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When cleaning the vacuum cleaner, there is often a lot of waste and dirt due to the replacement of the bag. The annoying cable also causes problems in larger living spaces with lots of furniture. Dyson provides a remedy for this with its bagless cyclone hoovers. Most Dyson vacuum cleaners are also cordless and can be converted into a small cordless vacuum cleaner.

This makes it quick and easy to clean the floors in your home or, for example, to clean the interior surfaces of your car with the cordless hand vacuum. Find out which Dyson hoover model is right for you in our Dyson vacuum cleaner test 2022.


  • The Dyson company has been around since 1983 and was born out of inventor James Dyson’s idea to invent a cordless vacuum cleaner.
  • Dyson vacuum cleaners work with cyclone technology: they have no bags, but the dust particles are filtered and go directly into a plastic container.
  • Dyson produces various vacuum cleaners, but most of them are practical 2-in-1 handheld hoovers.

The Best Dyson Vacuum Cleaner in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

What makes Dyson vacuum cleaners different from other manufacturers?

Dyson vacuum cleaners were the first bagless, so-called cyclonic vacuum cleaners on the market. Therefore, they have a long span of innovation and technology behind them.

The cordless function distinguishes almost all models of Dyson hoovers. This contributes to a sleek and stylish design in addition to the high level of convenience. Moreover, most Dyson vacuum cleaners do not have the classic round, beetle-shaped body, but only one nozzle and the slim nozzle bar due to the easy-to-clean dust container.

Additionally, it makes it easier to clean the floors as every room can be cleaned easily without changing a socket.

Dyson Staubsauger-1

A vacuum cleaner should be very manoeuvrable and flexible for most living spaces. With the flexible and bagless Dyson hoover, this is no longer a problem. (Image source: / Paige Cody)

What are the features of a Dyson vacuum cleaner?

Dyson vacuum cleaners are characterised by a high degree of innovation and function. Dyson sata vacuum cleaners work with cyclone technology. The cordless and bagless design is particularly striking. In addition, Dyson vacuum cleaners often have a convertible functional design in which you can separate a small battery vacuum cleaner.

Dyson hoovers have powerful floor nozzles that automatically adjust to the floor. Dyson cyclone vacuum cleaners are available either as handheld vacuum cleaners or as floor hoovers.

How much does a Dyson vacuum cleaner cost?

You can get Dyson vacuum cleaners for as little as 299€. Depending on the model and additional features, the price of Dyson hoovers increases.

However, with the practical 2-in-1 function of Dyson vacuum cleaners, you have a small, compact cordless vacuum cleaner and a large, normal hand-held vacuum cleaner in one.

How do Dyson cyclonic vacuum cleaners work?

A Dyson cyclonic vacuum cleaner sucks up air and dust at the same time. This causes both to rotate inside and be separated by centrifugal force. A so-called “cyclone” (artificial whirlwind) is created. The centrifugal force transports the dirt into the collection container and automatically cleans the air.

This eliminates the need for a hoover bag, as the dirt particles go directly into the collection container. This makes cleaning easier and also reduces waste production. There is no need for annoying and complicated replacement of the dust bags.

What are the alternatives to the Dyson vacuum cleaner?

If you want to have smaller appliances than a vacuum cleaner, you can still opt for a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner or a Dyson robot vacuum cleaner.

You can find the main differences and features in the tables below.

Dyson V7 Trigger cordless vacuum cleaner

The Dyson V7 Trigger cordless vacuum cleaner is the small and handy hoover for in-between use. It is particularly compact and suitable for cleaning smaller areas. The following table provides a clear overview of all the functions.

Function Description
Compact cordless vacuum cleaner suitable for handy and compact cleaning of smaller areas
Scope of delivery Dyson V7 Trigger, mini electric brush, combi accessory nozzle and crevice nozzle for maximum flexibility and thorough cleaning
Dyson Digital Motor V7 constant high suction power for approx. 30 min. intensive cleaning
MAX- Mode Allows 6 minutes of higher suction power for heavy soiling

Dyson 360° Eye robot vacuum cleaner

The Dyson 360° Eye robot vacuum cleaner is a highly innovative and powerful robot vacuum cleaner from Dyson that uses its 360° camera to fully capture the room for optimal results.

Function Description
Robot vacuum cleaner with 360° function optimal navigation and detection of obstacles
Charging station For storage as well as charging of the Dyson 360°Eye robot vacuum cleaner
Infrared sensor quickly detects obstacles such as stairs
Dyson app Convenient control and monitoring of the Dyson robot vacuum cleaner via smartphone
Sprockets easy manoeuvring of the robot vacuum cleaner over all obstacles, e.g. carpet edge.E.g. carpet edge
Suction modes MAX and Quiet mode selectable

What Types of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners are there and what are the pros and cons?

Before buying a Dyson vacuum cleaner, you should read through the pros and cons of different types of Dyson hoovers. Basically, you should first decide whether you want a Dyson upright vacuum cleaner or a Dyson upright hoover. In the following, we will introduce you to the different Dyson vacuum cleaners and illustrate the advantages and disadvantages in a table.

What distinguishes a Dyson cyclonic vacuum cleaner and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Floor hoovers are the classic models of vacuum cleaners. The body of the Dyson upright vacuum cleaner is pulled along the floor by means of rollers. This type of vacuum cleaner consists of several parts: The body, the tube and the handpiece.

The following table shows you the advantages and disadvantages of a vacuum cleaner

  • Powerful vacuum cleaner
  • direct vacuuming possible as electricity can be drawn immediately from the socket
  • many attachments and functions increase flexibility
  • Takes up more space than a handheld vacuum cleaner
  • inflexible for small corners and rooms as it is bulky

What distinguishes a Dyson cyclone hand vacuum cleaner and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners are very easy to use. The cordless design makes them very flexible and manoeuvrable. They are usually lighter than common Dyson upright hoovers and convince with a slim and manoeuvrable design without the round clunky body.

  • Slim and space-saving design
  • Convenient as there is no need to drag the cord behind
  • Cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner makes it possible to clean all floors without the hassle of searching for sockets
  • Rechargeable battery makes cleaning easier
  • Charging station takes up some space
  • Vacuum cleaner battery needs to be checked and recharged
  • Lower performance due to battery compared to a plug-in device

Buying Criteria: Use these Factors to compare and rate Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Battery life

Battery life is very important when deciding whether to buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner. It determines how long you can use the Dyson hoover without having to charge it in the charging station. In large flats or houses, a powerful battery can be very important.

Most Dyson vacuum cleaners have a lithium-ion battery. This is advantageous because the battery does not discharge during idle periods and wear and tear on the battery in the form of charging capacity cannot happen. The battery life of Dyson hoovers is between 20 and 60 minutes.

The most powerful Dyson vacuum cleaners are the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute and Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead with an operating time of 60 minutes. With this battery life, you can easily vacuum your floors.

Dyson Staubsauger-2

Clunky design and bulky vacuum cleaners are a thing of the past. (Image source: Lukas Ter Poorten)

Loading time

The charging time of your Dyson vacuum cleaner is also relevant.

Generally, there is no difference in the charging times of Dyson vacuum cleaners. All Dyson hoovers, with the exception of the Dyson V8 Abolute, have a charging time of 3.5 hours until the battery is charged from completely empty to fully charged.


The problem with common bagged vacuum cleaners is that you never know when to replace the dust bag. Dyson hoovers have a visible dirt bin, so it is easy to check the capacity of the bin while cleaning.

Dyson vacuum cleaners usually have a capacity of 0.54l in the dust bin. There are some models with a larger capacity, such as the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute. This can even hold 0.74l of dirt.

The Dyson V8 has a capacity of 0.55l, which is also above average. So if emptying the dirt container is a nuisance, opt for a Dyson hoover with a higher capacity.


Dyson vacuum cleaners come with a range of accessories that make the Dyson hoover even more individual. There are various cleaning brushes or attachments for every Dyson vacuum cleaner, which are suitable for corners, pet hair and textiles, for example, and increase the suction power.

a great extra of the Dyson 2-in-1 cordless hoover is the convertibility of a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner into a compact and lightweight mini hoover. This means that textiles, the dining table or car interiors can also be cleaned quickly.

Facts worth knowing about a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

How do I clean and maintain my Dyson vacuum cleaner?

If you want to look after your Dyson vacuum cleaner, it’s important to clean the dust bin regularly. To clean it, you can rinse the dust bin completely with water after emptying it. Then leave it to dry at room temperature for 24 hours.

If there is a filter, it should also be washed regularly. Cleaning or emptying the dust bin after each vacuuming is not a must, but it should be done after each vacuuming for purely hygienic reasons.

How long have Dyson vacuum cleaners been around?

The company Dyson was founded in 1993 by James Dyson, based on the idea that vacuuming was too uncomfortable for the founders because of the complicated vacuum bag problem and the clogging of the vacuum cleaner.

The bagless Dyson vacuum cleaners with cyclone technology were the first on the market worldwide.

As early as 1980, he applied for his first patent on the prototype of his hoover with the cyclone function. He researched the centrifugal separator and used this technology for his Dyson vacuum cleaners, which were unique on the market so far.

Where are Dyson vacuum cleaners made?

Dyson has been headquartered in Malmesbury in the UK since the company was founded. The administration and development of the company is controlled locally in the UK. Since 2002, Dyson products have been manufactured in Malaysia.

Dyson has several headquarters in over 60 countries. Since May 2018, there is the German headquarters of Dyson in Cologne. The administration is to be increasingly oriented towards Asia.

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