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Welcome to our big dog couch test 2022. Here we present all the dog couches that we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a dog couch.


  • A dog couch is used to sleep a dog without the dog coming on its own couch.
  • You can choose between dog couches made of leather, imitation leather or fabric.
  • A dog couch looks similar to a real sofa and can be bought to match the home furnishings.

The Best Dog Couch: Our Picks

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate dog sofas

In order to buy the right dog couch, a number of factors must be taken into account. The following points play an important role:

The following sections go into more detail about the individual criteria so that you can find the right dog couch for you and your dog.


The size of a dog couch is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a dog couch. Dog couches can vary in size from approx. 40 cm up to 160 cm. It is therefore important to find the right size for your own four-legged friend.

The height and length of the dog should therefore be measured in advance. Because our furry noses should be able to lie comfortably spread out in the dog couch. It should be noted that often only the outer dimensions of a dog couch are given.

However, the actual lying surface – i.e. the inner dimension – will be smaller and should correspond to the size of the dog. The following table gives an overview of the sizes of a dog couch and the size of a suitable breed:

Example dog dimensions inside dimensions outside dimensions
Terrier Ca. 48 x 40 cm Ca. 73 x 50 cm
Beagle Ca. 66 x 53 cm Ca. 100 x 65 cm
Dalmatian Ca. 80 x 60 cm Ca. 120 x 75 cm
Shepherd Ca. 90 x 70 cm Ca. 135 x 85 cm
Great Danes Ca. 100 x 85 cm Ca. 155 x 105 cm

As already mentioned above, the height of a dog couch should always be taken into account when buying.


The frames of a dog couch are either made of wood, rattan or metal. The frame of a dog couch should mainly be robust and also be able to withstand a swinging jump of the dog without any problems.

This is offered by frames made of wood, rattan or metal. Wooden frames look very noble and are particularly robust. Care should be taken to ensure that the wood is well made. There should be no splinters and the screws should be well countersunk in the wood.

Rattan frames are also robust and very elastic and flexible. This way, a dog can jump onto the couch with a lot of momentum and the rattan gives way and cushions the dog.

A frame made of metal is also very sturdy and will not break down quickly. However, metal does not give as much when the dog jumps on it. It is therefore important to ensure that the padding is sufficiently good. This way the dog will always be able to lie comfortably.


The thickness of the padding depends on the material of the frame and the weight of the dog. If the frame is already flexible, the padding does not need to be quite as thick as with a metal frame, for example.

It is also very important to consider how heavy your dog is. The heavier and larger the dog, the thicker the padding should be.

Footing and grip

The dog couch should have a stable and secure footing. The couch should never slip, even if the dog takes a running jump onto it. If the couch slips, there is a risk of leaving scratches on the floor.

A dog couch must not slip under any circumstances, as otherwise scratches can occur on the floor.

To prevent this, the feet should be well made and stand evenly on all four feet. Furthermore, the dog couch should have a certain weight so that it does not slip. It is recommended that the couch is at least half the weight of the dog to prevent it from slipping.


Although the colour is of course dependent on one’s own taste – and probably wants to be matched to the interior design of the home – the colour of the dog’s coat is immensely important to consider.

Because if you buy an elegant black dog couch – to match your own sofa – but the dog is bright white, no one is helped. Because the dog couch will inevitably be covered with white hair.

The colour of the dog’s coat should determine the choice of colour for the couch.

Thus, the colour of the dog couch should mainly be based on the colour of your beloved four-legged friend’s coat. Only in second place should it match your own furniture.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a dog couch

In the following, we address the most important questions that arise during and after the purchase of a dog couch.

What is a dog couch?

Your beloved four-legged friend should have a comfortable place to retreat and sleep, which also looks fashionable. This is exactly what a dog couch offers.


Dogs can sleep and rest on a dog couch.
(Image source: unsplash / Sophie Elvis)

The dog pretty much doesn’t care where it gets its sleeping place, as long as it’s comfortable. Dog couches are therefore a grateful item for fashion-conscious dog owners. This is because dog sofas look very similar to a real couch and can also be bought to match the interior design of your own four walls.

Dog couches also have the great advantage that the fur noses do not damage their own expensive sofa with their claws. So the dog can still find its rest on a comfortable dog couch without besieging the fashionable sofa and, in the worst case, even ruining it.

For which dogs is a dog couch suitable – and for which not?

In principle, a dog couch is suitable for every dog. However, there are certain factors that need to be taken into account so that the four-legged friend feels comfortable on it.

The most important criterion is the right size of a dog couch. We will go into this in more detail in the buying criteria. To begin with, the dog couch must never be too small.

A dog must be able to lie stretched out on a dog couch, then the couch is the right size.

In addition, the type of dog couch should be selected according to the dog’s character. If your dog is very fearful, an open dog couch without a border is not suitable. Instead, the dog will feel comfortable and safe in a couch with a higher border.


If dogs are too young, old or small to jump high, a low-slung dog couch should be purchased.
(Image source: unsplash / Joe Cox)

The age of the dog must also be taken into account. A dog couch is unsuitable for puppies for two reasons. Firstly, the puppy will still grow and therefore buying a dog couch in the right size is, in a way, a lottery.

Secondly, dog couches are usually elevated like real sofas and puppies will not be able to get onto their couch. So dog couches are also unsuitable for very old dogs and dogs with joint problems.

What types of dog couches are there?

A dog couch can be purchased in different outer materials – i.e. the cover of the couch. A distinction is made between the following:

  • Dog couch made of imitation leather
  • Leather dog couch
  • Dog couch made of fabric

In the following sections, we will go into more detail about the respective cover materials. This will help you find the right dog couch.

Dog couch with an upper material made of imitation leather

Imitation leather is a very easy-care material and is therefore ideally suited as an upper material for a dog couch. On the one hand, imitation leather can be wiped clean easily and without any problems. On the other hand, imitation leather does not take on the smell of dirt.

In addition, an imitation leather sofa is very robust and does not break down immediately, even with somewhat wilder and larger dogs. Overall, however, a dog couch made of imitation leather is highly recommended. The most important advantages and disadvantages are listed below:

  • Easy to clean
  • Robust and does not break easily
  • Inexpensive
  • Cool material can be uncomfortable for dogs
  • If a blanket is also covered, the charm of the faux leather is lost

Dog sofas made of imitation leather also offer the advantage of looking classy and yet being inexpensive. However, one thing to be aware of with a faux leather couch is that the material tends to be cool.

Many dog breeds find this unpleasant and feel uncomfortable having to lie on a cool surface. If a fluffy blanket is placed over a faux leather couch, this can be counteracted. However, the sofa loses some of its elegance.

Dog couch with a leather upper

Leather is a very noble material and has something exclusive about it. Accordingly, leather dog couches are relatively expensive. However, you get a high-quality material that adapts to the dog’s lying position.

The following list gives an overview of the most important advantages and disadvantages of a leather dog couch:

  • High-quality material
  • Looks classy
  • Looks heavily worn quickly
  • Cool material can be uncomfortable for dogs
  • Relatively expensive

If a leather dog couch is heavily used, the leather will suffer over time and become somewhat unsightly. As with faux leather, leather is also cool to the touch and therefore unsuitable for some dog breeds.

Again, a blanket would have to be taken as a cover, which can take away from the flair of a leather couch.

Dog couch with a fabric upper

A dog couch made of fabric is an absolute dream for many dogs, as it is really cosy, warm and comfortable.

However, there are some dog breeds that are not favoured with the warmth. The following is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of a fabric dog couch:

  • Very fluffy and comfortable for dogs
  • Gives the dog warmth and stores it
  • Gets dirty easily
  • Mostly tedious to clean

If the dog couch has a fabric cover, it can be washed gently in a washing machine if necessary. However, the fabric of most fabric dog sofas is sewn in, so the material is tedious to clean.

In addition, fabric is a downright dirt-trapping material, making it unsuitable for dogs with longer hair.

How much does a dog couch cost?

The following table gives an overview of the price range of the different dog couches:
Material dog couch Price
Leather Approx. 50€ – 135€
Imitation leather Approx. 50€ – 80€
Fabric Approx. 50€ – 90€

Dog sofas can cost different amounts depending on the material.

What alternatives are there to the dog couch?

There are several alternatives to the dog couch. However, the exact names are often mixed up with each other. In the end, a dog couch, dog bed, dog cushion, dog basket and everything else there is serves as a place for the dog to sleep and relax.

The terms dog bed and dog couch are often confused with each other and used for one and the same object. As an alternative to the dog couch, dog cushions, dog baskets or dog dens can be used. The table below illustrates the three sleeping places:

Alternative Description
Dog cushions Dog pillows are padded large cushions. Depending on the size and weight of the dog, dog pillows are larger and stuffed with more filling.
Dog cave A dog cave is a dog house made of plush. It is only open on one side and has a plush roof. Dog dens give the dog security and protect it from noises and movements coming from the side and behind.
Dog basket A dog basket is often woven from rattan or willow and equipped with a padded cushion. To get in, dogs have to step over a border that surrounds the entire basket – and thus the dog.

Strictly speaking, dog beds are made of fabric and are placed on the floor. In comparison, dog couches are somewhat elevated on feet and can also be made of (artificial) leather.

Since even manufacturers do not always agree on what exactly falls under dog couch and what under dog bed, dog bed is not listed separately as an alternative here.

Where is the best place to put a dog couch?

A dog couch can theoretically be placed in countless places. However, dogs have two preferences as to where they want to lie. Firstly, the dog couch should be placed against the wall so that the dog has some protection on at least one side. Preferably, this wall is opposite the door leading into the room.


Smaller and more timid dogs may like thick padding because they can crawl into it and feel comfortable and safe.
(Image source: unsplash / Simon Hesthaven)

This way, the dog can always watch the entrance from its throne and feels safe to have everything in view. On the other hand, our beloved fur noses naturally want to be as close as possible to their masters. So if there is a place next to your own sofa, the dog will certainly not object.

Picture source: pixabay / vivros62