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Flats can heat up a lot in the summer, and fresh air is especially important when sleeping. According to Dr. Peter Geisler, head of the Regensburg Sleep Medicine Centre, sweating causes you to “fall into a restless sleep from which you wake up again and again without noticing it One option to bring the room air to an ideal temperature for sleeping is air conditioning.

Dyson air conditioners can help allergy sufferers sleep better during the pollen season by purifying the air. In our Dyson air conditioner test 2019, we want to introduce ventilation and heating ventilation devices in a little more detail. You will get important information about the different types, as well as those factors that you should consider before buying. With the help of our test article, you should be able to find the right Dyson air conditioner for you.


  • Dyson innovates the market with their air conditioners. They manage to decrease the volume and power consumption with each successor model and produce resources sparingly.
  • There are 4 categories of room air conditioners, each with its advantages and disadvantages, the biggest factor always being the high purchase price. However, in return you get a mobile and very well manufactured device.
  • Thanks to the Air Multiplier technology, Dyson does without fan wheels and can thus produce safer air conditioners that you can also use in the children’s room. In addition, allergy sufferers can also use a variety of the devices and improve their sleep with them.

The Best Dyson Air Conditioner: Our Picks


Dyson air conditioners are available in different models. The following table will help you find the right air conditioner for you and shows you all the useful features of the different Dyson air conditioners:

Category AM06 AM07 Pure Cool Pure Cool Pure Cool Me Pure Hot+Cool 2018
Type Table Fan Tower Fan Tower Fan Table Fan Tower Fan Tower Fan
Fan yes yes yes yes yes yes
Air Purifier no no yes yes yes yes
Fan heater no no no no yes yes
Humidifier no no no no no yes
Remote control yes yes yes yes yes yes
App no no yes yes no yes
Max. Air flow rate 370 litres/second 500 litres/second 361 litres/second 437 litres/second 170 litres/second 290 litres/second
Rotation 90° 90° 350° 350° 70° 350°
Sleep timer yes yes yes yes yes yes
Height 55 cm 101 cm 105,4 cm 69,1 cm 40,1 cm 76,4 cm
Weight 3,44 kg 5,03 kg 4,98 kg 4,65 kg 2,8 kg 5,71 kg

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Dyson air conditioner

Before buying a Dyson air conditioner, you should acquire some background information. We have summarised this information in the following paragraphs.

What distinguishes Dyson air conditioners from air conditioners of other manufacturers?

Dyson stands for quality and innovation, which they prove once again with their air conditioners. These and other devices from the manufacturer can always convince on various levels such as workmanship and handling. Due to the elegant and slim design, the air conditioners are also very mobile.

Through new innovations, Dyson always manages to improve its air conditioners and make them more environmentally friendly. (Image source: / 119034905)

If you live in an attic flat or have bought a house or flat, it is worth investing in the price-intensive air conditioners. Even if you prefer it colder when you sleep, it’s a good investment. The cooling efficiency of these air conditioners is also much higher than that of a rotor fan.

How do Dyson air conditioners work?

Dyson uses Air Multiplier™ technology in its room air conditioners. The built-in rotor sucks in air, which is then cleaned in the device and pressed out again as a strong air flow through the narrow openings on the inside of the ring.

The air conditioners with heat function provide a warming air flow in winter, which heats the room evenly and quickly, and a cool air flow in summer. Humidifiers control humidity as well as temperature and distribute fine mist throughout the room using Air Multiplier™ technology with a long range.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Dyson air conditioners?

Each air conditioner comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what you’re looking for, a particular model will suit you. In the following section we would like to show you a few advantages and disadvantages.
  • Innovative and efficient
  • Resource-saving
  • Even airflow through tower fan
  • Highly priced
  • No classic monobloc or split units

What is the power consumption of Dyson air conditioners?

Air conditioners are often referred to as power guzzlers. However, Dyson attaches great importance to environmentally friendly production. The power consumption has been continuously reduced in the model series. For example, the “Dyson Pure Cool” model has a maximum power of 40 watts according to the manufacturer. The “Dyson Cool AM06 table fan” has an output of approx. 26 watts and the “Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier” 56 watts.
Did you know that you can easily calculate the power consumption of your Dyson air conditioner? If the air conditioner runs for 1 hour at 40 watts, it will consume 40 watt-hours or 0.04 kilowatt-hours. (40 W x 1h= 40 Wh / 1000= 0.04 kWh).

How loud are Dyson air conditioners?

The volume of Dyson air conditioners is always around 60 dB (A). The “Dyson Pure Cool” model, for example, has a volume of 60.4 dB (A) according to the manufacturer. In comparison, the volume of a normal conversation or a lawn mower at a distance of 10 metres is about 60 dB (A) and a hoover or hairdryer produce about 70 dB (A).

Thanks to constantly improved technology, Dyson air conditioners are so quiet that they do not disturb you while you are working or relaxing on the sofa. (Image source: / 48759298)

Dyson air conditioners are quiet compared to others and at night you can use them in night mode and sleep undisturbed. The speed is lowered and the noise level is reduced.

What is the price range of Dyson air conditioners?

Dyson air conditioners have something for you in every price range.

Quality has its price and Dyson air conditioners are worth it. Those who can invest a little more money should definitely do so and not be deterred by the higher price. Depending on the model and design, Dyson air conditioners range from 300 to 650 euros.

What are the alternatives to Dyson air conditioners?

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Dyson air conditioner, we’ve picked out three other ways to cool down your room:
Type Monobloc Split unit Stand fan (with visible fan wheel)
Description Mobile air conditioner that blows warm air outside via an exhaust hose Permanently installed air conditioner with an indoor and outdoor unit Mobile heating ventilation unit or fan usually with swivel function
Advantage Mobile Fast and energy-saving cooling Mobile and cheaper
Disadvantage Hose is hung outside through the window Must be professionally installed Volume and stowage
Price range approx. 300 to 800 euros approx. 1,300 to 2,800 euros approx. 10 to 80 euros

Decision: What types of Dyson air conditioners are there and which is the right one for you?

If you want to buy a Dyson air conditioner, you can choose between four product groups:

  • Dyson fan
  • Dyson fan and air purifier
  • Dyson fan and air purifier with heating function
  • Dyson fans and humidifiers

In the following descriptions, we will tell you more about the differences between them and their advantages and disadvantages.

What distinguishes Dyson fans and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

If you only need a simple fan for the summer, Dyson offers you two options:

  • AM06 Table fan: The table fan is perfect for your home office or if you don’t have a lot of space in your home. It’s also 2 kilograms lighter than the tower fan, so it’s also suitable for people who can’t lift heavy. In winter, it can be stored away to save space.
  • AM07 Tower fan: For a larger room, you should rather use the tower fan to cool it effectively and quickly.

Both feature a strong airflow and the rotating movement of the air ring, which quickly cools your home down to the desired temperature. The remote control makes it easy to operate the fan from across the room. Thanks to the sleep timer function, the air conditioner practically switches itself off after the selected time and therefore saves electricity, especially at night.

The best advantage over conventional fans is that Dyson has no fan wheel in which something can get caught. This can be especially important in households with small children.

  • Effective with 10 airflow settings
  • Safe for children
  • Pricey
  • No other features

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Dyson fans and air purifiers?

If you’re looking for a fan for the summer that’s also suitable for allergy sufferers, Dyson offers you this choice:

Dyson Pure Cool tower fan

With the night mode, you can easily run the tower fan all night and control it from bed with the remote control. To distribute the purified air throughout the room, the fan rotates up to 350°. And thanks to the app with reporting, you get all the information directly to your mobile phone in real time.

Dyson Pure Cool table fan

This 2 in 1 air conditioner, is the smaller and lighter option of the Dyson Pure Cool tower fan with exactly the same features. It’s great for the office or smaller rooms.

Dyson Pure Cool Me air purifier

Also smaller and lighter than the tower fan, this Dyson air purifier covers a 70° angle with its focused cooling and has an integrated LCD display. Here, however, the focus is clearly on air purification, which is why it also has a different design than the fans.

The Dyson air purifiers filter 99.9% of gases, pollutants and allergens from the air and are therefore super suitable for the pollen season. In addition, they do not stir up house dust and dust mites like other fans. Of course, you can also use all functions separately and only clean or cool the air.

  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Filtration of pollutants and gases
  • Two colour options
  • Pricey

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Dyson fans with heating function?

The special thing about these air conditioners is that you can use them all year round. Again, there are different Dyson devices to choose from:

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link

This unit has the same features as the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool 2018, except you can set a schedule to automatically turn on the air purifier.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool 2018

This 3 in 1 air conditioner from Dyson combines a fan, air purifier and fan heater in one unit. In summer, it cools your home down and in winter, it provides sufficient heat and filters the air all year round. It rotates at up to 350° and can be controlled by a remote control. The app allows you to check the air quality in real time.

AM09 Hot+Cool

The successor to the AM05 Hot+Cool impresses with its improved volume and fast and even room heating or cooling. The air is heated inside by ceramic elements without the otherwise usual combustion smell of dust. Particularly noteworthy is that should the device fall over, it switches off immediately and that you can choose between focus function with direct heat or distribution function.

  • Can be used all year round
  • Pricey

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Dyson fans and humidifiers?

You can also dehumidify the air without changing the temperature. With the remote control, you can easily adjust the humidity and strength of the airflow. In addition, the air conditioner kills 99.9% of bacteria.

  • Suitable for asthmatics and allergy sufferers
  • Expensive

Buying criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and evaluate Dyson air conditioners

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the different Dyson air conditioners. The criteria you can use to compare the air conditioners include:

  • Power consumption
  • Volume
  • Individual needs
  • Functions

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what is important in the individual criteria to help you make your purchase decision.

Power consumption

When buying a Dyson air conditioner, it is of course very important to pay attention to the power consumption of the device.

You can easily calculate the power consumption beforehand.

As already described above, the different devices have different wattages and therefore also different power consumption. So before you buy a Dyson air conditioner, you should pay attention to the wattage in advance and can easily calculate the power consumption as described above: Watts x hours : 1,000 x the price of a kWh.

The price of a kWh can vary from time to time, so it is never possible to make a fixed calculation. However, the price is always in the same segment and usually does not vary much.


In addition to the power consumption, the volume is also a strong purchase criterion. Especially if your Dyson device is supposed to work around the clock in summer or winter, it should be as quiet as possible so as not to disturb you.

Most Dyson air conditioners have a volume of 60 dB.

Especially for users of Dyson devices in the workplace, they want an optimal room climate and a quiet working atmosphere, but the device should also be as quiet as possible in the bedroom. The volume of Dyson air conditioners is, as already mentioned, always around 60 dB (A). Nevertheless, you should pay close attention to these specifications when buying and adjust them to your individual noise sensitivity.

Individual needs

Dyson offers the right air conditioner for every season and purpose. In summer you are plagued by annoying pollen, in winter you are surrounded by dry heating air. Accordingly, you should of course select your device according to the existing problems, such as allergies in summer or dry mucous membranes in winter. Dyson offers various air purifiers as well as humidifiers to help you through every season.


If you suffer from allergies, choosing the right Dyson air conditioner is especially important. That’s why the special Dyson Pure Cool Link series is particularly suitable for you. Depending on where you want to place your fan, you can also choose between different devices and sizes. Here, too, there is something in every price range.

Dry heated air

In winter, you are often plagued by dry heating air. Dry mucous membranes and a greater risk of catching a cold go hand in hand with this. As described above, the Dyson air conditioner series also offers the right device for you: a humidifier. This humidifier ensures an optimal room climate and maintains a good humidity level in your home.

Facts worth knowing about Dyson air conditioners

Now that you have collected enough information about Dyson air conditioners, we would like to give you a few more facts. If you already own a Dyson air conditioner, you may find valuable tips here.

Where and since when have Dyson air conditioners been manufactured?

In 2009, Dyson launched its first air conditioner, the “Dyson Cool”. In 2011, a model including a fan heater followed and since 2015, they also produce humidifiers that kill 99.9% of bacteria. The special thing about the Dyson Cool is that it works without visible rotor blades, as you know it from a normal fan. Since 2002, Dyson no longer produces at its headquarters, but has moved production to Malaysia for cost reasons.

Are Dyson air conditioners suitable for allergy sufferers?

The Dyson AM10 humidifier and all Pure air conditioners are great for allergy sufferers. They do not stir up dust particles, pollen, bacteria or mites and filter the air through an activated carbon granulate.

Thanks to the Dyson air purifier, you can sleep well at night despite pollen allergies. (Image source: / 107344324)

According to Dyson, individual air conditioners effectively kill 99.9% of bacteria, so your indoor air is clean again and you can sleep peacefully and without problems.

What other products does Dyson offer?

Dyson is best known for its Dyson V series hoovers and styling appliances for your hair. For your hair, Dyson now has a wider range of products. Besides the normal hairdryer, there is also a styling device, the Dyson Airwrap, for beautiful curls and dry hair in one.

The set comes with 11 different attachments that you can use to create different styles. There really is something for everyone here, because even in the most diverse price ranges and versions, you can adapt your Dyson device to your needs. Dyson also makes a range of lights and hand dryers for businesses in the B2B sector.

These include lights for the workplace or even normal pendant lights. Styling devices or hairdryers as well as hand dryers are also offered for hairdressers or hotels. But air conditioners and hoovers are also included in this branch of the company.

Picture source: / 90836909