Last updated: 16/10/2022

Dressing tables are not only practical, but also a real eye-catcher in your interior. But how do you find a matching chest of drawers that offers enough space for your make-up and dressing utensils?

In our dressing table test 2022 we present the best and latest models from the respective categories. We also give you important tips and tricks on the subject of dressing tables and their accessories. Whether dressing tables with or without mirrors, you will find the best dressing tables on the market.


  • A dressing table is the right choice for you if you have always dreamed of a place where you can store all your make-up utensils and get ready in the morning at your leisure.
  • Dressing tables come in many different designs and versions – pay attention to the size of the dressing table and the number of drawers.
  • Inexpensive dressing tables are available from 60 euros upwards. If you want several mirrors or a particularly playful design, dressing tables cost between 80 and 200 euros.

The Best Dressing Table: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a dressing table

What are the advantages of a dressing table?

Dressing tables are perfect for you if you are looking for a suitable place for your make-up and hair accessories and would like to have a nice place where you can do your make-up and hair.

A dressing table offers you a lot of storage space to optimally store all your make-up utensils and you have everything in one place. In addition, you are independent of the bathroom. Who hasn’t experienced this?

You just want to put on your make-up and the bathroom is occupied. You can elegantly avoid this problem with a dressing table if you set it up in the bedroom or living room. Moreover, you no longer have to stand while you do your hair or apply make-up!

Most dressing tables are equipped with a padded stool. It couldn’t be more comfortable! Of course, a dressing table is also fashionable and totally on trend. With the right light decoration and beautiful mirrors, it becomes a highlight.

A dressing table is suitable for storing your make-up and other utensils and offers independence from the bathroom. (Photo: / kinkate)

Where is the best place to put the dressing table?

You can put the dressing table in any room. Of course, it makes particular sense in the bedroom or bathroom. It’s where you put your make-up and do your hair. The bathroom can be ideal for a dressing table if you want to keep all your utensils in one place.

With a dressing table, your bathroom becomes the perfect “make-up paradise”! Keep in mind, however, that other family members in the household may be less enthusiastic about you taking up the space for yourself.

In this case, we recommend that you move the dressing table into the bedroom. Here, you will probably have more space to design the dressing table and the surrounding area according to your wishes. There are also many beautiful decorations possible.

Did you know that the dressing table should ideally be positioned next to the window? In natural light, it is easier to apply make-up in the right shades and you end up with the most natural and beautiful result. The colours are not distorted and the make-up is not blotchy.

Ideally, you should place your dressing table by a window so that you can see yourself in the mirror in natural daylight. If this is not possible, you need to provide good lighting. Read our page on dressing table lighting. The light should come from the front and be similar to daylight. There are special daylight lamps that have less of a yellow cast than conventional lamps.

What material should the dressing table be made of?

Dressing tables are often made of wood, either high-quality solid wood, chipboard or medium-density fibreboard. Solid wood is usually the most expensive option, but it is also of high quality and stands for durability.

Chipboard consists of wood chips glued and pressed together. The surface of the board is usually plastic-coated. It is particularly robust and easy to clean. Medium-density fibreboard is similar to chipboard. They are made of finely fibrillated wood. They have the advantage that they are particularly resistant to breakage and bending.

Alternatively, there are dressing tables with a glass tabletop. This looks particularly chic, but is very sensitive.

When buying, you should pay attention to the type of material. Each type has different durability and purpose.

How much does a dressing table cost?

The prices of dressing tables vary greatly depending on the manufacturer, quality and features.

On average, you pay 100 euros. The cheapest dressing tables cost about 60 euros. These are usually slimmer dressing tables with only one mirror and little storage space. More luxurious dressing tables start at 75 euros and up.

Product type Price range
simple version for standing up from €7
high-quality versions with wall mounting and LED lighting from €25
luxurious versions with dimming or touch function from €90

The dressing tables in this price segment are usually very attentive to detail, for example with elaborately crafted drawer handles and more storage space. If you expect several mirrors and a higher-quality material, you should spend between 120 and 200 euros for your make-up table.

The number of drawers and accessories are important features that greatly influence the price.

Which type of dressing table is right for your needs?

You have already learned that there are many different dressing tables on the market. Whether with or without a mirror, white or black, with a stool or without, there are a variety of models on the market.

That doesn’t make buying a dressing table any easier! But in the variety also lies the opportunity: after a little research and a look at our tested dressing tables, you can choose a dressing table that suits you perfectly. In the following, we give you an orientation about the most popular models and their advantages and disadvantages.

White dressing table

White dressing tables are the most popular models. If you choose a white dressing table, you have the widest choice. On the one hand, there are white dressing tables in all price categories, on the other hand, you can choose your perfect dressing table from many different styles. Whether baroque, playful, romantic or classic: you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Pink dressing table

A cosmetic table in pink or rose suits you if you are looking for a princess dressing table, want to make a girl happy or are still a child at heart yourself! However, there is a smaller selection of make-up tables in pink or rose. You should also decide whether the dressing table and stool should be pink or pink, or whether one of the two can also be white.

Black dressing table

Black dressing tables are rare. But they are good if you are looking for a strong contrast. There are different styles of black dressing tables: whether romantic or simple, you can create your perfect dressing table with a black dressing table, especially with the help of matching accessories!

Make-up table for children

There are not only make-up tables for the grown-ups, there is also a wide range for children. Depending on the age, the dressing tables for children are adapted to the size and meet all the requirements of a princess dressing table!

Wooden look dressing table

Almost all dressing tables are generally made of wood. However, most of them are lacquered so that they no longer have their original wood colour. The selection of wooden dressing tables is rather small.

However, you will find dressing tables and stools made of real wood, which are usually of better quality and durability than white cosmetic tables. The stools are also made of wood to match the dressing table and have upholstered cushions.

Dressing table with stool

Most dressing tables come with a matching stool. You must therefore be clear about whether you want to buy a combined dressing table and stool or whether you would prefer to order another dressing table stool as well.

This has the advantage that you can choose the design yourself. However, the dressing tables with stools are often cheaper in terms of price-performance ratio.

Decision: What types of dressing tables are there and which is the right one for you?

Basically, you can distinguish between two types of dressing tables:

  • Dressing table with mirror
  • Dressing table without mirror

For many women, having their own dressing table is the icing on the cake of any girl’s room. The selection offered by the trade is very large. You are sure to find the right table for you. In the following section, we will take a closer look at the above-mentioned types of dressing tables.

With a list of the advantages and disadvantages, we will try to help you make your decision.

How do I use a dressing table with mirror and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The most common variant is the dressing table with a fixed mirror. You can choose from different models and styles. From the modern style to the baroque girl’s dream, the manufacturers offer you a wide selection.

The dressing table with mirror has the decisive advantage that you do not have to look for a separate mirror. The mirror is already attached to the table. When looking for the perfect piece of furniture, you should think about the positioning of your table in advance.

Good lighting plays a decisive role in achieving an optimal result. If you have plenty of daylight and good room lighting, you can basically base your choice purely on appearance. If your lighting conditions are less good, you should consider choosing a dressing table with mirror lighting.

Some dressing tables already have compartments or boxes for your utensils. Many girls and women accumulate a large amount of make-up and beauty products over time.

  • Mirror already available
  • Simple assembly
  • No accessories necessary
  • Little scope for individual design

Therefore, when buying, you should also make sure that you have enough space to set up separate boxes if necessary. Also consider the quality of your table.

The tabletop in particular is very important. If you regularly apply make-up and style yourself, you will know that nail polish or make-up marks are unavoidable. The hot hair straightener also likes to be placed on the table.

To enjoy your make-up station for a long time, you should check the materials used for the table so that cleaning agents and nail polish remover do not pose any problems.

How do I use a dressing table without a mirror and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The dressing table without mirror is more or less the shell of a dressing table. You can buy any table as a basis for your future dressing table. The big advantage is that you can adapt it exactly to your room capacity.

Once you’ve chosen your table, you can start gathering your equipment. You can get any mirror you want and just mount it on the wall. If you don’t have this option, you can also just look for a large table mirror. Again, please consider your lighting conditions.

  • Individual design
  • Not a mass product
  • Costly
  • Time-consuming

You have several options for creating more storage space. You can get table tops from any furniture store or online shop. Another option is to install shelves around your dressing table. Here, too, pay attention to the quality and workmanship of the materials used for the basic elements. Then you can let your creativity run free with this variant.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate dressing tables

In the following, we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate make-up tables. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a certain dressing table is suitable for you or not. In summary, these are:

  • Colour
  • Style
  • Size
  • Material
  • Dressing table mirror


Most dressing tables are white. A white dressing table is perfect if you already have other white furniture in your living space. Motif wallpaper is also a great match for a plain white dressing table. If you are looking for a classic dressing table, a white dressing table is a perfect match.

As explained above, dressing tables are mainly available in white, pink, black and rarely in wood. Which colour you choose is, of course, entirely up to your ideas of the perfect dressing table. Also take into account the colour of the walls in your home, the decoration you already have and whether you would still like the colour in a few years’ time.


There are many different styles of dressing tables. Which style you choose is up to you, of course. At the moment, the vintage style is very trendy! White dressing tables, floral patterns on the dressing table stools, metal handles and ornaments, if you like this style, you have a wide range of options!

Of course, there are also other, simpler versions of dressing tables. Whether plain in white without flashy details, or in a gothic look. You will definitely find what you are looking for!


Usually, dressing tables including mirror are between 135-145 cm high and between 70-80 cm wide. The dressing table stools are between 35-40 cm wide and between 40-50 cm high.

Before you buy your dressing table, you should know how much space you have. Dressing tables are especially effective when they have enough free space! It also depends on how much storage space you want your dressing table to have. Some dressing tables only have a few small drawers, while others offer a lot of storage space with many large drawers.

It’s best to measure the space available to you before buying. Also look for protruding radiators, window sills and objects that may reduce the space of the dressing table. You should also plan the space for the dressing table stool.


Most dressing tables are made of medium-density fibreboard. On the product pages, this material is often abbreviated as MDF. This is not solid wood, but wood components that have been glued together to form a board. This material has the advantage that it is particularly break-resistant.

Material Description
Solid wood Solid wood is usually the most expensive variant, but is also of high quality and stands for durability.
Chipboard Chipboard consists of glued and pressed wood chips. The surface of the board is usually plastic-coated.
Medium-density fibreboard Medium-density fibreboard is similar to chipboard. They consist of finely fibrillated wood. They have the advantage that they are particularly resistant to breaking and bending.
Other Alternatively, there are dressing tables with a glass tabletop. This looks particularly chic, but is very sensitive.

In contrast, dressing tables made of solid wood are more durable, more stable and also look better. When buying a solid wood dressing table, however, you should bear in mind that they are more difficult to assemble, especially because they weigh more than dressing tables made of MDF.

In both cases, however, make sure that the wood is treated and has a smooth surface so that there is no risk of injury from splinters.

Dressing table mirror

As you learned above, dressing tables come in a wide variety of colours, styles, sizes and materials. The last important point for your purchase decision should be the dressing table mirror.

Most dressing tables and stools come with a mirror. Pay attention to whether it is attached to the dressing table or whether the make-up mirror is only placed on top. It also makes a difference whether the dressing table mirror is permanently installed or whether you can move it freely in all directions.

A movable dressing table mirror has the advantage that you can adjust it according to the lighting conditions and also optimally adjust the distance to your face.

Facts worth knowing about dressing tables

How long have dressing tables been around?

Ever since the dressing table was invented in France in the 17th century, more and more people have taken a liking to it. Old paintings often show women in front of a dressing table. Especially in wealthy circles, the dressing table was already very popular at that time. Those who had the financial means set up an extra area that served only the beauty of the woman.

Even today, many dressing tables are offered in the style of that time. Whether with one or more mirrors, whether with compartments and drawers for storage, today there are numerous different dressing tables, among which everyone can find the perfect dressing table!

What accessories are useful for my dressing table?

Of course, a dressing table also needs the right accessories. Depending on your ideas and wishes, one or the other purchase can help you to make your dressing table even more beautiful.

  • Make-up case

So that your colours, brushes and tubes don’t lie around in disarray on the make-up table, it’s worth buying a make-up case. You can sort all your utensils and easily keep your dressing table tidy.

  • Dressing Table Mirror

Most dressing tables have a make-up mirror permanently installed, so you don’t have to buy a make-up mirror separately. But if, for example, the size of your existing mirror is not big enough, you should buy a more suitable dressing table mirror.

It is also worth buying one if you want to look at yourself in the mirror from several perspectives.

  • Dressing Table Stool

Many dressing tables come with a dressing table stool. However, if you have chosen a dressing table without a stool, you will of course need a dressing table stool to put on your make-up in the morning.

  • Dressing Table Lighting

If you don’t have a free spot by the window or you want to do your make-up or hair in the dark, you need the right light. Conventional artificial light is often distorted. There are a variety of daylight lamps that can make your dressing table look more professional while providing the light you need.

Picture source: / Igor Zakharevich