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Dog costumes attract people’s attention. In no time at all, the four-legged friends transform from a Labrador into Chucky the Killer Doll, Father Christmas, Yoda or a hot dog. When you see something like this, it’s hard for animal lovers not to laugh or find man’s best friend cute.

What you should nevertheless look out for when buying such costumes is discussed in the following. It can happen that some dogs react allergically to the materials used or do not fit into the costume.


  • The size, the material, the cleaning and the model of the costume are the criteria for buying and evaluating dog costumes.
  • The dog’s well-being should come before your own pleasure
  • Do-it-yourself dog costumes are cheaper, more individual and provide crafting fun

The Best Dog Costume: Our Picks

Buying and rating criteria for dog costumes

The following buying and evaluation criteria form the basis for an objective assessment of different models of dog costumes. Take note of these when making a purchase.


Finding the right dog costume naturally depends on the dog’s measurements. Therefore, pay attention to the information on the different sizes of the costume on the part of the manufacturer and, if necessary, measure the neck circumference, the chest circumference and the length of your dog. The sizes are usually offered in small, medium or large.


Not all materials are skin-friendly, comfortable, breathable and suitable for all seasons. Put your dog’s well-being above personal pleasure and consider this criterion when making a purchase.


To prolong the life of dog costumes, they should be cleaned regularly. Explicitly follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Before buying, it is therefore relevant to check whether the product is waterproof.


The model of the costume is certainly the decisive argument for you when making a purchase. We have already listed and compared the most popular and recommended models above.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about dog costumes answered in detail

In the following, we answer important questions about dog costumes. We want to give you a deeper insight into the topic.

Can my dog tolerate the materials of the costume?

Most dog costumes are made of skin-friendly materials. However, it can happen that your dog develops an allergy to the materials used. Therefore, pay special attention to the manufacturer’s description of the compatibility and inform yourself about previous customer experiences.


There is a suitable dog costume for almost every occasion. Dress up your dog for Christmas, Halloween or weddings. (Image source: Karsten Winegeart/ Unsplash)

If necessary, observe your dog for a few weeks. If you notice any of the following symptoms, or if you otherwise suspect an allergy, we advise you to consult a vet immediately.

Symptoms of allergy in dogs:

  • Licking sore spots
  • regular gastro-intestinal problems
  • Inflammations or swellings
  • constant scratching of certain parts of the body
  • Yelping

What to do if my dog doesn’t feel comfortable in the costume and is reluctant to put it on?

The dog’s comfort is the most important thing. If he is obviously uncomfortable wearing the costume, take it off and avoid dog costumes in the future.

How do I clean the dog costume?

Most dog costumes can be cleaned by hand or in a washing machine. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and the materials used. Of course, the cardboard hat for your dog’s birthday costume should not end up in the washing machine. A costume made of cotton, on the other hand, should be washed in the washing machine.

How can I sew or make a dog costume myself?

Of course you can also make the costume for your four-legged companion yourself. You should have basic sewing, crafting, gluing and cutting skills as well as creativity and time. It is more time-consuming than buying a ready-made costume, but the process can be fun for young and old. The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about whether the costume fits or whether incompatible materials have been used, as you are creating an individual costume for your dog.

When choosing materials, be sure to avoid small parts that can be easily swallowed and strings (use Velcro fasteners as an alternative). Instructions for do-it-yourself dog costumes are available for different models on the internet.


With dog costumes you can give your dog funny, cute as well as cool and dangerous looks. People’s attention is naturally drawn to the costumed four-legged friends, and laughter is sometimes guaranteed. Both scouring the internet to purchase ready-made costumes and creating your own can be a lot of fun for dog lovers.

Nevertheless, not every dog will be happy about its new garment, which is why you should always consider the dog’s well-being. Certain materials can also cause allergies in dogs. Therefore, always follow the buying and evaluation criteria in this guide.

(Cover photo: Karsten Winegeart / Unsplash)