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This time we will talk about shampoos for dogs, an ideal option to take care of your pet’s coat in a practical and effective way, as in very few doses you will notice more shine and softness in their fur.

Just as people use a shampoo according to their hair type, dogs also need a product that suits their needs; that is why there is a wide variety and assortment of canine shampoos made with different components according to each type of coat, age, etc.

In this article we will tell you about the most important characteristics of dog shampoos, including their different sizes, presentations, costs and sales sites, so that you can compare them and choose the most suitable for your furry friend.


  • Dog shampoos are specially designed to restore dogs’ coats, giving them back their natural shine and softness. They also eliminate unpleasant odours, which are so common in pets, and do not damage the scalp.
  • There are different varieties of shampoos for dogs, including dry shampoos, special shampoos for pets, lightening shampoos and pesticides, which combat fleas, ticks, parasites, itching, etc., restoring the health of your dog’s hair.
  • Before buying a shampoo for dogs, it is important that you take into account certain factors, such as their different presentations, aromas, and possible adverse reactions, among other relevant aspects.

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Buying guide: What you need to know about dog shampoo

The main objective of this buying guide is for you to know the most important characteristics of the product you are interested in buying. That’s why we’ll tell you about the main features of dog shampoos, including their advantages and disadvantages.

Dog shampoos make your pet’s coat shiny and soft. (Photo: Jaromír Chalabala /

What are dog shampoos and what are their advantages?

Dog shampoo is made with specially selected ingredients to wash, clean, restore and shine your pet’s coat. Clearly the hair of animals and humans is different, so it is important that the shampoo is also different.

On the other hand, the resistance and sensitivity of the scalp and the propensity to allergic reactions are also different, which is why these shampoos, like those for people, have different varieties according to the needs of dogs.

Among its many advantages, this product guarantees an effective and forceful action on the hair of dogs, giving it softness, strength and volume. They also eliminate and neutralise unpleasant odours, which are so common in most pets.

  • They give shine and softness to the coat of the dogs
  • They eliminate grease
  • They neutralise bad smells
  • There are different varieties of products
  • There are shampoos that eliminate fleas, ticks, etc.
  • They can cause allergy or irritation
  • Some do not clean in depth
  • Some shampoos have a very short term effect

Dry dog shampoo, puppy shampoo, pesticides or lighteners – what to look out for?

Dog shampoos come in different versions, among which dry shampoos, special shampoos for puppies, lightening shampoos, and pesticides or shampoos for itching. Below we will mention the main characteristics of each of them so that you can choose the most suitable one for your pet.

Dry shampoo. These shampoos, as their name suggests, do not need water or rinsing, as they are placed directly on the dog’s coat and act in depth, leaving the hair free of grease and bad odours. Just brush the dog’s coat thoroughly before applying.

Puppy shampoo. Like human babies, puppies tend to have more delicate and sensitive skin, so it is advisable to choose a shampoo that does not irritate their scalp. This shampoo is usually gentler and less invasive than conventional products.

Pesticide shampoos. These shampoos are especially suitable for fleas, parasites and ticks, which are so common in pets. They are also recommended for dogs suffering from pruritus, an itchy and irritable skin condition.

Lightening shampoos. Lightening shampoos for dogs, like those for humans, have as their main function to lighten the lighter coat, giving it more shine. They are recommended for white or beige coats, unlike other shampoos that are used for dark or reddish shades.

Dry For puppies Lighteners Pesticides
Variety Wide variety Medium Few Medium to little variety
Uses All coat types More sensitive skin White or light coat Fleas, ticks, parasites, itching
Amount of chemical components Variable Few or no chemical components Variable Have a significant amount

Should human shampoos be used on pets?

Many people may wonder why human shampoos should not be used on pets. Here we will tell you the differences between the two types of shampoos so that you can evaluate which type of product is more suitable for your pet.

Cleanliness. One of the main factors that differentiates one shampoo from the other is cleanliness, as our hair is washed daily and due to its characteristics it does not accumulate as much dirt, grease and odour as canine hair; therefore human shampoos would not be enough to clean these pets properly.

Components. Because human and canine hair needs are not the same, neither are the components of both shampoos. People’s hair, for example, does not have undercoats like a dog’s coat, so it may be counterproductive for dogs to use our shampoos.

Functions. As mentioned in the comparison chart, there are dry dog shampoos, puppy shampoos, pesticide shampoos, itch shampoos and others, so the functions are clearly different from those of our hair products, as is their effect on the hair.

How much does a dog shampoo cost?

The prices of dog shampoos vary according to size, function and brand, among other things. In the following paragraph we will tell you the approximate costs of this product so that you have a reference of the commercial values.

In the market you can get dog shampoos from MXN 85 to MXN 1,000, or even more, depending on the characteristics mentioned above. However, there are also excellent products for your pet at prices in between.

Where to buy a dog shampoo?

Dog shampoos are very practical and effective when it comes to leaving your pet’s coat clean, soft and shiny; therefore, the market offers a wide range of this product, which is readily available in commercial shops such as Sears and Liverpool, among others.

On the internet you can also find a great variety of dog shampoos, through virtual pages such as Amazon, Ebay, Linio and Mercado Libre, among others. Online shopping also gives you the additional benefit of ordering from home, where you can also receive it.

Dog shampoos eliminate and neutralise bad odours. (Photo: Eduardo GonzálezDíaz/

Buying criteria

In this last section of the article we will discuss the most important factors to consider when buying a dog shampoo, as it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect product for your pet’s needs.

  • Presentation
  • Scent
  • Types of shampoos
  • Adverse reactions


Dog shampoos come in different presentations, with different contents suitable for the uses and sizes of the animal. Below we will tell you which are the most sold presentations so that you can choose the most suitable for your pet.

100 ml bottles. This small size is recommended when we try a brand or scent of dog shampoo for the first time and we want to check the results of the product. They are also practical to take with you when travelling with your pet.

200 to 500 ml bottles. These presentations are the most similar to those of shampoos for humans, and tend to be the most chosen for pets, as they yield several doses. However, it is important to compare costs, as it is sometimes convenient to choose larger sizes for a small difference in price.

Containers of 2 litres and above. These presentations are often used for large pets or for several dogs in the family. They are also purchased as a back-up and can be dosed in a smaller container, because despite being more expensive, these containers last longer and cost comparatively less.

Dogs regain hair volume and strength thanks to dog shampoos. (Photo: Monika Wisniewska /


Although the scent does not influence the effectiveness or cleanliness of dog shampoo, it is very important to combat the bad smells that are often present in animals. Here we will tell you about the most common fragrances of this product.

Fruity. Fruity fragrances are the most commonly used in dog shampoos, as they tend to be the most long-lasting (depending on the brand and the quality of the product). The most common are watermelon, banana and mango, among others.

Sweets. Sweet fragrances are very pleasant and soft, but perhaps they are not the most recommended for dog breeds with more odour (generally those with short coats). They usually come in very fresh and delicate floral fragrances.

Essences. The essences or essential oils, provide the shampoo for dogs with aromatic fragrances such as cinnamon, mint, camomile, etc. In addition to their delicious and refreshing aromas, they offer greater softness, hydration and nutrition to the canine coat.

Types of shampoos

Dog shampoos can be for cosmetic or medicinal use (or even both), as there are different types of products that focus on the specific needs of each animal. Here we will tell you about them so that you can get to know their particularities.

Cosmetic shampoo. Cosmetic dog shampoo, like human shampoo, has different varieties adapted to each type of coat. For example, there are products for short-haired pets (more basic and functional), and for long-haired pets (with moisturising and repairing components).

In addition, there are canine shampoos for light or dark coats (just like human hair products). Lightening products, for example, remove stains and add shine and softness, and those for dark coats protect the natural colour of the hair (and also leave it shiny and soft).

Medicated shampoo. Medicated shampoo generally has cosmetic properties; however, its main function is to treat specific problems of the animal that do not have to do with aesthetic issues. There are pesticide shampoos for fleas, ticks, parasites, itching, etc.

There are also hypoallergenic products for pets predisposed to allergic reactions, and shampoos for sensitive skin or dandruff. As mentioned above, these varieties also tend to have moisturising, repairing and nourishing components.

Dog shampoos are tailored to the specific needs of each animal. (Photo: Susan Richey-Schmitz /

Adverse reactions

Although it is not common for dog shampoos to cause adverse reactions, they can sometimes cause side effects, especially if your pet is allergic to any of the ingredients. It is therefore important to pay attention to labels and be aware of possible contraindications.

Allergy. This would be the main reason why dog shampoos could have an adverse effect on these pets, causing itching and inflammation of the skin, among other reactions. In the market you can find very recommendable hypoallergenic hair products for dogs.

Irritation. If your dog’s skin is sensitive, it is likely to be irritated by harsh chemicals. Puppy shampoos are very good at preventing redness and irritation at any age of your pet, but will not be as effective at combating deep soiling or intense odours.

Hair loss. Although it is actually very rare and only happens in isolated cases, certain dog shampoos may cause reactions such as hair loss. For this to happen the product must have very abrasive chemicals and the dog’s skin and coat must be very delicate.

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