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Dyson hair dryers innovate hair drying and styling. Using the latest technologies, the sleek appliance creates a new dimension in hair treatment. Both gentle and efficient, it allows you to dry strands of any hair type quickly and comfortably. At the same time, its design minimises any effort and prevents burnt hair.

With our Dyson hair dryer test 2022 we want to introduce you to the high-tech all-rounder of the hair industry in more detail, so that you can compare your idea of an ideal hair dryer with the built-in achievements of hair science and find the device of your choice. We have summarised the special features of Dyson hair dryers, listed advantages and disadvantages and collected comparison criteria for hair dryers. This should make your purchase decision easier.

The most important facts

  • The sleek Supersonic hairdryer from Dyson innovates the industry with its novel technology and design. Based on research in hair science, the device maximises user comfort and makes hair drying and styling a breeze.
  • Burnt and damaged hair, time-consuming attachment changes and arm pain during time-consuming drying are avoided thanks to the Air Mulitplier technology, the ionic technology, the intelligent temperature regulation, an ergonomic design and the use of magnetic attachments.
  • Different attachments have been designed to suit all hair types. The Luxury Hairdryer can be purchased in the Standard Edition and the Professional Edition.

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Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Dyson hairdryer

What makes Dyson hairdryers different from other manufacturers?

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is one of the fastest hair dryers on the market. Powerful and without extreme heat, it gently dries a wide range of hair types.

Dyson Haartrockner-1

Dyson hair dryers are good for any hair. They can dry both curly and straight hair gently and in no time, giving them a shiny finish.
(Image source: / TréVoy Kelly)

The concept of the device is based on hair science. In the company’s own hair lab, Dyson researches hair and tests modes of action before implementing them in the development of hair dryers.

The functioning of the Supersonic is characterised by 5 main factors:

  • Air Multiplier Technology
  • Ionic technology
  • Intelligent temperature regulation
  • Magnetic attachments for different hair types
  • Ergonomic design

Air Multiplier Technology

Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology accelerates air through a narrow slot. To do this, a motor sucks it in and creates a ring-shaped, even flow of air. The resulting speed of this stream pulls the secondary air behind the hairdryer into its centre. The resulting jet enlarges and is reshaped by various attachments before being directed onto the hair. The strength and speed of the air reduces the duration of drying.

Due to the design of this air intake, the Dyson hair dryer makes it impossible for hair to be sucked into the device while blow drying. This avoids extra strain and burning of them.

The air flow can be regulated by 3 levels. They are used for fast, as well as normal drying and styling of the hair. The respective intensity setting is visible on the back of the Dyson Supersonic through an LED display.

Ion technology

In addition to the Air Multiplier technology, Dyson uses negative ions to ensure faster drying and prevent static build-up in the hair.

The ionic technology prevents the hair from sticking out and speeds up the drying process.

Because hair and air are normally positively charged, they repel each other. When drying hair, this causes it to stick out. With ionic technology, the air is negatively charged due to the ions produced. These negative particles are transferred to the hair during blow-drying and reduce the static charge. The strands no longer fly around.

Ions also split the water droplets. This accelerates their evaporation. In combination with the Air Multiplier technology, ionisation supports the speed of drying.

Intelligent temperature regulation

Hot air stresses the hair and causes small pores to form in the strands. As these do not reflect light, the hair looks dull. Strong heat should therefore only be used to shape hairstyles, while low temperatures close the hair’s cuticle and create the desired shine.

The Dyson Sypersonic guarantees optimal control of the heat input by regulating the temperature (20 – 40 x per second) and its 4 heat levels.

We have clearly recorded the stages for you.

Temperature Recommended use
100 °C Fast drying and styling
80 °C Normal drying
60 °C Gentle drying
28 °C Permanent cooling mode

The levels are clearly indicated by a red LED.

Magnetic attachments for different hair types

Dyson’s hair dryers can be specialised with 5 magnetic attachments for different hair types and uses. The styling nozzle, diffuser, gentle airflow attachment, smoothing nozzle and comb attachment perform different functions.

Attachment Function
Styling nozzle The compressed, precise air flow allows individual strands to be styled in a targeted manner. Shaped and silky hair is created.
Diffuser The diffuser distributes the air evenly, simulating a natural drying process. Frizz is reduced and curls and waves are defined. It can be used to shape straight hair.
Attachment for gentle airflow Fine hair and sensitive scalps can be gently dried with this attachment. It creates volume and gives structure to the lengths.
Smoothing nozzle A gentle, controlled airflow creates a smooth, natural look with voluminous roots and shaped tips.
Comb attachment with wide teeth Predestined for curly and very curly hair, the attachment’s robust teeth give shape and volume.

The attachments can be used to dry thin, thick, curly, short and long hair. Due to the magnet, the dryer attachments hold without having to take up a specific position. The integrated Cool Touch technology (Heat Shield Technology) prevents the surfaces of the attachments from heating up. This means that they can be quickly and easily separated from or attached to the hairdryer at any time.

Ergonomic design

Unlike many other hair dryers, the motor of the Dyson model is located in the handle. This means that the weight to be held is in balance with the shape of the device.

Dyson designs a hairdryer with the motor built into the handle.

The comparatively shorter head allows the Supersonic to be held closer to the hair. It completes the plan to make hair drying as comfortable as possible. The hairdryer feels very good in the hand and is easily suitable for pleasant long-term use. The cable length of 2.70 – 3.30 metres allows flexible use. The freedom of movement makes it easier to dry the hair.

What power do hair dryers from Dyson have?

The motor of the Dyson hair dryer rotates with up to 110 000 revolutions / minute. With a consumption of 1 600 watts, 41 litres of air per second are blown through the device.

How loud do Dyson hair dryers get?

Dyson reduces the volume of their device on the one hand through a rubber suspension on the motor, which reduces the resulting vibration.

On the other hand, the motor is designed in such a way that it produces an imperceptible sound when in use. The 13 rotor blades increase the frequency of the sound to the range that people cannot hear.

With a volume of 72 decibels, the resulting noise can be compared to a running tap (70 Db) or an open-plan office (75 Db). Conversations during hair drying are therefore no problem with the Supersonic and the volume disturbance of people in other rooms is also low.

How heavy are Dyson hair dryers?

The Dyson hair dryer weighs 0.63 – 0.659 kilograms. This weight is evenly distributed across the appliance due to its ergonomic design. With dimensions of approx. 245 x 78 x 87/97 mm (height x width x depth), the compact hairdryer can easily be stowed in travel bags.

What accessories are available for the Dyson Supersonic?

Dyson supplies various accessories with the Supersonic. So that you know which accessories you can purchase, we have compiled them for you below.

  • Attachments: The 5 attachments: Styling nozzle, diffuser, soft airflow attachment, smoothing nozzle and comb attachment with wide teeth, allow gentle drying and styling of any hair type.
  • Brush/comb: For better hair styling, Dyson offers a round brush (35 mm) that can create waves. On the other hand, a detangling comb is available. This gently removes tangles.
  • Storage: To store the hairdryer, a stand, a hanging strap and a non-slip mat have been designed.
  • Storage: Dyson sells an exclusive storage box for the Supersonic.

Included are 3 attachments (styling nozzle, diffuser, smoothing nozzle), a hanging bag and a non-slip mat. Everything else can be ordered depending on your preferences.

What are the alternatives to Dyson hair dryers?

The Dyson hair dryer meets every demand for effective, gentle drying and styling of hair with comfort of use through its innovative design and technology. Central aspects of this skill are the Air Multiplier technology used, the ion technology, an intelligent temperature regulation, as well as the ergonomic balancing of the compact device.

Magnetic attachments with heat protection round off the price-intensive, novel hairdryer and complete the ease of use. (This is explained in more detail in the section “What distinguishes Dyson hair dryers from other manufacturers?)

The luxury product has the following advantages and disadvantages:

  • Very fast drying
  • Compact
  • No pulling or burning of hair
  • Ergonomic design
  • Price-intensive
  • Average volume
  • Unusual placement of buttons

Hair dryers with similar design and technology, which are very similar in appearance to the Dyson devices, are produced by Remington and Xiaomi Mi, for example. The compact hair dryers of these brands work gently and are less expensive than the Supersonic.

Depending on your preferences, however, differently designed hair dryers or more specific alternative devices may be right for you. We have therefore collected some factors and researched where you can find them if they are your main criteria:

Main criterion Manufacturer
Luxury – All-rounder If you are looking for a hairdryer with the latest technology and the highest ease of use, you can rely on the devices from Dyson.
Price-saving – all-rounder cheaper all-round hair dryers are produced by Remington and Braun, for example.
Gentle drying and styling In addition to the Supersonic, Philips appliances are very gentle on your hair.
Volume The quietest dryers have a volume of 58 dB. Relax and Valera Swiss, for example, have appliances in this category.
Mini hairdryers If you are looking for a travel hairdryer, you might find one from Beurer and Braun.
Syling Dyson Airwrap hair styler

(The Dyson Airwrap hair styler allows simultaneous drying and styling. Using different attachments and integrating the Conda effect, voluminous curls, waves or a sleek look can be created without extreme heat)

Straightening Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

(Innovative heating plates allow this appliance to straighten hair with less heat. This prevents 50% of the damage that would otherwise occur to the hair. The Dyson Corrale hair straightener is cordless if required. In addition to straight hair, the hair styler can also create wavy ends, beach waves and curls)

Decision: What types of Dyson hair dryers are there and which one is right for you?

Dyson offers its hair dryers in a standard version and a version designed for professional use. To help you decide which of the two is best for you, we present the characteristic features of each device, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

What distinguishes Dyson hair dryers for normal use and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

The Supersonic hair dryer from Dyson is based on hair science. It is characterised by combining scientific knowledge on efficiency and comfort of use. Fast hair drying can be achieved without extreme heat.

The standard version represents the implementation of research results that are intended to innovate hair drying. The main aspects are the Air Multiplier Technology, the Ion Technology, an intelligent temperature regulation, as well as the ergonomic design of the device and its magnetic attachments.

  • Cheaper than the professional edition
  • Latest technology
  • No influence of stylist’s opinion

What distinguishes Dyson professional hair dryers and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

The Professional Edition is based on feedback from professional stylists. The improvements identified through this feedback have been incorporated into the development of the original model.

The revised appliance has an improved filter. This is suitable for very long use because its cleaning is facilitated by the additional opening of the magnetic filter sleeve.

A revised professional nozzle attachment enables even more precise styling. The reinforced magnets also mean that the attachments adhere even more firmly in any position and are less sensitive to accidental contact.

To guarantee freer movements, the cable has been designed to be longer for professional use. (3.3 metres instead of the 2.7 metres cable length of the standard version)

  • Practical and up-to-date thanks to the implementation of stylists’ opinions
  • Ideal for a very high frequency of use
  • More expensive than the standard model

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate Dyson hair dryers.

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to evaluate Dyson hair dryers. The criteria you can use to compare hair dryers include:

In the following paragraphs we will explain what each criterion is based on.


For hair dryers to work gently and quickly, the combination of temperature and airflow regulation is crucial.

Excessively high temperatures damage the hair and should therefore only be used for shaping.

As a rule, hair is damaged from prolonged exposure to temperatures above 100 °C because hot air draws moisture out of the hair. If this happens to too great an extent, the strands break off more quickly. Extreme temperatures can also cause pores to form in the hair, making it look dull and matt. In order to prevent this in a controlled manner and still be able to use the styling option of heat, it is important to be able to set different temperatures. These should be realised by the hair dryer and kept constant.

Both the Dyson Supersonic and the Dyson Supersonic Professional have 4 adjustable heat settings. The temperature of the air is checked 40 times per second with the standard device and 20 times per second with the professional version. This allows both devices to use hot and cold air in a targeted and gentle way.

Dyson Haartrockner-2

The hair dryer’s effective temperature regulation and intensity allow waves to be gently created.
(Image source: / Averie woodard)

The intensity of a hair drying appliance is also reflected in the fan power. The power rating of the motor determines how strong the airflow can be. This in turn determines how quickly the hair is dried.

Both versions of the hair dryer from Dyson have the same powerful motor:

With 1 600 watts, the devices move 41 litres / second.

This large amount allows the drying time to be reduced. 3 blower settings regulate the speed of the air used in each case.

Hair care

Hair dryers can have various functions that protect and care for the hair. To give you an overview of the most common variants, we briefly describe which technologies are available and what they do.

Technology Function
ThermoProtect technology Fast drying at constant, gentle temperatures
Infrared technology / ceramic element Infrared heat dries particularly gently
MoistureProtect sensor Measures the moisture level of the hair and automatically reduces the blow-dry temperature
Ion technology Reduction of electrostatic charge, as well as frizz reduction
Silk protein ceramic ring Shiny hair due to even distribution of heat

While the ThermoProtect technology, the infrared technology and the Moistureprotect sensor aim to make the temperature of the air as gentle as possible, both the ion technology and the silk protein ceramic ring pursue the claim of facilitating the care and styling of the hair.

Dyson’s appliances both rely on Thermo-Protect and Ion Technology in this area. Using low temperatures, the hair should be dried as quickly and gently as possible.

Ease of use

The use of hair dryers is characterised by different sub-areas:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Freedom of movement
  • Safety

On the one hand, the size and weight of the hair dryer is decisive for user-friendliness. The dimensions of the appliance must be adapted to the intended use. It is important here that the hair dryer lies well in the hand.

The ergonomic design of both types of appliance makes blow-drying more comfortable. Due to the positioning of the motor in the handle area, the centre of gravity of the appliance is in the palm of the hand. In contrast to appliances that have their centre of gravity above the direct point of contact, this favours long, pain-free use.

Less force has to be applied to prevent the wrist from bending. The shorter head length also makes the dryer easier to handle. It can be held closer to the hair without having to move the elbow far away from the body.

While the Supersonic has a weight of 630 grams and a depth of 87 mm, the Supersonic Professional is 650 grams and 97 mm deep. The devices differ only slightly from each other.

The freedom of movement during use is determined by the length of the cable. If this aspect is very important to you, you should make sure that the cable is long enough.

The Supersonic for professional use stands out in the comparison with a cable length of 3.30 metres. If you need a lot of free space when drying your hair, this version is the right one for you. But the 2.70 metre cable of the standard version is also impressive.

The workmanship and design of a dryer determine how safely it can be used. Care must be taken to ensure that no smoke is produced. Reducing hot surfaces increases burn protection.

Detailed information can be found in the explanations of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (in the section “Further reading: Sources and interesting links”). In addition to the fire hazard, caution is required especially due to the immediate proximity of the electrical appliance to water.

The avoidance of hot surfaces, which Dyson implements through its Heat Shield or Cool Touch technology, justifies the suitability of these hair dryers for families. It prevents larger parts of the dryer or attachments from becoming hot. Children can also use the appliances under supervision without getting burnt by touching them.


Depending on the drying and styling preference, different attachments are used for hair dryers. Depending on the devices differ:

  • Attachment types
  • Attachment of the attachments

The central distinguishing feature of Dyson hair dryers is the strength of the magnets. The Dyson Professional has stronger magnetic attachments. This reduces the risk of the dryer attachments coming loose due to accidental contact. In both versions, the styling accessories can be easily attached to the appliance without having to adopt a specific position. The professional version also comes with a revised professional nozzle. It is wider and thinner than the styling nozzle of the standard version and thus enables more precise drying.

Storage and holder options only vary in comparison to other manufacturers. A hanging bag, anti-slip mat, stand and storage box can be purchased with both hair dryers.


Depending on the purpose, place and time of use, the volume of the appliance plays a different role. However, it is always decisive for the hearing ability.

A long-lasting noise level of 85 Db or more damages the hearing.

Since hair dryers are held very close to the ear, it is important not to reach the critical limit of 85 Db. Prolonged noise above this range can cause hearing damage that cannot be cured naturally. Nevertheless, some appliances exceed this volume by about 5 dB. The quietest hair dryers are 58 dB loud.

With a volume of 72 decibels, the hair dryer variants from Dyson are in the middle range of all devices, but below the limit. This means they are not harmful to health and combine maximum efficiency with volume reduction. Dyson uses two different mechanisms to reduce the volume. (These are explained in more detail in the guide section “How loud do Dyson hair dryers get?”)


To guarantee the hairdryer’s long-term function, the appliance should be cleaned regularly. (Dyson recommends cleaning the Supersonic once a month and the Supersonic Professional once a week) This ensures that the intake opening does not become completely blocked.

It prevents dust and hair from settling in the opening. This would cause the dryer to heat up, which is why it can switch off or break down completely.

Depending on the type of appliance, the grille is removable or fixed.

In both the Supersonic and the professional version of the appliance, the filter sleeve is magnetic and movable. This design facilitates the removal of dirt. The Professional hair dryer further supports cleaning by the fact that the cuff can be opened on one side and can thus be completely removed. This makes it easier to clean. In addition, Dyson supplies a brush specially designed for the filter with this variant.

Facts worth knowing about the Dyson hair dryer.

How do you operate the Dyson Supersonic?

Dyson explains how to use their Supersonic hair dryer in the user manual available online. We have placed it in the section “Further reading: Sources and interesting links”. Starting on page 50, the functions and instructions are explained in German.

How to clean Dyson hair dryers?

To prevent the Dyson hair dryer from clogging, the filter and its sleeve should be cleaned regularly. The following cleaning steps are necessary:

  1. Disconnect the unit from the power supply
  2. Clean the filter sleeve with a lint-free, dry cloth or brush and turn it loosely anti-clockwise
  3. Pull the cuff downwards
  4. Clean the filter grille with a lint-free, dry cloth or brush
  5. Screw the cuff back in

The filter sleeve may only be cleaned with water on this version.

Where to find help for major defects?

Dyson offers an online registration for owners of their devices, which allows for faster service. Telephone customer service will guide you through any action you can take at home.

If a professional repair is required, Dyson will carry it out free of charge within the scope of the warranty.

What warranty does Dyson offer for its hair dryers?

The Dyson hair dryer is backed by a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase or delivery. A professional repair up to and including replacement of the appliance is covered within this period in the event of defects due to

  • defective material
  • faulty workmanship
  • or faulty function

free of charge. The duration of the insurance is not extended by such interventions.

There are special regulations for the place of sale of the appliance. If the hairdryer is purchased outside the EU, it is only insured if it is used in that country. If you buy your appliance within the EU, it is insured if you use it either in its country of origin or in Germany, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Spain or the Netherlands and the same model is also sold in the country of use.

The proof of purchase secures the warranty claim and the start of the warranty period.

Not insured are:

  • normal wear and tear
  • Damage due to neglect of maintenance
  • Accidental damage due to improper use
  • improper fitting of parts not carried out by Dyson or authorised partners

What spare parts are available for Dyson hair dryers?

Due to the guarantee regulations, it is imperative to refrain from replacing components of the Dyson Supersonic on your own responsibility, at least within the insurance period. Furthermore, the lack of sale of original spare parts makes independent repairs more difficult.

How long has Dyson been producing hair dryers?

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer was first released in 2016. Research and production began in 2012.

Where are Dyson hair dryers manufactured?

Dyson’s technology and research facility is in Singapore. This is where the research to develop hair dryers is realised. In 2019, Dyson also moved its corporate headquarters to this location.

The hair dryers are mainly produced in Johor (Malaysia) and Tuas (Singapore).

What products does Dyson make besides hair dryers?

Dyson’s main product is hoovers. After James Dyson founded the company (1991), the company expanded its sales to include the following products:

  • Hoovers (since 1993)
  • Hand dryers (since 2006)
  • Fans without rotor blades (2009)
  • Fan heaters (since 2011)
  • Robot hoovers (since 2014)
  • LED lamps (purchase of the company “Jake Dyson Products” in 2015)
  • Humidifiers (since 2016)
  • Hair dryers & stylers (since 2016)

This covers hoovers, indoor climate, hair care, lights and hand dryers. Central to each is the claim to innovation. Dyson wants to improve devices technically, as well as think in new ways and make everyday life easier for the user.

Dyson Haartrockner-3

The Dyson company strives to solve everyday problems with innovative solutions. Using modern technologies, existing devices are redesigned.
(Image / Jarmoluk)

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