Last updated: 16/10/2022

Did you know that there are eyeshadow colours that go better with each eye colour? And that the type of eyes also requires specific tricks to highlight the look? In this article we want to bring you the best tips on eye make-up. Stay with us until the end and understand what to do to make your eyes even more highlighted.


  • The eyes are one of the most important points of makeup, even on a daily basis. Generally, it is through the eyes that the make-up is highlighted.
  • There are shades of eyeshadow that go better with certain eye colours. Green eyes, for example, look great with bronze shadows.
  • Some techniques turbinate the eye makeup. Eyelashes and eyebrow care are two of them.

Tips to make the best make-up for your type of eyes

Each face is unique. And the eyes are largely responsible for the identity of each being. In this article, we’ve selected the best tips for you to get the best out of your eyes through make-up. Stay with us until the end and learn how to highlight your eyes!

Imagem mostra mulher deitada com olhos bem maquiados

Green eyes go very well with brown, copper or grey shades. (Source: Atikh Bana/

The Best Eye Make- Up: Our Picks

What is the right eye makeup for each eye type?

While there are makeup tricks that work for all women, some tips are unique to a certain type of face. The eyes are one of those areas that require knowledge of the features in order to highlight them. Whether your eyes are small, large, deep or droopy, there are suitable techniques to lighten them.

Big eyes

Big eyes are great for shading, preferably with darker shades to create more depth. Avoid very light shades, as they make the eyes look more wide-eyed. Another good tip is the eyeliner, which can be thick and along the entire length of the upper lashes. As well as the black pencil on the water line. Also, lighten the area below the eyebrows to finish your make-up.

Small eyes

A good trick is to use white pencil on the lower waterline to expand the look. Therefore, always avoid black pencil in this same area. Another tip to lighten the eyes is the shadow in gradient, darkening the corner of the eyes, also abuse of mascara in this extremity. About the eyeliner, it should always be done on the outside, on the upper or lower lash line.

Deep eyes

Use light eyeshadow, since dark eyeshadow deepens the eyes even more. In this case, an illuminating shadow in neutral tones on the eyelid is the best option. Of course, you can mix it with darker shades, just be careful not to overdo it. Don’t use too bright shades below the eyebrow either.
The rule in this type of look is: the more light on the eyelids, the better

Droopy eyes

When eyes look droopy at the corners, focus on the upper part. You need to lift your eyes. One way to do this is to use dark eyeshadow on the tips, always facing upwards. The eyeliner, for example, should start very thin and be drawn upwards to meet the end of the eyebrow. Forget the black pencil on the lower region and abuse of mascara on the upper eyelashes.

Mulher sendo maquiada por profissional.

The kitten eyeliner is a good option for this type of look. (Source: freestocks/

The perfect shade for every eye colour

Now that you’ve learned the best techniques for each eye colour, enhance these tips with the right shade for your iris colour.

Eye Colour Perfect shade Avoid
Black Matches with almost every eye shadow colour Beware of green shades
Brown Matches with almost every eye shadow colour, especially shades of green, blue, lilac and orange No colour restriction
Honey Golden, green, peach, violet and salmon Shades of blue
Blue Brown, gold, copper, graphite and black Orange
Green Purple, wine, pink, brown, copper, honey and gray Orange and blue

Extra tips to enhance eye make-up

Do you already know how to make your eyes more striking? Before finalizing this article, we want to bring you some more simple tips, but essential, for you to finish your makeup highlighting all the potential of your look. After all, the detail does make a difference in the final result of your production.

1. Remember your eyebrows

There is no point in trying to highlight your eyes and leaving your eyebrows aside. This region is also part of the eyes and deserves care in the makeup. Remove the excess eyebrows so that the eyes gain even more prominence. Use a good brush or pencil to draw and fill in your eyebrows.

2. The eyelashes are very important

Use and abuse of the eyelash mask, there is no problem in valuing the look with layers of mascara. Still, if your makeup is being made for a night event, bet on false eyelashes, but leave this tip only for the night.

Close em olhar de mulher

The eyelash mask enhances the look. (Source: Allef Vinicius/

3. Contour

Although this tip is not directly related to the eyes, when you bet on a good contour, especially on the nose, it opens even more space for the look to gain prominence.


It is impossible to make a beautiful make-up forgetting the eyes, they are the ones that highlight the face. And there are right tricks for the type and colour of eyes. When you learn the right techniques you enhance your make-up and illuminate your face. We hope that this article has brought you the right information to highlight your eyes. Share it with your friends and help them discover which tricks are right for their eyes too!

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