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A Dovecote is a small building, usually circular or octagonal in shape. It was used to house doves and pigeons for the purpose of eating their eggs as food. The word comes from Middle English “dov(e)” + “cot” (meaning cottage).

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Dovecote: Frequently asked questions

What types of Dovecote are there and what determines a good product?

There are two types of Dovecotes, the traditional and a modern version. The Traditional Dovecote is made from timber with an open fronted roof which allows access to the nesting boxes inside. This type of dovecote has been used for many years in Europe but only became popular in Britain after World War II when it was introduced by Sir John Betjeman who wrote about them extensively as he believed they were part of our heritage that should be preserved. They can still be seen on old farm buildings throughout England today where pigeons nest at one end while bats roost at the other.

The Modern Dovecot is usually built using brick or concrete blocks and has solid walls all around except for a small opening near ground level through which birds enter their home (see picture below). Most people prefer this type because it does not require maintenance such as repainting every few years like its wooden counterpart nor do you have to worry about woodworm etc getting into your loft space if you live in an area prone to these pests. However, there are some disadvantages too – firstly, although most modern designs allow plenty of light into each box so that eggs will hatch successfully without artificial lighting being provided; natural daylight alone may

A good dovecote is one that can be used to house a large number of pigeons. It should have enough space for the birds, and it must also provide protection from predators as well as weather conditions. The design of the structure will depend on what you want to use it for – if you are going to breed your own pigeons then there needs to be plenty of room in which they can lay their eggs safely; but if all you need is somewhere safe for them during bad weather, then less space may suffice.

Who should use a Dovecote?

Anyone who wants to attract birds into their garden. A Dovecote is a great way of providing shelter and food for small songbirds, like tits, finches or sparrows. It can also be used as an attractive feature in your garden that will look good all year round.

Based on what criteria should you buy a Dovecote?

Dovecotes are not a one-size fits all product. They should be designed to fit the needs of your specific flock, and their location on your property. The right size dovecot will provide adequate shelter for the number of birds you have, while also providing enough space between each bird so that they can move around freely without being crowded or stressed out by other members in their group. We recommend using our online calculator as a starting point when determining how many doves you need per square foot inside the coop (or outside if it is an open air design). If you don’t know what kind of species/breed(s) you want yet, we suggest getting started with some common breeds like Ringnecks or Barred Rocks which tend to get along well together and require less room than larger breeds such as White Faced Black Spanish Doves who prefer more personal space from others in their flocks.

There are a few things to look out for when comparing Dovecotes. The first is the size of the dove cote, as this will determine how many birds can be kept in it and what type of bird you want to keep there. You should also check that all parts are included with your purchase, such as perches and nesting boxes so that you don’t have any problems putting it together or getting started on keeping doves straight away.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Dovecote?


The main advantage of a dovecote is that it provides an excellent home for your pigeons. They will be safe from predators, and they have plenty of room to fly around in the loft area. You can also keep them outside if you wish, as long as there are no cats or other predators nearby.


The main disadvantage of a dovecote is that it can be difficult to clean out. For this reason, we recommend the use of an automatic feeder which will keep your birds fed and happy without you having to go up into the loft every day.

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