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Erotic books have gained space in the publishing market and won over readers, especially women, for their engaging narrative, which brings together elements of romance and sexuality that stimulate the imagination and libido. And although erotic books are seen as a taboo for the more conservative readers, women of different ages seek in erotic literature a source of entertainment and a way to discover their own sexuality.


  • Erotic literature is a sub-genre of romance and erotic books are aimed at female audiences, as are romance novels.
  • Although most erotic romance titles portray the heterosexual relationship, more and more titles are aimed at LGBT audiences and feature the homo-affective relationship.
  • Erotic literature uses eroticism to pique readers’ interest in a fictional narrative or one based on real events. This genre is so popular that many titles have served as inspiration for feature films.

The Best Erotic Books: Our Picks

Everything you need to know about erotic literature

Considered by readers a mixture of romantic novel and pornographic, the erotic books have conquered more and more readers. Read on to find out more about this genre.

Main characteristics of erotic romance

Erotic romance books emphasize the sexual element through sensuality, sexuality and the search for pleasure and are a literary phenomenon, reinforcing the importance of these themes in national and international literature. Among the proposals of erotic literature, we can highlight the construction of the sexual imaginary and the stimulation of the libido of the readers through the sexual involvement of the characters.

But it is not only sexuality that composes the plot of an erotic book. As this is a sub-genre of romance, there are feelings between the characters, development of a relationship, emergence of intrigue and other elements that female readers love. In addition, erotic books can also address more serious topics such as the discovery of sexuality, abusive relationships, substance abuse, emotional dependence, among others.

Because of the theme, some women are wary of erotic reading. But despite addressing a topic considered taboo in society, erotic books can help the reader to better understand their own concepts of sexuality and desire. We cannot fail to mention that erotic reading is simple, fun and fluid, so much so that those who enjoy books of this genre, usually read many more titles than a traditional reader.

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Erotic romance arouses the interest of women of all ages. (Source: Helena Lopes/

Differences between erotic and pornographic romance

Erotic romance is a sub-genre of romance, in this way, erotic books include elements of romantic romance and vice versa. With a love relationship as the central element, a distinction is evident: in romance there is an exaltation of love and in erotic romance of sexual involvement. In the romantic novel, detailed descriptions of sexual relations between the characters are uncommon, even if the plot emphasises the sexual aspect.

The author encourages the reader to imagine these involvements. Regarding the erotic and pornographic novel, there is no literary or academic distinction regarding the denomination and often not even the content, because most erotic books have quite explicit passages. One explanation for this distinction would be that the publishing industry prefers to avoid using the term “pornography” to classify the works, due to the negative connotation with which the term is employed.

The influence of sexual orientation on the choice of erotic book

We mentioned earlier that erotic literature emphasises heterosexual relationships and is considered a book for women, however, you can find erotic books for readers of different genders and distinct sexual orientations, such as LGBT novels. In addition, these books address different sexual practices and fetishes, so we suggest you explore titles written by authors and for readers who understand sexuality in a different way. When you allow yourself to know different ways of thinking and feeling, you may discover elements of your sexuality that you didn’t know about. Sexual awakening can be individual or together with your partner.

What are the best erotic romance books?

Anyone who has never read an erotic romance book may be lost as to which one to choose, as there are countless titles and authors.

Learn about the erotic novels adapted to the cinema

Many erotic books were adapted and won their cinematographic versions, conquering a legion of fans of the books, the films or both. Besides the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by E. L. James, there are many others. One example is After, by Anna Todd, which chronicles the troubled relationship between the studious Tessa and the rebellious Hardin. Although the books and films are aimed at a young audience, be prepared for daring scenes between the couple. Those looking for a more adult storyline may like 365 days, based on the novel by author Blanka Lipinska. The story is controversial and has generated many discussions from the public and critics, but the sex scenes are guaranteed.

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Some erotic books have already been adapted for the big screen. (Source: Min An/


Erotic books are part of a literary genre that has won over more and more female readers. From autobiographical books to classics, you can find options for all tastes. You will find different plots of erotic romance, from romantic to explicit. Regardless of the title or author, try books in this genre, you’ll love it. Oh, also share this article with your friends.

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