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For many dogs, the high temperatures of summer can be very stressful. With a dog cooling mat, the body temperature of the dogs can be regulated and lowered by a few degrees. This is especially important for older animals and dogs with thick fur.

Not every dog cooling mat is suitable for every dog, so you should consider your choice carefully. In order to inform you comprehensively about the topic, this article presents various dog cooling mats and important purchase and evaluation criteria. We also answer frequently asked questions about dog cooling mats. We have paid particular attention to the fact that the products are very different.


  • A dog cooling mat cools the body temperature of the animal by transferring the cold from the mat to the dog through contact, thus lowering the temperature by a few degrees.
  • When choosing a dog cooling mat, you should always pay attention to the purchase and evaluation criteria and to your own dog. The requirements for a dog cooling mat differ depending on the size of the dog.
  • A dog cooling mat offers many advantages over other attempts to lower the temperature. With this article you should find the right dog cooling mat for you and your dog.

The Best Dog Cooling Mat: Our Choices

Buying and rating criteria for a dog cooling mat

The decision and selection of a dog cooling mat should not be made carelessly, as not every mat is suitable for every dog and some can even be harmful. To give you a small overview of important criteria, we have listed them for you.

We have summarised and explained the individual purchase and evaluation criteria in the following section. This should give you a certain overview.


The material plays a decisive role in a dog cooling mat. You should pay attention to the outer material as well as the inner material. A dog cooling mat is a commodity that can be chewed on by the animal. Therefore, the materials should not harm the dog.

How it works

A dog cooling mat does not always work in the same way. There are dog cooling mats that contain a self-cooling gel and therefore do not require the use or addition of water or electricity. These different ways of functioning are very important when choosing a dog cooling mat and should therefore be included in the decision-making process.


When choosing a dog cooling mat, it is important to consider the dimensions. The size and also the thickness of the dog cooling mat should be aligned with the size of the dog. Only a sufficiently large dog cooling mat can help your pet to cool down sufficiently and thus achieve its full function.


A dog cooling mat must be able to withstand some stress. Dog cooling mats that are too thin or poorly made can quickly be destroyed by claws and pointed teeth. In addition, gel, for example, can leak out of a damaged dog cooling mat, possibly harming the dog. Therefore, sufficient stability and robustness must be ensured as a purchase criterion.


As with almost all products, the outer appearance plays an important role and is therefore an important purchase and evaluation criterion. Most mats are coloured blue, as dogs perceive this colour better visually. Depending on where the dog cooling mat is to be used, however, it must also visually match the surroundings.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about dog cooling mats answered in detail

When choosing a dog cooling mat, buyers often have the same questions. These questions have been listed and answered for you here.

What is a dog cooling mat?

A dog cooling mat is a simple and very helpful method to help your dog regulate its own body temperature. Especially older animals and dogs with thick fur have to struggle with the high temperatures in summer.


A dog cooling mat is also useful for dogs that pant constantly and excessively in the summer. This is also a sign of overheating.(Image source: Kalisa Veer / Unsplash)

A dog cooling mat can be easily transported and can therefore be used in many places. This means that a dog cooling mat also provides the necessary cooling when on the move. In addition, a dog bowl with fresh water should always be available.

How does a dog cooling mat work?

The contact with the dog cooling mat helps the animal to cool down. This is what distinguishes a dog cooling mat from a dog bed. How this works depends on the type of mat.

Depending on the type of dog cooling mat, a cooling effect is achieved, for example, by applying pressure to the surface or by filling the mat with cold water. When the dog lies on the cooling mat, the affected areas are cooled from below, thus lowering the animal’s body temperature by a few degrees.

What types of dog cooling mats are there?

There are different types of dog cooling mats, some of which require the use of water or electricity. A gel-filled dog cooling mat can be easily used without any special preparation. The gel spreads a cooling effect when pressure is applied. A dog cooling mat that needs to be filled with water requires a little more effort, but also helps the dog to cool down more quickly.

The water in this dog cooling mat must always be replaced, as it heats up through contact. There are also dog cooling mats that are filled with water and must also be packed in a cooling compartment. For this mat you have to invest the most time, but at the same time you can determine the degree of cold yourself.

What does a dog cooling mat cost?

The cost of a dog cooling mat can vary greatly. The reason for this is the individual purchase and evaluation criteria.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (0 – 10 €) Small dog cooling mat
Medium price (10 – 20 €) Medium to large dog cooling mat
High price (20 – 30 €) Large dog cooling mat with pattern

The low-priced products are mostly dog cooling mats for small animals, which have a correspondingly smaller format. The medium- and high-priced cooling mats have a larger format and are partly equipped with extras.


A dog cooling mat is an easy way to give your dog a nice cool down in hot weather and high temperatures. In addition, dog cooling mats are easy to use and also easy to clean. When choosing a dog cooling mat, you should think about which mat is suitable for your dog and which factors play a special role for you. With the help of the information in this article, you should be able to make an informed decision.

(Cover photo: Alison Pang / Unsplash)