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To prepare the best roasts, having a quality oven is indispensable and, among the options available, the best electric oven is one that stands out the most. This product brings together a number of advantages.

It can bake food faster, costs less and can still be very compact and take up little space. So, if you want to know more about the electric oven keep reading.


  • There are countertop and built-in electric oven models. The countertop ones are smaller and more practical, while the built-in ones add to the decor of the kitchen and have high power.
  • The size of this appliance is measured in litres and you can find options starting at 9 litres, and the largest ones exceed 40 litres.
  • Another variation of the best electric ovens are convection ovens, which cook food in a faster and more uniform way.

The Best Electric Oven: Our Picks

Buying guide

The electric oven is still a household appliance which raises many questions. That’s why, in this buying guide, we will answer the most common questions about it.

Na foto uma mulher abrindo um forno com uma pizza dentro

The electric oven allows the preparation of various recipes and there are domestic and industrial options. (Source: Olga Yastremska / 123rf)

What are the main types of electric oven?

The electric oven is a very popular product, which is increasingly gaining space in the lives of those who do not have much space and want a practical and efficient appliance. Among the models you can buy, there are two main types: built-in and countertop. We explain more about them now.

  • Built-in electric oven: As the name implies, this option of electric oven was developed to be placed inside a planned space. It is very common to install it between the cupboards in planned kitchens and its advantages are to save space and help decoration.
  • Electric countertop oven: The countertop electric ovens are the most traditional ones. They are highly practical, as they can be placed anywhere, but are usually less powerful than built-in models.

Electric or gas oven: which one is better?

When it comes to buying an oven, it is normal for people to have doubts about whether it is worth investing in a gas or electric model. Although both these products have the same function, in practice they are very different, so it is necessary to understand their details to make the best choice.

The electric oven guarantees greater temperature control and is smaller

The best electric oven uses only electricity to operate. It has the advantages of providing greater temperature control, being available in various sizes and maintaining the heat for longer after being turned off.

The downside is that this appliance uses up to 40% more energy than gas appliances and takes longer to heat up. The gas oven can heat up and cool down more quickly, reaches higher temperatures and uses little energy. However, it is usually larger and does not offer such precise temperature control.

Electric oven Gas oven
Size It is more compact It is larger
Temperature control Quite precise It is more imprecise
Heating and cooling time High Low
Indication for use Faster and smaller roasts Large foods that require longer cooking time

What is an electric convection oven?

Another variation of the best electric oven are the convection models, which have a slightly different operation. Inside this type of oven are fans, whose function is to replace cold air with hot air. Thanks to this, the food cooking process occurs about 25% faster and more uniformly. This is precisely why this product is widely used in professional kitchens, but there are also options for domestic use.

Na foto uma pessoa tirando uma fôrma com cupcakes de dentro de um forno.

The electric convection oven is widely used in restaurants, bakeries and industries, because it bakes food in a faster way, optimizing time. (Source: Taylor Grote/ Unsplash)

How to clean the electric oven?

The cleaning process of the electric oven is quite simple and this is another positive point of this appliance. For it to be performed first remove the product from the outlet and wait until it is completely cold. Then you can remove the shelves and wash them using soap and water.

Cleaning the inside of the oven is also important. To remove all the grease, we recommend wiping the walls of the product with a soapy cloth and rinsing with a slightly damp cloth. Then simply replace the shelves and wipe the outside of the electric oven with an alcohol or degreasing agent.

The electric oven appeared in 1892, the same period in which homes began to have electric energy. It was invented by the Canadian Thomas Ahearn

Buying criteria: How to compare the best electric ovens

To choose the ideal electric oven, you need to analyse several features of this product. Therefore, check out below everything you should check before the purchase.


As with gas and microwave ovens, the size of the electric oven is determined in litres. To make the right choice, it is necessary to analyse which dishes you want to prepare in this product, and it is possible to find options starting at 9 litres.

The smaller models are only suitable for baking small foods, such as cheese bread, muffins and the like. On the other hand, for a more intense and complete use, those with 30 litres or more are recommended. These take up more space, but can be used for meat, pasta, cakes and many other recipes.

Na foto uma pessoa tirando uma assadeira com bolinhos de dentro de um forno elétrico.

The smaller electric ovens are ideal for small recipes. (Source: Tim Douglas / Pexels)


As we told you above, the electric oven ensures greater temperature control. To this end the models available can operate with different temperature ranges. In this way, the ideal is the one that best suits your needs.

There are options that offer as a minimum temperature 50ºC, while others start at 80ºC. As for the maximum temperature, some reach 300ºC, but there are ovens that do not exceed 280ºC. Therefore, check which temperature range is the most used in your recipes and choose the one that best suits it.


The shelves are of great value in order to correctly bake food in the electric oven. However, there are models which come with only one shelf, while other more complete models offer two shelves.

The options with two shelves are more worthwhile

For practicality and optimization, it is better to invest in the options with two shelves, as they allow you to save time and energy. In addition, it is very interesting that the shelves are sliding, so the process of removing and placing products in the oven is easier and safer.

Functions and differentials

It is also interesting to analyze what are the additional functions performed by the electric oven. This is because they can be of great value in using this product. Thus, the most common are:

  • Timer: allows you to set a time for the preparation of the recipe and turning off the oven.
  • Internal lighting: Makes it easier to see what is being baked.
  • Self-cleaning: These oven models have an internal coating on which fats settle and are automatically eliminated by steam. This keeps the appliance clean.
  • Grill: For grilling cheese and browning meat.
  • Defrosting: This is one of the most modern functions in the electric oven. It defrosts the food in a similar way to microwave ovens.


To work, the electric oven must be plugged into the wall socket. However, not all models available are bivolt. Therefore, it is always necessary to check if the option chosen works in the same voltage as your socket.


The electric oven is the ideal product for those who want to have at home an appliance that roasts the most diverse foods and takes up less space, since gas models are usually larger. In this article we have gathered all the information about this appliance.

Thus, those who are looking for one of these can make a wise choice to be able to take advantage of the electric oven to prepare delicious recipes. If you liked this content be sure to share with your friends. Thanks for your visit and come back often!

Image Source: Marcos Ramírez / Unsplash