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Tender slices of cucumber or thicker chips – an electric grater can be used universally and is a true kitchen helper. Preparations in the kitchen for a healthy breakfast or a splendid dinner are done effortlessly and quickly by the electric grater.

With our electric grater test 2022 we want to help you and your cooking skills and find the ideal kitchen appliance for you. We have compiled detailed background information and will compare a simple electric grater and a multifunctional electric grater. We will then give you the most important advantages and disadvantages to make your purchase decision as easy as possible.


  • With an electric grater, you can easily and quickly slice, grate, grate or slice vegetables, fruit and many other foods. It can be used universally and makes work in the kitchen easier.
  • An electric grater is characterised by easy handling and great variety when cutting. Sustainably sharp cut knives and blades as well as proper cleaning ensure years of use.
  • With many electric graters, not only the width but also the shape in which fruit and vegetables are to be cut can be adjusted. Interchangeable blades and attachments provide even more variety for preparation in the kitchen.

The Best Electric Grater in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Electric graters: Buying and rating criteria

Since the selection of electric graters is enormous, we have compiled an overview of the most important criteria. With these, we would like to help you make an easier decision. These include the following features:

In the following paragraphs you will find information about the respective criteria. We explain what you should look for in the individual factors. This will help you make a successful choice.


In cheaper models, the blades of the electric grater are made of stainless steel, while the housing is made of plastic. If the parts are made of plastic, make sure that they are BPA-free. BPA-free means that there is no bisphenol A in the product.

It is a plasticiser in plastics and resins and is considered harmful to health.

In higher-quality models, both components are usually made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is very popular in kitchen appliances because of its rust resistance and robustness.

In addition, it is food-safe. The material of the knives should also be stainless steel. It is robust, durable and can withstand greater stress. Blades made of plastic or ceramic can break if, for example, slightly harder vegetables are cut.

The material of the electric grater is very important because the blade and the housing come into contact with the moisture of the food during the cutting process. In this way, non-stainless steel could start to rust very quickly. The collection container can optionally be made of plastic.


When buying an electric grater, you should also pay attention to the power of the device. Here, the models differ in terms of wattage and manufacturer.

Depending on your needs, there are models with different power ratings, which means that some electric graters can cut harder foods either easily or with difficulty. A value of 200 watts is recommended for good functioning.

For high-quality appliances, the figure increases to up to 500 watts. So, depending on your wishes and needs, you can choose between a good range here.

Cutting unit

The cutting mechanism determines the quality of the material to be cut and its service life. Therefore, the blades should preferably be made of stainless steel. With some models, the blades of the electric grater can be replaced if they become blunt after a while.

Stainless steel is also important for the chopping mechanism, as it is used to chop moist food. Therefore, care must be taken to avoid rust stains, as the functionality of the kitchen appliance could be impaired.


To be able to work really safely and efficiently, care should be taken that the electric grater is sufficiently stable. Especially multifunctional electric graters offer stability as they are heavier. In addition, rubber feet ensure that the machine does not slip on the work surface.

A wider support surface is equally useful, as it makes the kitchen appliance stand more securely.

A slide provides more safety.

Some models have a slide in front of the feed chute. This is to prevent fingers from getting too close to the rotating blade.

A leftover holder also turns out to be useful, as in this way not only the fingers are protected, but also the leftovers of a food can be processed safely.

Since the blades of the electric grater are very sharp, careful handling of the kitchen gadget is relevant. Children should be kept away. A child safety lock, for example, is a great advantage here.


Some electric graters come with a range of accessories that often prove helpful. Before buying, you should consider which accessories are essential and which you can do without. For example, there are various attachments that are suitable for certain foods.

There are also cleaning brushes, containers for the food to be cut and cable compartments. If the appliance is to be stored in a cupboard, sufficient storage space and possibly a cable rewind or cable compartment are advantageous.

Depending on the manufacturer, accessories are also offered separately. It often turns out that it makes sense to buy a simple electric grater first and only buy the necessary accessories according to your own requirements afterwards.

Electric grater: Frequently asked questions and answers

Choosing the right kitchen gadget is not easy, because not every appliance can handle all types of cutting. That’s why we would now like to answer the most important questions about electric graters in a nutshell.

What is an electric grater?

An electric grater is a useful kitchen appliance that can be used to chop a wide variety of foods in many different ways. The desired food is inserted into the kitchen appliance via a feed chute, which chops it quickly and evenly. The electric blades move by themselves.


An alternative to the electric grater is the manual version, where the ingredients are grated by hand. (Image source: pexels / Andrea Piacquadio)

Depending on the type and number of cutting inserts, the food is slivered, shaved, grated or sliced. In this way, a large quantity can be processed in a short time. The finished sliced product goes through an opening into a bowl.

The more settings are possible, the more versatile the electric grater can be used in the kitchen. However, it is very important to be careful, as the fast-spinning blades are dangerous and can cause injuries. Therefore, high safety precautions should be taken to minimise the danger.

For whom and what is an electric grater suitable?

Basically, an electric grater is suitable for everyone – from amateur to professional chefs. The handy kitchen helper has become indispensable in many households, as it saves a lot of time and energy.


Electric graters are suitable for cooking beginners, hobby and professional chefs as well as for the catering sector, as they save a lot of time and energy. (Image source: pexels / cottonbro)

Thanks to the uncomplicated operation, a healthier diet is helped because the time-consuming cutting of vegetables is simplified. This means that ready-made products are used less often.

This also applies to senior citizens and the catering sector, as a wide variety of patterns and shapes can be processed from the food in a very short time without any effort. Besides practical reasons, working with an electric slicer also has visual advantages.

An electric grater gives an even and appetising appearance.

The use of the electric grater is not limited to vegetables. Fruit can also be shaped into a desired form, which can be an advantage especially for fruit salads.

In addition, the kitchen gadget can also be used for baking, as it can easily grate nuts. In addition, it can be used to grate cheese for a spaghetti Bolognese meal, homemade chips or even grated dough.

What types of electric graters are there?

There are now different types of electric graters – from simple to sophisticated models. We would like to introduce you to two types, which can be divided into the simple electric grater and the multifunctional electric grater. We have summarised the most important advantages and disadvantages below.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Simple electric grater Fast and precise cutting


easy cleaning

little space required

cheaper to purchase

less versatile

lower output

mostly without extra accessories

Energy source is necessary

electric multi-function grater fast and precise cutting

Time saving

Variety of functions due to many settings

many patterns and shapes possible through attachments

height adjustable

higher performance

low risk of injury

more cost-intensive

relatively large and heavy

Space required for stowing

Energy source is necessary

With a simple electric grater, fruit, vegetables and chocolate can be grated quickly, easily and evenly. Due to the electrical power, which is not very strong, a lot of energy and time is saved. Due to the simple design, the kitchen aid is easy to clean and easy to store.

Since this variant is usually cheaper, it is also not versatile. Accessories are rarely included and the appliance needs a power source. An electric multifunctional grater offers a wide range of options for chopping food.

With this version and the special attachments, a wide variety of shapes and patterns can be cut. This is done extremely quickly, safely and precisely with a usually stronger power. Thanks to several setting options, different functions can be operated.

Extremely practical is the fact that such a model is in most cases height-adjustable and also offers an alternative to food processors. However, the kitchen appliance is usually rather heavy, large and expensive. It also requires a lot of storage space and a power source.

Basically, it can be said that the choice of the right electric grater depends mainly on the frequency of use and the intended purpose.

How much does an electric grater cost?

There is a wide price range between the different kitchen aids. Depending on the model, material and accessories, the cost point varies. For these reasons, the range can go from about 25 to 450 euros. This includes simple to fancy models.

Type price range
Simple electric grater approx. 25 to 70 euros
Multifunctional electric grater approx. 50 to 450 euros

Simple electric graters can be bought from around 25 to 70 euros. Some models even include accessories. The better the material and the higher the performance, the higher the price. In the case of electric multifunctional graters, there are models that are suitable for hobby and professional chefs, as well as particularly sophisticated variants for the professional catering sector.

Due to the rather high-quality material, the versatility and the higher performance, the prices here range from around 50 to 450 euros.

What alternatives are there to an electric grater?

Do you also like to cook and would like to simplify your time in the kitchen? As an alternative to the electric grater, you can also use manual graters or a chopper. We would now like to tell you about these alternatives and describe them in more detail.

Alternative Description
manual grater Manual graters come in many models. It can be a flat plate with many small sharp holes where the food is grated up and down. There is also a so-called drum grater, which looks very similar to the electric grater. However, this version does not have a motor and the crank handle is turned manually.
Chopper As the name suggests, this variant chops the food that is placed in the container. An electric motor makes a blade rotate, which chops the food.

As you can see, there are good alternatives to an electric grater. If you like to take your time when cooking and have a lot of energy, you can use any type of manual grater. People who also enjoy cooking but want to save time and energy can opt for a model with an electric motor.

How is an electric grater cleaned?

Cleaning an electric kitchen grater varies from model to model. Depending on the model, the appliance can be taken apart, allowing parts made of plastic or stainless steel to be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, the blade should usually be cleaned by hand with a little washing-up liquid.

This way, the blades stay sharp for a longer time. For cleaning the housing, you can use a damp kitchen cloth, which should be sufficient. Basically, you will find specific instructions for cleaning the respective product in the corresponding instructions for use. You should read them thoroughly.

Be careful, because the motor block must never be immersed in water. Any defect should always be repaired by a specialist. Do not repair it yourself.

Can the blade of the electric grater be sharpened?

Depending on the model, the blade can be removed or it is fixed. If it is removable, the blade can also be sharpened. It is important to read the product description beforehand and not to try to remove the blade with a lot of force.

The blades can be sharpened with a knife sharpener or a whetstone. Otherwise, there are additional blades that can be exchanged in some of the delivery packages.

Please refer to the product description for more information. If the accessories are not available, they can be ordered for the appropriate model.

What foods can be sliced with the electric grater?

The variety of possible foods that can be cut with the electric grater is immense. Attention should be paid to the power of the device and the hardness of the respective food.

Here, too, you should read the product description to find out which foods the specific electric grater is suitable for. Basically, any kind of vegetables, fruit, nuts, cheese, chocolate and dough can be processed with it.


The range of ingredients that are suitable for an electric grater is immense. Using different attachments and settings, numerous shapes and patterns can be cut. (Image source: unsplash / Dan Gold)

Some models even have special attachments for specific foods. There are even graters that can handle meat. Otherwise, you can use a shredder.


An electric grater is a useful kitchen appliance that can be used to chop fruit, vegetables and other foods in a variety of ways. The type and number of blades determine the pattern and shape of the food to be chopped. Depending on the function, the food can be grated, shaved, grated or sliced. An electric multifunction grater offers countless possibilities and is usually equipped with a wide range of accessories.

Basically, the electric grater saves a lot of time and energy. It is suitable for hobby and professional chefs, but also for the catering sector. The product description and instructions should be read thoroughly before use, as they contain all the important information about use and cleaning. After reading the instructions, you will be able to use the electric grater in your kitchen.

Picture source: 123rf / 13211623