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The dog is settling in with you and has already crept into your heart. To make him happy and offer him a place everywhere, are you now looking for a dog blanket? You’ve come to the right place.

For this article, we have taken a look at some dog blankets and worked out their essential features for you. We show you what to look for in a dog blanket and which criteria you can use to compare dog blankets. All this to give your favourite dog in the world the finest comfort – with his own dog blanket.


  • A dog blanket is an all-rounder, it serves as a place to lie or play or as a pad for the dog to keep surfaces from getting dirty.
  • Common materials such as cotton, wool, fleece and blended fabrics contribute differently to the comfort of a dog blanket.
  • The dog blankets differ in size and their areas of use. This results in a wide price range from which you can choose your ideal dog blanket.

The best Dog Blanket: Our Picks

Choosing a dog blanket isn’t easy, but that’s exactly why you’re here. We compare some dog blankets below to give you an overview.

Buying and Evaluation Criteria for Dog Blankets

The decision has been made to get a dog blanket for your dog. To ensure that your dog gets the dog blanket it needs, it is important to pay attention to certain criteria. These include:

Due to the variety of dog blankets and their special features, we would like to explain the above-mentioned evaluation criteria in more detail below.


The size of a dog blanket depends not only on the size of your dog, but also on the areas of use. If the dog blanket is to be used in the car, it must be sized in such a way that it can be attached to the eyelets of the car to prevent slipping while driving.

If the dog blanket is to provide a comfortable place for your dog on the couch, the question is how much space you want to give him. After all, you should not forget your dog’s needs.


The material of the dog blanket should fit the needs of the dog. The most common materials for a dog blanket include:

  • Cotton: A robust material made from natural fibres. Cotton dog blankets are often heavier than other materials, but easy to care for.
  • Wool: This material is also made from natural fibres. Wool warms dogs in winter and cools them in summer. Wool blankets are delicate to care for and take a long time to dry completely.
  • Fleece: A synthetic material that keeps the dog warm. Fleece is not breathable, so the dog will sweat quickly. The material is easy to care for.

To bring together properties of fleece and wool, dog blankets made of blended fabrics are also suitable. Natural materials are naturally more health-loving than synthetics. Official seals that label blankets as free of harmful substances help with this decision.

Suitability for washing machines

Hand wash? No, thanks! To save yourself effort and hassle, a dog blanket that is machine washable is essential. If you have a dryer, make sure that the dog blanket is also suitable for the dryer. Your dog will be even happier the sooner he gets his fresh dog blanket back.

Slip resistance

Depending on the area of use, a non-slip blanket is an advantage. Some dog blankets have an anti-slip coating. This coating adheres to smooth surfaces and your dog can romp as wildly as he likes without moving his favourite spot.

This also prevents injuries that can occur due to slipping. Non-slip undersides are suitable for indoor dog rugs.

Outdoor suitability

For outdoor use, other features of a dog blanket are advantageous. Outdoor dog blankets need an underside that is waterproof. An insulating blanket keeps your dog warm in low temperatures and cool in high temperatures.

Guide: Frequently asked Questions about Dog Blankets answered in Detail

Questions about questions, important questions about dog blankets remain unanswered. We would like to answer the most frequently asked questions in detail so that you know everything you need to know about dog blankets and especially about buying a dog blanket.

What is a dog blanket useful for?

To give a dog blanket a purpose, it is to have a dog. The friend and helper you are happy and annoyed about every day deserves a dog blanket. The dog blanket is to be understood as an all-rounder. A dog blanket serves as a lying or playing surface for the dog.


Dog blankets serve as a lying surface for dogs and are intended to provide cosy comfort. Dogs can also be covered with the dog blanket. (Image source: Sophia Kunkel / unsplash)

Dog blankets are wonderful for cosy hours on the couch. A dog blanket is also ideal for transport in the car to prevent your favourite dog from dirtying the surfaces after a walk.

How much does a dog blanket cost?

The cost of a dog blanket varies according to size, material and especially the area of use. This creates a wide price range when asking how much a dog blanket costs. We have divided the prices and products into price categories to give you a better overview of what you can expect for your money.

Price range Available products
Low-priced 10 – 20€ simple dog blankets in different sizes and patterns.
Medium-priced 20-30€ (mountable) dog blankets to attach in the car.
High-priced 30- 40€ Dog blankets with more features like waterproof or thermal coating.

If a dog blanket is only used at home, a simple dog blanket may be enough. However, if the dog blanket is also to be optimal for on the road and in the car, the blanket must have additional functions, such as fastening loops for the car.

What is the best way to clean a dog blanket?

Is the dog blanket full of hair and just smells like a dog? Then it’s time for a thorough cleaning. For hygienic reasons alone, the dog blanket should be washed regularly. Above all, follow the care instructions on the label. We have compiled further tips:

  • Vacuuming: Vacuum the blanket first to remove the hair. This will prevent them from ending up in your washing machine.
  • Detergent: We recommend detergents for allergy sufferers, because dogs don’t like to smell fragrances and are often allergic to them. Do not use fabric softener.
  • Wash separately: For hygienic reasons, it is better to wash the dog blanket separately.
  • Leave to dry: Only use the dog blanket again when it is completely dry. Otherwise hair will immediately stick to it again.
  • Outdoor beds: Outdoor beds can be rinsed with a garden hose.

If the dog loses a lot of hair, a lint trap for the washing machine is recommended. This collects the hair during the machine and you can remove it after washing.

What alternatives are there to dog blankets?

The dog blanket is probably the most common accessory for dogs because it is versatile in its use. However, there are alternatives to the dog blanket. For example, a dog bed with a raised edge, a dog basket made of willow or wicker or cosy dog cushions are also possible.


When choosing a dog blanket, there are a few things to consider. The blankets should always keep the dog warm and provide a pleasant comfort. The size of the dog blanket varies depending on the size of your own dog and the predetermined place to lie.

In addition, dog blankets should be easy to clean. A dog blanket that is suitable for the washing machine is best. Materials made of natural fibres are primarily better for the dog’s health than synthetics.

If you still want to buy synthetic material, it should be free of harmful substances. You should look for special seals that indicate this.

(Cover photo: Jamie Street/ Unsplash)