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There is nothing better to have a great quality of life and superior performance in our day to day life than to rest properly and our bed is a vital part of it. We care about your wellbeing, that’s why today we bring you a review that you will surely love, it’s about the double bed bases.

Not only does our bedroom look nicer with a good double bed base, this product also provides stability to our mattress, which is essential to be able to rest properly. Choosing a base may seem like a piece of cake, but it’s not, that’s why we’ll help you choose the best product available.

The reviews are designed to satisfy even the strictest of customers, because we make them thinking about all the questions you need to answer before purchasing a product. That’s why we bring you detailed information, pros and cons, product variants and purchasing factors


  • A double bed base is a piece of furniture on which a double bed mattress is placed to complement the bed. Made of different materials to give it a good look and strength, this product is a must in homes, hotels and motels.
  • There are 4 attractive variants of the double bed base. The first is the simple one with legs and in horizontal position. The folding version allows the base and mattress to be folded in half to save space. The canapé with lid offers a hiding place underneath, while the folding one can be stored vertically.
  • Uses, load capacity, manufacturing materials, and the size and space that a double bed base offers are the factors that will allow us to buy and choose one model over another. We give you the details on each.

The best Double Bed Base: Our Picks

Buying guide: what you need to know about a double bed base

Want to get the best night’s sleep? Get the perfect double bed base for you and your space. How? Well, by reading our review and especially the buying guide where we show you all the relevant information about this product.

What is a double bed base and what are its advantages?

The base for a double bed is a piece of furniture that has the function of holding or supporting the mattress that makes up the bed. It usually comes in different materials, some more resistant than others and with different designs to meet the decorative needs of each client. The stability of the mattress depends on them.

The market for bed bases is wide, not only because they guarantee a good rest, but also because they are products made to measure for each family. Likewise, with a good double bed base you can save space depending on the style or type you have chosen, there are many options.

Places that require the use of beds such as hotels, motels, inns and more, are some of the businesses that require this type of bed base and that spare no expense to provide their users with the best possible experience.

  • Strong and resistant
  • They are made of different materials
  • Various designs
  • Suitable size for the full mattress
  • They can be considered expensive
  • Not all of them are firm
  • They are heavy

Base for single double bed, folding bed, box spring or folding bed base – what should you pay attention to?

Choosing the right style of base for your bedroom, whether it is a master bedroom or a guest bedroom, is essential to make a good purchase. That’s why we would like to show you the different variations of this product.

Simple. This is the base we all know, the one that goes on the floor and is supported by its legs. All you need to do is place the mattress and your bed is complete. It is one of the cheapest bases among all its variants, but it is also the one that takes up the most space.

Folding. The folding double bed base is the one that folds in half and whose function saves us a lot of space. It is also true that the mattress for this one must be quite flexible and soft, it is not recommended for main bedrooms or for daily use.

Canapé with lid. The canapé bases are those that have a space in the lower part hidden under the cover where the mattress goes. These beds are ideal if you need to store some things, so you can put them under the mattress itself.

Folding sofa bed. Unlike the previous one, this base is attached to the wall and you have to open a cover so that the mattress that rests vertically can expand horizontally and you can use it. Undoubtedly, the base for a double bed that provides more space.

Single Folding Folding Canapé with cover Folding canapé
Available space A little A lot Regular A lot A lot
Materials of manufacture Wood, steel, synthetic leather Aluminium and wood Wood, steel, synthetic leather plastic Wood, steel and aluminium
Cost Low High Low Medium High

Purchasing criteria

You can have the perfect double bed base, all you have to do is follow our buying advice. To choose one product over another, it is necessary to know the factors that allow you to compare them and you will see them below.

  • Uses
  • Size and space available
  • Load capacity
  • Materials of construction


The use is the most important purchasing factor in a product, if you buy it is because you need or want it. In the case of the bases for double bed you can give them different uses and buy a suitable model for it.

Hotels and motels. This market can not live without the bases for double bed, because offering a quality service depends on it. If you are the owner of a property like this you should know that all variants of the bases are ideal for such use, you will choose the ones you prefer.

Master and guest rooms. There is nothing like having a beautiful and comfortable bed in the main rooms, so for these types of spaces we recommend purchasing the single bases or the two varieties of canapé. If you are looking to purchase a guest room base you can opt for a folding one to save space.

Interior decoration. To cater for a variety of tastes, bed base manufacturers have succeeded in creating stunning furniture in minimalist, classic and industrial designs. If you think about your bedroom decor when buying, we advise you to buy a single base or the canapé types, they are stylish and modern.

Size and available space

It is well known that a double bed has a particular size to fit a couple without any problems. A double mattress usually has the dimensions of 135 cm wide x 188 cm long, so its base should have at least that. At the same time, we should choose a base that fits in our space.

Maximum space saving. If you need a base for a double bed but at the same time have space to store your things you should buy a folding sofa, which can stay on the wall while you are not using it or a folding base to save space.

Minimal space saving. If your bedroom is spacious and you’re not worried about having 135 x 188 cm in it, you can choose cheaper alternatives such as the single double bed base or the canapé with lid, the latter of which allows you to store things under your mattress.

Carrying capacity

As unimportant as it may seem, you need to be aware of the load capacity of your double bed base. This will determine the firmness and durability of this piece of furniture when it is in your possession. As double beds are for two people, they are usually able to hold a minimum of 130 kg.

Have an idea of the weight that this piece of furniture will support on a daily basis, whether it will be used by two adults and a child, two adults or just one adult. It is always better to have too much capacity than too little and damage the product. We recommend simple bases with short but thick legs. And please, please! Don’t jump.

Materials of manufacture

The materials with which these bases are made is one of the factors that should never be missing in our purchasing criteria. Especially because their durability, appearance, strength and, of course, their price depend on them.

Wood. Wood is one of the most commonly used materials for furniture because of its beauty and durability. Whether it is oak, beech, cedar, pine or whatever, wood will always be an obvious choice for any type of base, buyer and environment. It is durable and resists most knocks and blows.

Steel/Iron. If you don’t want your bed to be at risk of breaking you can buy a steel or wrought iron double bed base. Both give an industrial and rustic feel to your home as well as incredible strength. Of course, the weight of this base is something to take into consideration. Perfect for single bases.

Aluminium. The bases that are made of aluminium are usually the folding and canapé ones. It is a cheap material, but considerably flimsy so you should consider what you need. Even so, aluminium usually lasts about 5 years without any problems.

Synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is a material that forms part of the covering that some bases have, it gives a more elegant touch to the furniture in general and it feels quite good to the touch. The bases for simple double beds usually have it.

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