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Whether on a cycling trip, camping or for the pool in the garden, anyone who has tried to inflate a rubber dinghy with their own lung power will immediately recognise the important benefits of an electric air pump.

Always at hand and without the need for muscle power to inflate, energy from the socket or the car’s cigarette lighter can make fast and energy-saving work possible.

For this reason, electric air pumps have become indispensable for many. We take a look at what a good electric air pump has to be able to do to enable you to work efficiently.


  • Electronic air pumps are available in a wide range of sizes, types and designs depending on individual usage requirements.
  • An electronic air pump saves you a lot of energy and time. Thanks to an integrated rechargeable battery and very easy handling, the inflation works without any physical energy expenditure.
  • The most popular items inflated by users with an electric air pump include: Car tyres, bicycle tyres, inflatable boats and footballs.

The Best Electric Air Pump: Our Choices

Electric air pumps are versatile in their possible uses. We have listed here which products are best suited:

Buying and Evaluation Criteria for Electric Air Pumps

To help you choose a suitable electric air pump, we have listed the most important buying and rating criteria here to ensure long-term and optimal use. These criteria are as follows:

Now we explain what you need to consider when making your purchase to find your perfect electric air pump.


Before you buy, be aware of the activities you want to use your electric air pump for. There are already very small and compact air pumps that are sufficient for both bicycle tyres and footballs, but for an inflatable boat a larger model is recommended.


There is a wide range of electric air pumps, all of which are individual and available in many different types. When buying, pay attention to the type of compression, because this is what produces the compressed air you need.

Battery capacity

Pay special attention to the mAh values of the electric air pump. These should give clues about the product and its battery capacity. It is also advisable to choose a different electric air pump if these values are not present, as it is most likely a dubious article.

Keep in mind that pumps with a rechargeable battery can be operated without electricity. For this reason, they can be used in a variety of places, which often makes them a more attractive purchase.

Pumping power

The pumping power also plays an important role in an electric air pump. If you want to inflate car tyres or inflatable boats with air, you need sufficient pumping power and should look for products that have a high pumping power.

Suction power

The suction power is also important when buying an electric air pump. In addition to filling, the suction power also ensures that the air is removed from objects. If a football is too hard, this is usually due to an excess of air.

The suction force can counteract this. However, high suction power also leads to high energy consumption. Here you can look for products that offer an energy-saving function.

Frequently asked Questions about Electric Air Pumps answered in Detail

In this section we explain the most frequently asked questions about electric air pumps in order to answer all your open questions before you buy an electric air pump.

What is an electric air pump?

Pumping by hand can be very cumbersome, so if you want to make your work easier, get yourself a practical electric air pump.


With the right electric air pump, you can quickly re-inflate your car tyre, all without any effort. (Image source: stevepb / Pixabay)

An electric air pump can be used to inflate air mattresses, inflatable boats and bicycle tyres. The required pressure varies depending on the area of use: a bicycle tyre needs a different pressure than an inflatable boat.

What types of electric air pumps are there?

There are different types of electric air pumps: air pumps that are powered by a battery and air pumps that are connected to a power source with a cable. Basically, both can be used for the bicycle, motorbike, mattress or air bed.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Before buying, you should consider which product you need your electric air pump for and pay attention to the manufacturer’s specifications.

What does an electric air pump cost?

Electric pumps are offered by various brand manufacturers from the camping or boating industry. The entire range is quite varied.

Price range available products
Low-priced(16,99 €) Infactory NC-5097
Medium-priced (86,24 €) Black+Decker BDCINF18N-QS 11.0
High-priced(142,60 €) Bravo BTP 12

In general, however, you should inform yourself sufficiently about the respective product before every purchase and not only decide according to the price differentiation.

How long does the battery of an electric air pump last?

It always depends on the battery that is installed in the air pump. The more powerful it is, the longer the pump can be operated without having to be recharged from the mains.


In summary, there are electric air pumps for car tyres, air mattresses, bicycles and inflatable boats. There is a differentiation between low-power, compact, powerful, large and electric air pumps with more or less running time.

You should also pay attention to the set options so that you don’t have to buy a separate electric air pump for each product. If you know which valve is needed for your product, there is nothing to stop you from buying a new electronic air pump.

(Cover picture: 123rf / dmf87)