels need to be sanitized and changed frequently

So face towels need to be sanitized and changed frequently. There is no consensus among experts about the ideal time to replace a face towel. If it is used by only one person, 5 to 15 uses can be made before it is necessary to wash it.

If the towel has community use, the ideal is to change it daily, or at most every 2 days.

Did you know? A good alternative to eliminate microorganisms and make the towel safe to use for more days is to dry it in the sun.

But since the sun can harden the fabric and fade the original colour, the secret is to be careful. Leave it out in the sun for a while, and then let it finish drying in the shade in a well-ventilated place. This way, the towel will stay new for longer

How many face towels do I need to have in my trousseau?

To properly wash and change your face towels, it is essential to have a quantity of spare pieces to use while the others are washed. To define the ideal number of towels for your home, take into consideration:

  • Number of inhabitants or toilets/washing rooms;
  • Frequency of clothes washing.

Depending on the dynamics of the home the towel may be for individual or shared use. With this account in mind, the ideal is that for each bathroom and/or inhabitant there are at least three face towels in the house.

Thus, while one is in use, another will be in the laundry room and the third will be a reserve in the wardrobe.

How much does it cost and where to buy the face towel?

The price of a face towel varies according to the model, brand, material and details of the product. You can find basic pieces from £5. Already more sophisticated models, with applications of lace and embroidery can have much higher prices.

You can buy your face towel in physical shops specialized in Bed, Table and Bath products, such as Havan, Mmartan and Zelo, among others. You can also find the product in large department stores or hypermarkets such as Lojas Americanas, Extra, Carrefour or Walmart.

It is also possible to buy online, taking advantage of the convenience of e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Mercado Livre and Fast Shop.

Toalha de rosto apoiada em cuba de pia do banheiro

Face towels should be changed frequently to avoid accumulation of micro-organisms. (Source: Sferrario1968/

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare face towel models

Below we will present some features you should be aware of when comparing face towel models, types and brands for your home. They are:

Below is the detailing of these characteristics, so that no doubt remains:


Face towels are made of several types of material, including natural and synthetic fabrics. However, the most common material is cotton, which has high absorption power, is soft and easy to maintain.

Towels made of a mix of cotton and polyester fabric are also popular, which are cheaper but of inferior quality. They may be less soft, with low absorption and may become rough after washing.


Besides the material, the type of yarn used in the face towel also influences the quality and absorption power. The main types of yarn used in the manufacturing of towels are:

Material Characteristics
Cotton or cotton Of vegetable origin, it is the most commonly used in towels. It has high absorption power and dries quickly
Egyptian cotton The longest in the world, it generates fine, more durable, soft and shiny yarns
Combed yarn Yarn is “combed” to eliminate short fibers, resulting in more softness and resistance
Nanocotton Cotton fiber with the application of softener nanoparticles to increase softness and absorption power
Twisted yarn Made from the twisting of two cotton threads, generating a more resistant one. Used for designs in high relief, maintains definition and volume for longer

Details and embroidery

Crochet finishing, embroidery, lace and applications are some details that can make your face towel and the decoration of your bathroom more charming, refined and unique.

But although these details make a big difference in the towel, they can make it more expensive. Evaluate carefully the cost benefit of the optionals.


The face towel grammage is measured in g/m². The characteristic indicates the quantity of grams of cotton fiber per m² that exist in the material used.

The higher the grammage, the heavier and thicker the towel and the softer and smoother the touch.

Banheiro branco com toalhas de rosto vermelhas

Towels in vibrant colours help give the bathroom a cheerful look. (Source: Cocoparisienne/

The grammage influences the quality and price. Face towels with high grammages are more expensive, but last much longer if properly cared for.

If you value quality, choose towels between 400 g/m² and 600 g/m².

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