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Welcome to ReviewBox Brasil. If you are looking to learn more about expandable hose you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to talk about which are the best models available for purchase here in Brazil.

Whether it’s for washing the yard, the car or watering the garden, hoses are very useful. And if you choose the expandable model you’ll come across many advantages.

This type of hose is lighter, is stored easily and, on top of all this, does not kink or distort. We will explain what the differences between the main products are and what you should pay attention to.


  • Expandable hoses are also known as magic hoses.
  • Their size can vary quite a bit. Among the main models, the most common is an expansion by up to three times.
  • Expandable hoses can be used for a variety of purposes, such as washing the yard, the car or for watering plants. For each function, there is a specific jet.

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Do you live in a house with a backyard? If so, you surely know how much work it is to clean it frequently. It’s even more work if you have a garden.

If you don’t have a hose to perform this activity, you end up having to fill several buckets with water straight from the tap. So, if you don’t want to get tired by having to do simple everyday tasks, an expandable hose can help a lot.

Menino brinca com a água esguichada por uma mangueira no jardim de uma casa.

Expandable hoses can be used for watering the garden, cleaning the yard or washing cars. (Source: Johan Bos / Pexels)

What is expandable hose?

The expandable hose is also known as the magic hose. And this is no illusion, no. This accessory can help a lot with tasks that require the use of water.

This versatile hose features technology formulated to make everyday life easier and more convenient. The main uses are while cleaning the house, the yard and watering the garden.

What are the advantages of the expandable hose?

Compared to a regular garden hose, the expandable hose has several advantages. Expansion is the main one.

When turned on to the tap, the fitting grows up to three times its original size. As soon as the water is turned off, the hose returns to its original size.

Because of this, we come to the second advantage of this product: it is very easy to store. When the hose is emptied, it returns to its normal size. This allows it to be stored anywhere, as it takes up very little space.

On the downside, be wary of very cheap versions. They may have low quality materials.

  • Can reach up to 3 x its size
  • Light and easy to store
  • Easy to use
  • Very cheap versions do not have good quality

What is the difference between expandable and regular hose?

An important differentiating factor is the weight. In general, these expandable hoses, despite their size, are very light. The weight does not reach 1 kg, unlike the common hoses, which are heavy.

The so-called magic hoses do not bend or kink, thanks to the technology used in their production. In other words, with this product, water continues to flow out at all times. Conventional hoses end up bending and preventing the flow of water.

Finally, the expandable hoses are capable of performing several functions, since they have intelligent triggers. They have up to seven different squirt positions. So, all you have to do is choose the ideal jet, leave it in the position indicated and use it. Among the positions are: shower, mist, straight, cone, vertical and flat.

Expandable hose Conventional hose
Size Variable. When it is emptied, the hose decreases in size You choose the length you want, but it is fixed
Storage Easy, as it decreases in size, it fits anywhere Difficult, it requires space compatible with the size
Weight Never exceeds 1 kg, an expandable hose of up to 30 meters weighs 500 g Depends on the size, a 15 meters conventional hose weighs about 2 kg
Use Easy, because it can bend and not twist More difficult, because it can bend and twist

Purchase criteria: How to compare offers of expandable hose

Have you thought it through and decided to invest in this product? When you are going to buy expandable hose take the following points into consideration, so you won’t regret it later:

  • Material
  • Length
  • Accessories and adapters
  • Weight

In the following, we will talk in detail about each of these items. They are important to help you in your choice.


The great differential of the expandable hoses is precisely the fact that they are made with a flexible and resistant material, such as natural latex and nylon. This way, they can stretch and shrink without damaging the structure.

So, when buying, check if the hose actually has the correct composition. Conventional hoses, made with PVC, for example, do not offer the same durability.

Mangueira expansível verde.

Choose quality materials, such as natural latex and nylon. (Source: Disclosure / Amazon)


Expandable hoses can stretch and reach up to 3 times their original size. However, it is important that this meets your needs.

Before the purchase, see what is the distance between the tap and the place you intend to use the product. If the environment is large and has only one outlet, the ideal is to buy a hose that reaches up to 30 meters. Now, if the place is small, a length of up to 15 meters will be enough.

Accessories and adapters

The accessories make the work easier when handling the hose. Guns or squirts make cleaning and irrigation work easier. To choose the best hose, evaluate what your needs are and the type of water jet that will suit your activities.

The expandable hose guns provide up to seven different functions. Prioritize models with this configuration for greater versatility.

Esguicho de água sendo liberado por uma mangueira.

Prioritise an expandable hose with a gun with up to 7 functions. (Source: creative2usa / Pixabay)


Although they are lightweight, check the weight of the expandable hose. Some brands can be heavier than another. Prefer lighter models, that way it is easier to handle and also to store.

Otherwise, you will think a thousand times before using the hose. There are models that weigh less than 400g, being very light.

(Featured Image Source: lightfieldstudios / 123RF)