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Taking your best friend out several times a day can be a tedious task for many of us, as we are usually out and about in cities where we can’t always fit our schedules around our pets’ schedules. Unfortunately, this fact can occur several times a day, so the stress is multiplied. Dog toilets are the best option so that neither you nor your dog suffers from stress during those moments when your pet wants to go to the toilet. You don’t have to get up early on weekends or holidays, or if you have an event with your friends or a work meeting, you don’t have to rush to go home. You can find several models of dog toilets with different designs and functions.


  • Dog toilets come in different materials and sizes, you can also find them with artificial or natural grass to suit every taste.
  • Dog toilets are very common in both large and small households. They can be used in the patio of a large house or in the living room or balcony of a small house. It would even be possible to use them in some businesses where customers are accompanied by their pets. They are usually made of plastic for easy cleaning.
  • In addition, these dog toilets, especially the smallest ones, can be easily transported and taken to a barbecue with friends or to the parents’ house, for example.

The Best Dog Toilet in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

We recommend a list of the best dog toilets available on the market that perfectly fit your needs or those of your pet and avoid using dog nappies or avoid wetting the dog bed, dog pillow, dog blanket car.

Buying and evaluation criteria for dog litter boxes

To make it easier for you to choose your next dog toilet, we have summarised the most important criteria so that you can find the best dog toilet for you. These criteria are as follows:


The vast majority of dog bathrooms are made of plastic materials to facilitate cleaning and reuse. Many of the plastics used to make the dog bathroom can come from recycled plastics, so this can be an option for those who are concerned about the environment.


There are different sizes for dog toilets, you’ll find them in a small size ideal for smaller breed dogs and even newborn puppies to a large dog toilet for large breeds. There are sizes for everyone!


Cleaning is hassle-free, the bottom insert detaches from the grate for easy cleaning. Simply rinse and wash with soap and water.


There are different types of dog toilets, from very simple classic with a unique 1-layer design to or 3-layer design. There are dog toilets for large places such as courtyards, gardens, or large terraces, as well as for smaller places such as mobile homes, balconies, and flat terraces. The dog litter box is also available for indoor or outdoor use, for puppies, small dogs, XXL-sized dogs, or very old or recently operated dogs. They work similarly to cat litter boxes.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about dog toilets answered in detail

A dog toilet is ideal for anyone who has a dog in a flat, for example, it is the same if this is young or old, large or small. Although it is a rather unusual utensil, the dog toilet can be quite useful.

Taking your pet out every day can be a somewhat complicated task, especially on days when the weather is not good. (Image source: Ron Fung / Unsplash)

How much does a dog toilet cost?

Depending on the material and size, the dog toilet can vary in price.
Price range Available products
Low-priced (€14.90-19.90) Puppy Pads
Medium-priced (€36.99-69.99) Dog Grass Mat with Tablet
High-priced (from €99.00) PetSafe


Dog toilets are perfect for those times when you get home too late to let the dog out, or your pet can’t go outside due to illness or bad weather. Depending on the model, the dog toilets are equipped with real grass, artificial grass, soil or a cloth. Of course, each dog owner can decide individually which filling for the dog toilet is the best solution and is well accepted by the dog. Since dogs like to defecate on a meadow or a piece of grass when they go for a walk, this is as natural an imitation as possible and, of course, this option does not replace the daily walk, but is rather suitable as an emergency solution in cases where it is not possible to give the dog its daily run. Among other things, this can be the case if the dog is ill or has musculoskeletal pain.

(Cover photo: Sebastian Coman Travel / Pexels)